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Publication Order of Ethan Warner Books

Ethan Warner is the main character in a series of thriller novels written by American bestselling author Dean Crawford. Ethan is a war journalist who has covered Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The publication of Ethan Warner series began in 2011 when the first book in the series Covenant was published. The second novel Immortal was released in 2012.


Covenant is the first book in Ethan Warner series by Dean Crawford. The story begins when an archeologist named Lucy Morgan discovers a 7000-year-old tomb that holds the remains of something that is not from our world. She realizes that she has found something important, something that can change history. However before she can retrieve these remains, she is kidnapped.

A retired war journalist in Afghanistan and Iraq, Ethan Warner, has witnessed much of the action in the line of fire. Now that he is back home in Chicago, he is hoping to mend the pieces of his broken life and start to live a normal life again. However, when he is called by Lucy’s family to help locate her, he knows that he cannot let the family down since he understands how it feels to have someone you cared for missing.

In the meantime, in Washington D.C., detectives Lucas Tyrell and Nicola Lopez are called to an abandoned house to check out what seems to be a possible homicide. At first, it appears to be the bodies of overdose victims in a drug den than something eviler. However, how comes that the naked rotting bodies show signs of hypothermia?

Working alone, Ethan and the other detectives unravel an evil corporation that may have something to do with Lucy’s disappearance and the mysterious bodies found in the old abandoned building. Soon, Ethan realizes that it is not only Lucy’s life that is in danger but also the fate of the world. Ethan thus must risk everything to stop those who are willing to alter the course of history, and must race against time if he wishes to succeed in his mission.

The first book in Ethan Warner series is an interesting read. It is somehow a mixture of Angels and Demons, X files with some spices of Indiana and 24. The author describes sounds, sights, smells of the various scenes excellently, such that you will visualize what is happening in the book. The characters also give fascinating details on the creation of the universe, development of civilization and evolution as well. The words used are simple to understand thus there is no need of having to break up the flow of the story to check the meaning of some words from the dictionary.

The author has a good understanding of history and science and integrates these schools of thoughts into the story well. Several “Hollywood” action scenes are not only exciting and engrossing but are also realistic and believable. Most of the characters on the right side are exciting and interesting. For instance, Ethan has an interesting background story, while the relationship displayed by the two officers is one that you will wish you had in real life. On the other hand, the villains are described such a way that you will hate them and hope that the right triumphs over the evil. Overall, the first book, Covenant is an entertaining novel with a fascinating description of the world.


Immortal is the second novel in Ethan Warner series. The story kicks off when a body of a gunshot victim arrives in Santa Fe morgue. For medical investigator Lillian Cruz, it should be a day like any other, but upon the examination of the corpse, it appears that the body is over a century old and the victim seems to have smallpox scars, and a wound protrudes from the leg. Under the victim, decrepit scar tissue is a bullet, which assumes the shape of a musket ball and it looks like it was fired into the victim during the Civil War and remained in the victim’s body ever since.

Puzzled by this discovery, the medical investigator gives instruction to her assistant to take specimens to the national authority as soon as possible and not to tell anyone about it. Moments later when the assistant leaves, the lights go out in the morgue, and Lillian Cruz is kidnapped. The Defense Intelligence calls in Ethan Warner a former war journalist and his partner Nicola Lopez to secretly investigate Cruz disappearance. Soon enough, a simple case turns out to be something eviler, and with each single clue they discover, Warner and his partners are unknowingly bringing a dangerous individual close to achieving a disastrous goal: Immortality. The second installment is an action packed blockbuster that combines suspense, science, and ingenious speculation.


Apocalypse is the third novel in Ethan Warner series. The book starts when a private jet vanishes without a single trace in the notorious Bermuda Triangle, taking with it famous scientist working a well-known philanthropist Joanquin Abell.

Meanwhile, in Miami, Captain Kyle Sears is called to a scene of the crime. A lady and her beloved daughter have been shot dead in the head. However, while arriving, Kyle receives a call from the woman’s husband, a physicist by the name Charles Purcell. The man informs Kyle that he did not kill his wife and daughter, and admits that he too will be killed within 24 hours and he knows the man who will kill him.

With some uncanny accuracy, Charles Purcell goes ahead to predict the nearest future just as it unravels around Sears, and leaves some clues for a man he has never met before, Ethan Warner. The hunt to find Purcell begins and Ethan Warner is called in by the Defense Intelligence Agency to lead in the search. However, this is not an ordinary case, as Ethan Warner and his partner Nicola are about to discover, and time is essential if they are to succeed in their mission.

The third installment, Apocalypse offers several thrilling action scenes, plot twists and turns along the way. The characters in the novel are well crafted; the plot is interesting with some exciting twists and turns.

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