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Absent Beauty is a prequel.

Eva Bernhard is a literary fiction novelist from Canada who is best known for the “Agnes Taylor Mystery” series of novels.

The author published “Silent Sands” her debut novel and the first of the series in 2021 and has since then published two more works including a prequel.
Eva enjoys being active in the writing community and is a member of Sisters in Crime and Crime Writers of Canada.

She has often said that her former life as a college professor was good preparation for the joyful life of writing and research that resulted in the “Agnes Taylor Mystery” series.

Eva currently makes her home in Atlantic Canada, a very scenic town from where she pens her novels. When she is not writing her novels she can usually be found chatting with readers and fellow authors from across the globe.
When she needs to get out, she can be found hiking and cycling the beaches with her dog while plotting her next adventure. Surrounded by woodland and beaches, she has a lot of inspiration for plots that she usually uses in her stories.

“Absent Beauty” by Eva Bernhard is a short prequel from the “Agnes Taylor Mystery” series of novels.

It is in this work that we are introduced to Dr. Agnes Taylor, the budding professor sleuth from Ontario, Canada. The work is set several years before the first novel of the series, Silent Sands.

At the start of the novel, Rachel and Agnes are two best friends who are attending a Halifax University conference expecting to be thrilled albeit intellectually. However, they never imagined that they would run into a vicious predator.
As Rachel is meeting a charismatic professor she had always wanted to meet, things are not going right for Dr. Agnes Taylor.

She is seeking work as a philosopher and is hoping she can impress fellow academics with an article she penned on pertinent ethical issues. But it is not long before she comes under attack and the audience is threatening to destroy her argument.
Even the lunch date with Sera her mother who is a professor at the university does not happen. Moreover, Tania a student charged with picking up the keynote speaker goes missing.

Agnes finds not only her deductive skills but also her oral beliefs challenged and she is not sure if she can stop the evil at the foggy Maritimes.

Eva Bernhard’s novel “Silent Sands” is a work set on a North Sea island on a cottage retreat that is the perfect place to recharge, relax, and reconnect. But things begin to get interesting when a dead body is found on the beach.
Dr. Agnes Taylor is relaxing at the resort and has no great expectations on the vacation as she had brought her mother along, even though she is hoping to get a fresh start.

But it is not long before she realizes that old habits are almost impossible to banish and long-forgotten behaviors begin to reemerge.

The small town on the island is far from relaxing as protesters have overrun it as they make noise about a wind turbine project that has summer residents and locals at loggerheads.

The debate is pushed into the marketplace of the small town attracting a bunch of tourist loafers. For Agnes who is a professor in philosophy, just cannot resist controversy and its allure.

In the heat of summer, resentments broil and tempers flare. When she stumbles upon her mother standing over a dead body, things get very interesting. Soon enough, she comes to the realization that her mother knows more than she is letting on.
It is a thought-provoking work that comes with several storylines that will keep you engaged from the first page to the last.

“Writer’s Death” is a work by Eva Bernhard that just like the others in the “Agnes Taylor Mystery” series is set in a small town in Canada.

Everyone at Bowman College is left shocked when a student is found dead. There are rumors abounding that the student could have been driven to suicide by a professor.

Jac her best friend begs Dr. Agnes Taylor the philosophy professor to disprove the rumors that could destroy the Creative Writing Progam which is Jac’s pet project.

At some point, a very attractive instructor says that she is willing to be the Hastings to her Poirot and Agnes cannot help but investigate.

Will she be able to get to the truth or will the case be the end of both their careers and friendship? Is she willing to risk everything she holds dear and believes in?

It is an interesting work with an engaging plot and dynamic characters that has a very satisfying end to the mystery.

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