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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Thirty List (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ex Factor (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Be Happy / Something Like Happy (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Inbetween Days / The Lives We Touch (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Man I Can't Forget (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eva Woods is an author of fiction that lives in London. She teaches creative writing and writes there. Her favorite things include holidays, wine, and of course, pop music. She thinks that online dating is akin to a horrible board game.

She is the author of fictional romance novels that include The Thirty List, The Ex Factor, How to Be Happy, and The Inbetween Days. She is also a member of the Book Club Must-Haves Collection, published in 2017.

The main character of The Thirty List is Rachel. She likes to have a plan for everything and really enjoys making lists. So it’s perhaps not surprising that she, like many others, has a list of things that she wants to get done before her thirtieth birthday. Coming into thirty, Rachel’s life is not at all like she expected or even hoped for it to be. In fact, things are pretty different and miles away from ideal.

She doesn’t have a job, is officially broke, and is getting a divorce. Thirty sure isn’t the way that Rachel thought it would be. So she’s forced to get creative and start making strides to turn her life around. Part of that is moving into a room for rent with single dad Patrick– somewhere affordable to live but not exactly her ideal scenario. However, it’s hard to beat living rent-free in exchange for doing some chores around the house. Rachel knows that it’s a good deal and could be the start she needs to get back on her feet.

But the good news is that Rachel has a plan, and a list to go with it. She’s going through a lot, and lists are the way to organize it all. She has a plan to deal with her divorce and get out into the world again on her own, involving everything from making sushi to taking dance lessons and doing stand-up comedy. Rachel also has the support of her friends, who are inspired to begin making their own lists of what they would like to do and achieve.

Patrick also is inspired by her list to make one himself and even goes so far as to help her cross off things on her list. She even thinks that he and her son are just adorable. Slowly but surely with all of her new experiences, Rachel starts to feel herself moving on. She’s even suspecting that she’s pulling herself out of her slump and that everything just might be all right after all.

Things couldn’t be going better, especially as she looks back at how far she has come. But as Rachel starts making progress with all of her lists and things to do, she starts to realize that perhaps the greatest rewards in life come when you toss the script and start doing what you want instead of what you think you are supposed to do (according to your checklist).

Marie Claire called this book a “fresh new voice” in the genre of romantic fiction. Melissa Hall has called it warm and lots of fun. Will Rachel get over her divorce and find love? Are her friends really there for her? And is single dad Patrick perhaps more than an ally in Rachel’s world? Pick up this fun romantic novel and find out for yourself.

The Ex Factor is the second book written by Eva Woods and is a fictional romance novel. It was published in 2016. In it, main character Marnie is going through some struggles with dating in the modern world. It just seems like finding a guy by going on dates is just too much of a sideshow to be worth it. So far all the men that she has met have some kind of flaw. Some are chronic liars, some are eccentrics and strange, some of them live with their mothers, and some of them even wear Superman pants. Kind of strange.

With this being the state of things, Marnie decides that she should date someone that is coming to her pre-approved. No more random guys that turn out to be super weird– she’s had enough of that. She’s even starting to wonder if it’s possible to recycle or ‘freecycle’ love. There’s girl code, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a bit of a romance going with the ex of a friend. Just because he didn’t end up being the right fit for her doesn’t mean that you two couldn’t be cute together.

Since Marnie and her three best friends are currently single and have no prospects of luck on the horizon, it’s up to her to come up with a strategy. Marnie creates a plan to help Helen, Rosa, and Ani find love. This is tough since Helen is always single, Rosa is coming off of a divorce, and Ani is a lawyer and a cynical one at that. They’re not going to be the easiest people to set up, but since their dates vary on a range of fantastic to horrible, they have nothing to do lose.

Since they have had zero luck going on what are essentially blind dates, Marnie thinks it’s about time that she and her friends start dating guys that have been screened by their friends. Who better than your friends to ask questions of the guy and make sure that they’re a good fit before you even go on the date? Together, they’re working to tip the law of averages in their favor and use their minds to date smarter, not harder. Marnie starts to see that her plan wasn’t such a crazy idea after all.

While there are some consequences that come along with falling for the ex of your friend, Marnie knows that no risk guarantees no reward. But with all of them having no luck with their former dating strategies and staring down the barrel of being middle-aged and alone, they’ve got to go for it. Will everything work out? Find out for yourself and pick up this fun novel from Eva Woods to see what happens with this close group of friends and whether they ever truly find love!

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