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Eva Chance is the pseudonym for Eva Chase, the bestselling contemporary romance , paranormal romance and urban fantasy novelist.
Chance grew up on a steady diet of romantic angst, mayhem and magic, which is what she loves to imbue all her stories with. Her stories are usually filled with gritty romantic stories, sassy women and dominant men, which makes for quite the thrilling ride.

Having found a lot of success in other genres, she decided to try her hand in writing romantic suspense and published “Scorned Princess,” the debut novel of the “Crooked Paradise” series in 2021. As Eva Chance, she now has more than half a dozen titles to her name. She currently makes her home in Canada.

In “Scorned Princess” by Eva Chance, the lead in the novel is Mercy and Wylder Noble. Mercy believed she was trading one evil for a lesser one by marrying a man she thought she could come to love.

This would allow the forging of an alliance between the man’s gang and her father’s. It would also allow her to get out of the authoritative rule of her father. But it turns out that her fiance had other plans that included taking out Mercy and her entire family on the eve of her wedding.
She managed to escape and is now full of vengeance. To crush the man who had betrayed her trust, she will need to become an even bigger prick. Wylder Noble is a dangerous, cocky and hot man whose gangs rule Paradise Bend. Their services can be expensive and Mercy will have to pay through the nose and prove she deserves it.

But she can take whatever they can throw at her, whether it be scorching looks or taunting words. Noble and his men think she is too fragile even though she is a girl of shards that would rip almost anyone to the shreds. Before she settles her scores, someone will be bleeding and it won’t be her.

Eva Chance’s novel “Perilous Lady” proves the adage that one needs to keep their enemies closer. Mercy has proven that she could go toe to toe with the baddest gang in town but now wants to crush her former fiance and his stooges. They had already killed her entire family, but she will not let them destroy the streets she called home.

Wylder Noble and his men are preparing to exact their brand of justice but they cannot decide if they would like to kill her or kiss her. She is also having the same problem with the dangerous and infuriatingly hot men. They have to make a decision fast as her ex is not pulling any punches.

Moreover, the biggest threat may be from the ranks of the men Noble trusts the most. It is a gritty contemporary romance novel with a rebellious heroine who is ready to get her hands dirty and domineering men that do whatever they please.

“Ruthless Queen” by Eva Chance opens to Mercy having to face up to an even worse villain. She thought that vengeance would have given her some kind of peace but that was not to be. Noble is particularly displeased with the arrival of the new villain. She had managed to win over Wylder and his aunt, but not his father.

She now finds herself between a psychotic stalker and a vicious gang king. She is not too sure if she will go down fighting or win the war. If she falls, will the Wylder men who have set her body on fire fall with her. She intends to fight to the very end and as heir to her father’s crown, she is going to be queen until her very death.

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