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Publication Order of Ethan Gage Books

Napoleon's Pyramids (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rosetta Key (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dakota Cipher (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Barbary Pirates (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Emerald Storm (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Barbed Crown (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Three Emperors (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Trojan Icon (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Ethan Gage Series is a series of historical thrillers by Pulitzer Award winning journalist turned novelist William Dietrich. One of the most popular of the Dietrich’s novels, the series is composed of 8 titles and two collections of the same. A prolific writer, the author released all eight works between 2007 and 2014 releasing a book every year. The chief protagonist in all the novels is Ethan Gage, a jack-of-all-trades being an opportunist, idealist, womanizer, romantic, treasure hunter, savant, electrician, sharpshooter, diplomat, gambler, explorer, soldier, and spy among many other things. Even his nationality is not so straightforward as he is British by alliance, French by lifestyle, and American by birth. Dietrich introduces Gage as a young American living in Paris during the tail end of the French Revolution. He happens to have apprenticed under Benjamin Franklin and has practically travelled the entire globe doing all kinds of things. According to Benjamin Franklin, Ethan Gage was an expedient, clever, and resourceful apprentice, though at the same time lacking in moral fiber, punctuality, or ambition. His enemies describe him variously as a coward, rascal, and charlatan, unscrupulous, wily, and cunning man. Gage himself deemed all of his critics as slanderers and hypocrites and at best losers suffering from indigestion. Nonetheless, Ethan portrays considerable intelligence as most historians note. It is how he chooses to harness his talents that is most often questioned.

The popularity of the Ethan Gage series resulted in its translation into over 28 languages. The demand for local language editions of the series just goes on to show that the series is one of the best historical thrillers out there. The first title of the series, Napoleon’s Pyramids was published in 2007 to widespread critical acclaim. Its first foreign language edition was the paperback Portuguese version titled As Pirâmides de Napoleão, published in 2011. The novel went on to be published an impressive 40 times in several European and Asian languages. The Rosetta Key, the second novel in the series also went on to have over 33 editions. Dietrich’s publisher Harper Collins had initially stated that the seventh book in the series, The Three Emperors would be the last, but fan clamor for more of the same saw them give in and the series will continue to be published for the foreseeable future. While none of the books in the series has been made into a movie, William Dietrich asserts that this is one of the most common questions he always gets whenever he conducts an interview. He asserts that he is open to a movie studio adapting any of the Ethan Gage series of novels into a film.

Born in 1765, Ethan is described as a fit, handsome, and tall man at about 5 foot 11 which was quite tall for a man during the age. He has an affable manner, intelligent looking hazel eyes, a disarming smile, and thick dark hair. Despite his occasional tactical surrenders, he earns a reputation for physical courage and resourceful ingenuity that serve him well in dire situations. It is interesting that his date of birth puts him at the juncture between the American Revolution and The Enlightenment, which perhaps explains why he wears so many hats so comfortably. An entrepreneur, Third Degree Mason, Continental Army Office and political activist, Josiah, Ethan’s father tried to instill in him a military discipline, and endeavor which for the most part failed. Ethan was more interested in games of chance, country adventure, rough play, and charming the ladies, which eventually led to his father sending him away to Paris after he impregnated a neighbor’s daughter. In Paris, he manages to exasperate and charm Benjamin Franklin by showing curiosity and aptitude in learning French, religion, magic and science, yet also taking a great liking to the sins of Paris that Franklin had warned him against.

The first novel of the Ethan Gage series is set in 1798 Revolutionary France. Ethan Gage, American adventurer, sharpshooter, and apprentice to the late Benjamin Franklin wins a card game, to pocket a mysterious medallion. Within hours of winning it, he is fleeing the country to join Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt after some unknown people frame him for the murder of a prostitute. Because of the mysterious medallion, and his knowledge of the working of electricity he joins the force of engineers and scientists trying to unlock the secrets of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Even as he travels down south, he cannot shake the shadowy enemies who want to get hold of the medallion, and take the powers it could confer for themselves. The story is rich with characters from the enigmatic Astiza to the Talma the opportunistic journalist to the Arab Mercenary Achmed Bin Sadr. William Dietrich writes a compelling narrative of a smoldering love story, mathematical mysteries, and monumental battles fought by the rootless adventurer, Ethan Gage. The hairbreadth escapes, reckless heroism, mysteries of the Pharaohs, mathematical puzzles, scantily clad women and riveting battles will leave you cheering on the enigmatic protagonist.

Another popular novel in the Ethan Gage series is the second novel, The Rosetta Key. In this sequel to Napoleon’s Pyramids, our American adventurer Ethan Gage is following Napoleon Bonaparte on his quest to conquer the Holy Land. He is looking for his rival Count Alessandro Silano, word of what happened to his lover Astiza, and also doubles up as a British agent charged with finding the mysterious Book of Thoth. Dietrich once again manages to combine ancient puzzles, vivid characters, evocative scenery, and a fascinating tale of world history to captivate the senses of historical thriller buffs. After Napoleon triumphs in Egypt, he sets his sights on the Holy Land seeking to destroy the Ottomans and becoming the next Alexander the Great. With the narrative moving from Jaffa to Jerusalem to the siege of the City of Ghosts – Acre, the skills and talents of Gage must be brought to bear to ensure Napoleon does not prevail. However, it is not all work and no play for our British American adventurer as he explores the hidden tunnels of Jerusalem with a motley crew of a native guide named Mohammad, a hulking British soldier who goes by Big Ned, and a lovely woman known as Miriam. Ethan Gage finds himself changing sides numerous times, as they conduct bold experiments and pull of daring escapes that will shape the future of the world. If you we relooking for a novel that has the utmost thrill, then this is it. It provides a narrative on speculation on ancient mysteries, some wry humor, villainy, discoveries, escapes, and pitched battles that will leave you sated.

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  1. Pepsi_Freak: 5 years ago

    A fascinating historical novel series, always readable and exciting. Dietrich was probably influenced by the Flashman series (author: MacDonald Fraser) since Gage exhibits many of Flashman’s characteristics; however, Dietrich foregoes the numerous historical footnotes common in the Flashman series. Personally, I liked the footnotes, but this series is compelling even without them.


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