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How Sinners Fight (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Sinners Love (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Eva Ashwood is a bestselling paranormal romance and new adult romance novelist. She has said that reading is something that she has been doing her whole life, even though she only got into writing several years ago.

Ashwood has become known for writing intriguing tales of handsome alpha men and the feisty women that bring them to their knees. She is also a sucker for heroes that redeem themselves, reverse harem, enemies to lovers, bully romance, and the passion and drama of new adult love.
She published “Lost Boys,” the debut novel of the “SlateView High” series of novels in 2019 and has never looked back since. Eva now has more than twenty novels across more than seven series.

Growing up, Eva Ashwood was a huge reader and she would voraciously devour all manner of books. She particularly loved reading romance and from the moment she discovered them in young adulthood, she was hooked and has never looked back.

She wrote her debut inspired by the fact that she just could not get any romance novel that had a particular trope she loved. When she grew tired of searching, she thought why not write it herself and she has not stopped to this day.

Her biggest writing quirk is that she loves to read the dialogue of her characters out loud when she is writing ,while also making the different faces to convey their feelings. Because of this, she usually looks like an insane person when writing but her husband has learned to just laugh it off.

Eva Ashwood’s “When Sinners Play” is the story of Sophie who suddenly finds that Sin feels so good. She had never wanted to attend Hawthorne University but knows a scholarship is her ticket to a better life. But once she arrives there, she finds that she does not fit in with the privileged and rich students as the daughter of a drug addict.

She remembers her life experiencing the worst of humanity and her body has the battle scars as tattoos. Because of her experiences, all she knows is to be independent and to live her life all by herself. But then she met Elias, Declan, and Gray, the so-called Sinners.

They run the university campus with ambitions of one day running the entire city. They are so powerful that at the snap of their fingers they can make anything happen. Every word they breathe soon becomes law.

Sophie had been numb for most of her life but when they touched her sparks danced across her skin. For the first time in years, she feels need, confusion, anger, and desire. But the only emotion the Sinners have for her is seething Hate.

“How Sinners Fight” by Eva Ashwood picks up from where the debut novel of the series left off.
Following an idyllic Christmas that she spent with Gray, he asserts that he will be leaving the University to go pursue art studies. He catches her off guard with the announcement but now remembers that she had once overheard him telling his friends that they need to get rid of her.
He says nothing when Sophie confronts him and she decides to leave in a huff. Declan and Elias side with her and are ready to drop Gray from their circle even though Sophie is not yet over him.

She had recently started to believe that the sinners had her back but she is not so sure now. This is dangerous since one of the worst things one could do at Hawthorne is trusting the wrong people.

As her memory starts coming back, she comes to the conclusion that someone at Hawthorne is afraid of her, hates her and wants her gone. Even though she knows that Gray wants her gone, what he does not know is his motive.

Eva Ashwood’s novel “What Sinners Love” continues to follow the life and times of Sophie, a girl whose world is torn apart by a girl named Sabrina.
Like a patchwork reforming in her mind, snapshots of her past are coming back into her wind and her fury has been growing inside her with each piece she is getting back. The thing is, she is being hunted by a man who intends to bury her and the past but she is not going to let him as she no longer fears him and is no longer alone.

For the first time in her life, she has the Sinners in her corner and Gray, Elias and Declan have finally realized that they are stronger together. They intend to band together and go after the monsters that have been stalking Sophie.
There are some very rotten people in town and the Sinners and Sophie intend to make them bleed, pay and burn for their actions.

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