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An Edgar Award winner, Meg Gardiner is an American crime writer who was born on 15 May 1957. Gardiner is best known for the Evan Delaney book series. In the year 2008, Gardiner published the first book, in a book series that featured the protagonist, Jo Beckett, a psychiatrist by proffesion. The Memory Collector is the second book that features the protagonist, Jo Beckett and was published in the year 2009. The Liars Lullaby was published in the year 2010 and is the third book in the series. Gardiner’s first novel, China Lake won an Edgar Award in the year 2009 in the category Best Original Paperback Novel. The Dirty Secrets, Meg Gadriner’s first novel in the Jo Beckett book series emerged the winner in the Romantic Time Reviewer’s Choice Awards in the category Best Procedural Novel.

Despite the fact that Gardiner was born in the city of Oklahoma, she was raised in the city of Santa Barbara, California. Currently, Meg Gardiner resides with her husband. Currently, Meg Gardiner lives with her husband, Paul Shreve in the city of Austin, Texas. Before she became a full time author, Gardiner used to be a lawyer. Gardiner was also a teacher at the renowned University of California. Gardiner’s father used to be an English professor. She was later on admitted to Stanford University, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Gardiner later on joined Stanford University, where she took a major in the field of law. Eventually Meg Gardiner returned to her hometown of Santa Barbra, where she began teaching writing and legal research at the University of California.

The main reason as to why Gardiner entered into the field of writing is because she was more than determined to explore the boundary between wrongdoing and morality. Gardiner considers that no subject is a taboo and there are no subject that are off-limits. Gardiner credits her writing to the experience that she got while training as an attorney as a crucial part of the building blocks of her writing skills. Currently, Meg Gardiner has penned more than 10 novels; including five books in the Evan Delaney book series, three standalone novels and four in Joe Beckett book series.

Best Evan Delaney Books

If you are looking for an author who has an extensive knowledge and experience in writing suspense novels, then you should read the works of Megan Gardiner. In the Evan Delaney book series, Megan Gardiner tells an exceedingly great story from Evan Delaney’s perspective using the first person before eventually transitioning to the third person as the story progresses. This technique in turn adds to the resolution of Luke together with her predicament, which is somewhat scary. China Lake is the first instalment in the Evan Delaney book series and introduces the readers to the science fiction author and lawyer, Evan Delaney. During her friend’s funeral, Delaney decides to face of with The Remnant, an ultra-right church group.

However, immediately after facing off with the group, Evan Delaney discovers that she had underestimated them. Peter Wyoming with his entire cult are the enders and are planning to speed up the apocalypse. They begin first by getting one of Evan Delaney’s family members. The group plans to stop at nothing, even if they had to frame Evan Delaney’s for the death of the Naval Pilots brother. With that said, the pacing of China Lake is nonstop as it is the case with all the other books in the Evan Delaney book series. While Meg Gardiner’s plots many at times are outlandish, the readers will definitely find themselves willing suspending the disbelief simply for the enjoyment of the ride. Furthermore, one thing that will definitely keep the reader coming back is the relationship between Jesse and Evan. Jesse is Evan’s paraplegic attorney boyfriend.

With that said, China Lake is not only real but it is also sexy and full of romance. The author, Meg Gardiner pens down with a great sense of humour, grit and an exceedingly wonderful instincts for balancing the plot, unfolding action, character and the escalating tension. If you are a reader who loves thrillers that are well crafted, with exceedingly complex characters and biting wit and you are okay with plots that tend to push the limits of rational minds, then you should definitely checkout China Lake. Mission Canyon is the second book in the Evan Delaney book series. Stephen King has highly recommended this book series by Evan Delaney. Just like the first instalment, Mission Canyon is a non-stop thriller. The book has been brilliantly written with nail biting suspense. The characterisation of the characters is brilliant.

Just like China Lake, the protagonists are Jesse and Evan, who are currently hunting the man who was responsible for Killing Isaac and crippling Jesse. Evan and Jesse also have wedding plans as well and just before the wedding Jesse is blackmailed. In the process, the witnesses are also killed. The villain is back once more and this time around, he is trying to kill Jesse. Evan follows Brand, the suspect slowly so as to establish what is the main reason why Brand is in town and also ensure that he does not leave town as well. Slowly, Evan Delaney is slowly drawn to the network that was involved in the incidence and also establishes who the real target of the incidence. As Evan Delaney slowly uncovers the truth behind the incidence and why the accident was plotted, her life becomes threatened. Furthermore, the discoveries that she eventually makes could forever, change the dynamics of Delaney’s relationship with Jesse.

Once more, the author, Evan Delaney has penned an exceedingly fast suspense novel. There are several scenes, which stretch the suspension of disbelief. However, Gardiner’s full characterisation of Jesse and Evan together with this sophomoric instalment, will definitely allow the suspension of that disbelief. One of the truly deepest signs of great authorship is when the writer can make the readers feel the loss of a character after their sudden death. Meg Gardiner has not only done this, but she has also gone ahead to ensure that the villains were well constructed to arouse plenty of emotions. This is also the case with the characters, whom Meg Gardiner reveals that they are not who everyone believes they are.

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