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Eugenia Lovett West is a mystery author from Boston Massachusetts. She was born on February 1923 and went to Sarah Lawrence College before she took on a number of jobs. Her first job was with “Harper’s Bazaar” before she left to go work with the American Red Cross. In 1944 she met and married dashing fighter pilot Eric West and then spent several years making a family and volunteering. In the 1960s, her interest in writing came back strongly and she went back to working for publications. She worked for several local newspapers in New Jersey but soon got interested in writing novels. She does assert that at some point she got tired of the 300-word articles she was writing and thought why not 300 pages.

The “Ancestors Cry Out” a historical suspense published by Ballantine and Doubleday was her first novel published in 1979. The historical novel was set in a Jamaican plantation in the latter half of the 19th century. But after her first novel, it took almost three decades before she published another novel. Aged 81 she decided to give writing another try and when she heard that St. Martin’s Press had a mystery contest she entered herself. While she did not win the contest, she was offered a two-book contract. In 2007 she published her first novel “Without Warning”, which was intended to be the debut in a series about a character named Emma Street. Street is a former society wife and opera star that becomes an amateur sleuth upon the death of her husband. Her husband Lewis was the CEO of a defense company that died in mysterious circumstances prompting Emma to investigate. She now investigates a range of mysterious deaths as an amateur and has grown to love her new life. West’s second novel in the series was “Overkill” which was published in 2009. It is a whip-cracking novel in which the sexy and smart protagonist Emma returns in a plot that is set in a range of international locations and keeps you guessing. Overall, the grieving Emma makes for a likable heroine even as West weaves an intriguing suspense mystery. “Firewall” the third novel of the series was released in 2019.

“Sarah’s War” a single Standing novel takes Eugenia Lovett West back to her roots. She was initially a historical author as she asserts that she loved the research, which probably explains the deep research on the Revolutionary War in the novel. She started penning the novel in the nineties when she had no internet from which to get vital information. She thus had to visit libraries and says that she at one time had to spend four days in Brandywine Creek to get a better feel for the battle she was writing about. She wanted the story to be full of detail so as to immerse her readers into the American War for Independence. While the novel is mainly about three characters, it makes use of historical events and figures to drive the story and give it validity. Speaking to Library Journal West says that her aim in writing historical novels such as “Sarah’s War” and “The Ancestors Cry Out” is to give readers the feeling of living in that era of history as well as entertain them. While they are good reads on a trip or after a long day at work, they also provide more than escape reading. For instance, they provide insights into the manners, wit, clothes, and lifestyle of the Regency period. They are well-written books that are light-hearted even as they add to a reader’s general knowledge.

“Without Warning” the first novel of the Emma Street novels by Eugenia Lovett West is an emotionally charged and thrilling debut. Emma Street is an appealing and strong heroine who uses her resourcefulness to try to find out the man that has shattered her quiet life. Lewis her husband was a mega-successful man at the top of his career when he is hit by a hit and run motorist and dies from his injuries. Emma is devastated by his death but she is not going to rest until she finds the killer. The search sees the former opera singer dive deep into the unfamiliar tech world where the globe is threated by a new laser invention. Making use of her unusual skills in making connections, she allies herself with a British Lord who is an undercover agent working in counterintelligence. But then a key notebook goes missing presumed stolen and two physicists are killed. Emma needs to keep her cool even as she is getting death threats and has not gotten over the grief of losing her husband. Her search leads her to a terrifying discovery and a surprising finale.

“Overkill” by Eugenia Lovett West is a thrilling and fast-moving ride that showcases one of the most unique and resourceful protagonists of a crime suspense thriller. Emma Street has retreated to Boston, where she is rebuilding her life after losing her husband when she receives a call for help from Venice. Her niece Vanessa who is an opera singer is in a disastrous relationship with a notorious playboy and she needs to help her get out of it. But after convincing her to leave, Vanessa gets the avian flu on the night they were to return back home. Emma now has to deal with the medical world in the first case of the avian flu in the Western World. As the case becomes even bigger, Emma is once again working with the British Lord who had helped her in the first novel. Can their relationship survive in the mid of Street’s interest in a doctor she met while caring for her niece. But all that is shoved into the background when there are two murders that mean Emma has to make the connections to help her smoke out a lethal network dealing in dangerous stolen pathogens.

“Firewall” the third novel of the series sees Emma Street as a single mother struggling to make a home for her children and move forward. She had lost her beautiful old house and had her husband murdered. Thanks to her detective skills, she is the go-to amateur sleuth when her feisty and rich socialite godmother is the victim of a blackmailer. She comes to Emma asking for help and soon Street is knee-deep in the shadowy world of cyber-crime. A set of challenges see her traveling to exotic settings in Europe where she rubs shoulders with the elite in the art collecting and financial worlds. She has emotion-filled and intriguing experiences with men including Andrew Rodale her dynamic British ex-lover. But then she finds herself the target of a cyber-crime cabal using the latest technologies and she needs to bring all her wits and resilience to bear if she is to survive the threat and bring the ruthless and wily criminal to justice.

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