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Publication Order of Allie Bishop FBI Mystery Thriller Books

The Devil's Daughter (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Face of Evil (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Darcy Hunt FBI Mystery Books

The Girl in Room 16 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Final Wish (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girls They Kept (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
One More Grave (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killer's Son (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The House Down the Lane (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Cry in the Woods (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl Who Woke Up (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eva Sparks discovered the crime fiction genre through famous authors such as Agatha Christie and Nancy Drew. She would later find the true crime section of the library, where she devoured books about real-life FBI agents and detectives who work around the clock to stop evil beings living among us and find justice for their victims. Eva is always happy to let her imagination run wild as she crafts thrillers featuring female detectives solving crimes. She believes that a hard-to-put-down mystery thriller should draw in the reader right from the first page to the last, and that’s why her books are always filled with strong female characters, serial killers, and plenty of twists and turns you never see coming. Whether it’s a crime thriller or mystery thriller, Eva Sparks’ books are filled with agents and detectives you will grow to love. Her books are filled with romance, mystery, suspense, and fast-paced with plenty of nail-biting twists.

Eva is a resident of a small town in the eastern side of the United States. When not writing, you will find her hiking in the forests around her house, reading old libraries, and trying to stop the cat from plotting against her dog.
Published in 2022, The Girl in Room 16 is the first installment in Darcy Hunt’s FBI mystery series by Eva Sparks. It is a book about FBI Agent Darcy Hunt, haunted by her past and the future. When her younger sister was kidnapped and murdered by a frenzied gang of misguided zealots under her nose almost two decades ago, FBI agent Darcy Hunt’s life was forever changed. Now, as Darcy devotes her days and evenings to pursuing the worst of human beings, she gets a sudden call instructing her to Miller’s Grove. The local police cannot make sense of an unsettling case, which will prove to be one of her career’s most challenging and puzzling.

Small communities harbor explosive secrets, and when Darcy strips back the many layers of Miller Grove’s history, some locals become uneasy. Never one to back down, Darcy must rely on all of her expertise and training when the investigation takes an unexpected turn and compels her to come face-to-face with a traumatic past she believed had finally left her behind.

In the meantime, a person stalks her from the shadows, drawing her more and more to the brink of the truth that has been concealed for years. Only when another girl goes missing does Darcy grasp that the dark occurrences from her past may be the only way to halt a daring and emboldened monster? Her Final Wish is the second novel in the Darcy Hunt series by Eva Sparks. It’s important to note that this series should be read in order of publication, as it features recurring characters, and the killer in the first book is also mentioned in this second novel.

Darcy finds it surprising that her closest friend Skylar, also an FBI agent, is designated as her coworker. This is fantastic news, but unfortunately, the boss is on short-term leave because of his health, so they have a temporary replacement. She is Veronica Morrison, and she desires to create an impression on her superiors and agents. Darcy is displeased with her manner of conducting herself. It appears that Morrison intends to wrap up all remaining cold cases before assigning Darcy and Skylar to their current investigation.
Darcy and Skylar are hesitant to abandon the investigation, as they know that more men are getting killed daily and that the murders will continue. Therefore, they devise a secret strategy from their new supervisor to work on the case. However, will they risk their careers to solve this case?

The Girls They Kept is the third book in Darcy Hunt’s FBI mystery series by Eva Sparks. Darcy is now working with her friend Skylar, an FBI agent who was reassigned to work with her. Together, they are outstanding at investigating crimes. A series of strange suicides befall Darcy’s metropolis, and only one word connects them. Someone is deceiving and poisoning the minds of young women, and it is up to Darcy to uncover the truth by following a twisted and sinister trail.

Along the way, a second evil adversary infiltrates Darcy’s existence, tormenting her with a previously unseen form of evil. But he has solutions. To obtain the answers, she seeks, she must reveal her innermost self and everything she holds closest. As unsettling truths are brought to light, Darcy must confront the face of evil while being haunted by cryptic notes left by the beast who still has her sister.

Published in 2022, One More Grave is the fourth book in Eva Sparks Darcy Hunt’s FBI mystery series. FBI Special Agent Darcy Hunt knows precisely how it feels to lose. She has lost her sister, innocence, and parents; unfortunately, it’s not over yet. After an old friend of Skylar’s is discovered brutally killed on the kitchen floor, Darcy doesn’t waste time looking for answers and hunting down the killer. But the case at hand isn’t so easy to solve. As the dead woman’s past is brought to light, it becomes clear that she has spent most of her years running away from something or someone.

With no clear clues on how the killer chooses his victims, Darcy is forced to use some unconventional methods and use unlikely alliances as she dashes against time to find the phantom killer before he strikes again. In the meantime, a new adversary removes his disguise and reveals himself to Darcy, leaving no doubt that he possesses the whole fate of Darcy and her sister in his palm. Darcy is running out of time as the clock continues to beep. One More Grave is a highly intriguing fourth book in the Darcy Hunt series. It is suspenseful and mind-bending. How far will you go to save a life and stop a madman?

Overall, the Darcy Hunt FBI mystery series by Eva Sparks is unputdownable mystery thriller series that will draw you in from the first book to the final installment. Eva Sparks addictive crime thriller books are filled with solid lead characters, mad serial killers, and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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