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Author Eugene Lim runs Ellipsis Press and works as a high school librarian. As a librarian, he finds that it has problems, but overall is something that he loves. It gives him hope, because the kids themselves have hope. He has said that he was named for Eugene O’Neill (who is a playwright); he says that there is even a family story that goes along with this. His goal with Ellipsis Press is that he tries to find experimental novels to publish, and that when he discovers an unpublished manuscript that is great, that is when the magic happens.

Eugene Lim’s work has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, Your Impossible Voice, Vestiges and many other places. Eugene Lim’s debut novel, “Fog & Car” was released in the year 2008 and was published by Ellipsis Press.

In his work, he makes everyday life seem odd, or making something (like a revolution) seem like the most natural thing in the world. Through the many monologues, it allows for many different styles and types of content. He tries to make the different tales come together and harmonize and interact with each other, to somehow to create something that is tied together and not like an anthology. It is reflective of the contemporary experience someone goes through everyday, one that is fragmentary, fractal, and disparate (in the ways that people watch a movie, converse with a co-worker, listen to someone’s podcast).

Part of his third novel, “Dear Cyborgs”, came from Lim’s own life experiences; this being the part where the main character and his friend Vu converse about comics. He had some friends that showed him different comic books, something he used in the writing of the book. In high school, he met two people that he shared a lot of time going over certain films, comics, and music. They have taught him many things about art, nerd solidarity, friendship, and many other things, important things. In this, there are two friends that share a love of comics.

“Fog & Car” is the first novel Eugene Lim published and was released in the year 2008. Jim Fog is stuck in a small town in the Midwest right after he got divorced. He has become without purpose and nostalgic. Sarah Car (Jim’s ex-wife) wants to get past any mourning over the marriage while living in New York City.

An old friend of Car’s (unaware of how his actions will have consequences) enables both Car and Fog to move through and get into each other’s lives and haunt them. Eventually, they both chase the friend, incognito to both, the momentum of which pushes them out of the life cages toward some unreal conclusions.

Fans of the novel were surprised, unnerved, and loved every word on every page of this unique novel. Some felt that the book took them on a far out trip after starting in a normal place. The author is able to balance the tentative and the gorgeous parts of the book. There is humor, and there are some moments where you can see yourself in certain parts. It was an odd book, but in a really good way. Some felt that it was both disturbing and beautiful.

“The Strangers” is the second novel Eugene Lim published and was released in the year 2013. Set in a paranoid nation, located on the other side of the world. A young man (who is named Noon) is caught destroying some posters of the Beloved President. Close by, Oon looks through some designer shops to try to find the best shirt to wear during a gig coming up. Noona and friends have a viewing of their low budget film at dive bars and hat shops hoping someone big notices it. Oona works on a giant cruise ship on a missing persons case.

Fans of the novel found that this was accurate and precise to how real life actually is. This is an engrossing and fascinating story, and Lim does a great job of putting the many strands together in such a way that it is easy to keep track of them. Everything gets put together in a great way, moving towards a fantastic finish that is devised with skill. There is a lot going on here, and it all makes up for a great novel that was written by a guy is becoming a great writer. Eugene Lim pushes the boundaries on what a novel is or can be, and it makes for some fascinating and mind distorting reading.

“Dear Cyborgs” is the third novel Eugene Lim published and was released in the year 2017. Two Asian American boys (one is named Vu) live in a small Midwestern town and bond over their status as outcasts and their love of comic books. Vu leaves the town (but does come back to the narrator later on in the novel).

At the same time, in either a future universe or an alternative one, there is a group of superheroes thinking about modern society while they have some time off. In between their rescuing hostages and black ops missions, they talk about artistic malaise and think about market economics and its almost inescapable grip.

Frank Exit, a detective, chases a women named Ms. Mistleto (who is a cultural terrorist) and he does so from places like Sri Lanka to the Himalayas.

This novel is made up of some monologues. The book is punctuated with confusing riddles that are all signed Dear Cyborgs; these serve as pivot points between the shifting narratives. There is even one chapter from a detective novel that a main character is reading.

Fans of the novel found that once again, Eugene Lim wrote a complex novel and it was nothing but fun to read. Fans found this to be unorthodox in the way that it was written, and complex. This reads like a philosophical exploration of all kinds of things like protest, technology, and wealth, not to mention so many other things; which is why people enjoyed reading it. Some found that the novel warps the mind, but it is quite a good book. Some enjoy reading the experimental works that Eugene Lim produces and hopes that he produces more of them.

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