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The Missing Pieces of Us (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Olive Grove (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Island of Secrets (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Collaborator’s Daughter (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eva Glyn is a historical fiction author who has made a reputation for writing stories of beautiful places and the stories behind them.

The author’s first full-time job after graduation was when she worked for a radio station as a commercial traffic manager. It was all about scheduling adverts and it was never an exciting job. However, this was in 1984, and working in media had its perks.

She would then cut her teeth on all manner of writing. She worked in public relations, advertising copy, radio journalism, and even reported on cricket as a freelancer.

While she published her debut novel under her real name in 2013, it was not until she was in her forties that she completed writing her first manuscript.
Still, it would take more than five completely unpublishable but very lengthy tomes before she made the finals of the Harper Collins-sponsored People’s Novelist competition.

While she ultimately lost the competition, she got positive feedback from the judges and this gave her the confidence to kick on.

Over the years, Eva Glyn has learned to write with two hats on as she writes romance with a twist as Jane Cable and escapist relationship-driven fiction as Eva Glyn.

She has said that she finds inspiration for her stories from the beautiful places she experiences abroad and in the United States. Most of Eva Glyn’s works are set in Croatia, which she visited in 2019 and fell in love with.

She made friends with Darko Barisic her tour guide, who provided all manner of insights into the daily life of Croatia.

“The Olive Grove” which was set in Croatia was largely drawn from her guide’s experiences of the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

The novel that followed was a dual timeline work that went back to World War II and specifically to one of the least known periods of British history.

Since Eva Glyn wanted to try out something new and could not do so under Jane Cable her real name, she decided to take the pseudonym. Eva happens to be her grandfather’s name who also happened to be a writer.

As for Glyn, it is the name of Welsh poet and novelist Glyn Jones that was a close friend of the author. She has said that combining the names of two people she holds in very high regard only makes her strive to always be better.

While she is of Welsh origin, she currently makes her home in Cornwall and loves to visit the rugged coastlines and historical sites as well as many other interesting sites across the world.

Eva Glyn’s novel “The Olive Grove” is the story of Antonia Butler. She is on the precipice of significant changes in her life.

She has just stumbled upon an advert for a job that needs a multilingual housekeeper who will be working at Vila Maslina, a beautifully renovated farmhouse in Croatia. This is just what she has wanted for a long time and she intends to take full advantage.

She leaves home to head to Korcula, the picturesque island where she hopes to start afresh. But her new home is full of its own challenges and dangers. It is a beautiful island but it is teeming with shadows and secrets.

Many of the inhabitants of the island have many skeletons in their closets. But there is no one more enigmatic or intriguing as Damir Maric, the owner of the Vila Maslina. Antonia finds herself attracted to the man but is not so sure that she can trust him.

Will she find in him what she has always desired or maybe she is better off keeping him at arm’s length? Is the island a safe haven or will its mysterious beauty turn out to be a perilous trap that she cannot escape?

“An Island of Secrets” by Eva Glyn sees the author transport her audience to the Adriatic Sea island of Vis which belongs to Croatia. The beautiful island is the farthest inhabited island in Croatia, as it is about 40 miles off the mainland.

It had become famous for being a Yugoslav military base before the Balkan peninsula fragmented into numerous entities. It also happens to be the only location in the country that was never overrun by the Nazis.

It was at the island that nearly 100 years earlier, Guy Barclay, a spy Lieutenant working for British SOE had to leave behind the woman he had fallen in love with.

Yugoslavia was then in the grip of a major war but he had secrets to protect as he had made commitments to his country.

He is now a 93-year-old man that requests Leo Holmes, his 36-year-old daughter to head to the island to tie up some loose ends. He hopes that by doing this he can finally be at peace when he finally breathes his last.

It is a dangerous quest for Leo as he tries to solve the mystery of the wartime past of her father. Will she be able to track down the woman her grandfather had left behind that he loved to death?

Eva Glyn’s novel “The Missing Pieces of Us” makes for an interesting story with elements of tragedy, suspense, drama, and romance.

The lead is a young adult named Izzie, who is just beginning a romance with a boy named Robin. Unfortunately, they are not having an easy time with it as there are all manner of challenges preventing them from growing in love.

Robin is taking care of his invalid mother while Izzie has to deal with a previously existing relationship.

The story then jumps ahead and we see that Robin and Izzie’s love has survived. However, they are now facing new challenges in their relationship. At this point, in time what is imagined and what is real is hard to decipher.

It is clear that Robin and Izzie are having health issues and may not survive. The story explores the redemptive journey of the two as they hope to find a happily ever after they may never have.

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