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Publication Order of Inspector Unai Lopez de Ayala Books

The Silence of the White City (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Water Rituals (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lords of Time (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Saga of the Ancient Family Books

The Immortal Collection (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sons of Adam (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eva Garcia Saenz is a thriller, mystery and historical fiction author best known for “The White City Trilogy.” She began her career self publishing in Spanish on Amazon before one of her novels became a literary phenomenon and a bestseller thanks to enthusiastic reader reviews. Once the novel was published by a traditional publisher in Spain, it went on to become a bestseller too. “The Immortal Collection” her debut novel which she published in 2012 became a phenomenon in the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States and Latin America. She also authored several other novels in Spanish before she published “The Silence of the White City,” the debut of “The White City Trilogy” in 2016.

Saenz was born in 1972 in Vitoria and has been resident in Alicante ever since he was fifteen. As a teenager, she went to college to study Optometry and then got her masters in Visual Coaching and Optometry. For more than a decade, she held a variety of management positions including Director of two Optical Carrefour establishments after serving as Regional Director of the same. She currently owns her own establishment in Alicante and still teaches writing skills and style courses at the University of Alicante. For a time, she also taught maintenance and construction of Institutional blogs to management of University Libraries and community university staff. She was also an editorr and manager of the University of Alicante institutional blog. In Alicante, she had studied practice of the story and course theory under Angel Zapata.

In “The Silence of the White City,” the debut novel of the series is set two decades following a series of killings in Vitoria. But Tasio who had been convicted and sentenced and has a few months left when the murders start up again. A twenty year old couple was found naked and very dead after she was stung by bees at the iconic Vitoria Cathedral. Soon after, a medieval old building known as the Casa del Cordon reports the discovery of a 25 year old couple found murdered on its grounds. Unai Lopez Ayala is the young inspector put in charge of the case as he is an expert criminal profiler who has always been obsessed with preventing crime. His perspective of the case is colored by a recent personal tragedy but that is not going to stop him. The assistant commissioner Alba is unnerved by his unorthodox methods but has to spend time with the man during the day. It is a fascinating story that moves between the legends and mythology of Alava, criminal psychology, and family secrets.

“The Water Rites” follows on from the events of the first novel of the series. In the previous outing, Unai de Ayala had a very close encounter with a serial killer and was lucky to get out alive. In this novel he is going on leave from the Vitoria police department Criminal Investigation Unit. He is still recovering from aphasia since he had been grazed by a bullet which has made him lose his capacity for speech. He is shocked when his love and boss Alba Diaz Salvatierra announces that she is expectant. But they have bigger fish to fry as a message came in informing them that another body had been discovered. It had signs of ritual killings and initial investigations identify the woman as the one that had been with Unai when he attended summer camp as a sixteen year old. Unai is drawn into the murder mystery, particularly when another victim is discovered brutally murdered in strikingly similar circumstances. He thinks the deaths are related to some happenings at the camp and he knows he needs to get to the bottom of it before the man kills again. He is particularly worried as the murdered people were expectant parents and they may just be next on the list.

“The Time Lords,” which is the third novel of the series is set in 2019 and 1192. In the twelfth century, the legendary Count Don Vela is back in his hometown following a dangerous mission he had undertaken for the Wise of Navarre King Sancho VI. He comes back to find his fiancé the noble and intriguing Onneca de Maestu is now the wife to Nagorno his brother. In 2019, Unai Lopez de Ayala is dealing with some strange deaths that seem to have an MO from the middle Ages. He had read about them in a twelfth century work in which the medieval Viagra named the Spanish fly was used to poison victims. During this time, the targets were dumped in a barrel and then thrown into the river alongside a snake, a rooster, a cat, and a dog. The investigations point to a fortified tower house named Nograro that for the past millennium had been inhabited by the first born male of the family. But while they had money and power, most residents of the tower house have multiple identity disorder and this results in a fascinating but dangerous love story.

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