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The Fires of Vengeance (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lord of Demons (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Author Evan Winter was born in England to South American parents, and grew up in Africa, close to the historical territory of his Xhosa ancestors.

It was his life long goal to be a writer, but worked many jobs before he finally began writing. He tended bar in two different countries, and went to university. He also worked as a director and cinematographer whose work has been viewed over five hundred million times on the internet (where he would meet some con men through this), and got threatened by some English mobsters during a case of mistaken identity. Winter additionally worked with some unbelievable talented unknowns, some great A-list celebrities, and finally became Creative Director for one of the biggest infrastructure companies in the entire world.

He did all of this before he finally realized the words inside of his head would never write themselves. It was all up to him to bring these stories playing in his mind to life. So he began writing them, before it is too late and he runs out of time. Winter also saw, after his son was born, that there just weren’t all that many epic fantasy novels that featured characters that looked anything like him, or even his son.

He grew up reading and loving fantasy novels and believing that it is our stories that makes us who we are. Winter can recall being fourteen years old and just sitting in his bed for many hours during the summer, just reading Robert Jordan’s work while Sarah McLachlan’s music played in the background.

He also remembers being taken back to brilliant worlds of heroism, wonder, magic, and conflict while he read some of these fantastic fantasy novels. He can remember the lessons he learned as he grew up with Rand, fought against rather tough odds with Druss, thought about life with Drizzt, rejected a fated life like Sparhawk. He found that, even if doing the right thing ends badly, Ned was a good man that needs to be emulated as much as possible.

Evan Winter remembers thinking that, even though he has just a single life to live, he could experience a thousand more by writing and reading.

Many memories that Evan has actually happened in the books that he read. However, he finds that he was never totally included in the stories that he read during this time. He also finds that there is something special when you find yourself actually in the story you are reading, find that you are actually in the universal themes and ideas in them. It makes it feel like you aren’t just set aside and watching from the sidelines. It is better if you are totally a part of the events that are happening, right from the inside and flowing right along with the story being told.

He wanted to give his son a story that does exactly this. He wanted his son to be able to read the book and find himself right in the middle of it all.

Winter’s debut novel, called “The Rage of Dragons”, was released in the year 2017. Originally, the book was self published by Winter, but it was later re-released on Hatchette’s Orbit imprint. His work is from the genres of epic fantasy and dark fantasy.

“The Rage of Dragons” made it in the top one hundred of epic fantasy and Sword and Sorcery on Amazon as well as top fifty of dark fantasy on Amazon.

The book is based loosely off the Xhosa, a South African people that traditionally live in the Eastern Cape Province. Winter incorporates his personal familiarity and life experiences with cultures of Africa and Europe to offer a unique perspective that shows in his storytelling. It makes his tales appeal broadly to epic fantasy fans of any cultural or ethnic background.

Winter also tried to build a world filled with cycles of violence and a powerful magic system to try and see how someone would change once they came into powers of their own. He wanted to see how this would affect their psyche, and if they would still be able to be good people once this happened.

“The Rage of Dragons” is the first novel in the “Burning” series, which was released in the year 2017. The Omehi people have been engaging in an unwinnable fight for close to two centuries. Their society is only built around war. That is all. The lucky ones have been born gifted. One in just two thousand women has got the power to call down dragons. One in just two hundred men is able to transform himself into a faster, bigger, stronger killing machine.

Everybody is just fodder, only destined to fight and die during the endless war. Gift-less, young Tau understands this, but has a plan to escape. He is going to get injured early on, and get out before he settles down into land, marriage, and kids. The only thing is, he never gets the chance to. Those that are closest to him get brutally murdered, and his grief soon turns to anger.

While he is fixated on getting revenge, Tau dedicates himself to a path unthinkable. He is going to become the greatest swordsman that has ever lived. A man that is willing to die a hundred thousand times just for the chance to kill the three people that betrayed him.

Evan Winter’s voice is one to watch out for in future books; it just has to be heard and experienced and this book must be read. The book is a breathtaking fantasy debut book that is immensely enjoyable. This is a unique story, that features African cultures and characters. Winter does a great job, too of bringing his main character to life. This is a fantasy novel with some well-written fight scenes, to boot, with some feeling that they are visceral, bloody masterpieces. Readers feel like they are really truly there while these battles are happening. This book uniquely uses demons and dragons, the complex class and marital hierarchy, and a magic system the likes of which not seen before.

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5 Responses to “Evan Winter”

  1. Barbara: 2 years ago

    Evan has woven a complex society and compelling characters in one of the very best stories I’ve ever read (and as a 60+ y/o avid fantasy reader, that’s a lot!). Can’t wait for book #3. 10 out of 10 stars from me.

  2. Peter Reardon: 3 years ago

    I have read quite a few of the authors that you have and I think you are up there with them. Good luck with your writing ✍ and I am eagerly awaiting your 3rd book.

  3. Christopher Hudson: 3 years ago

    I read your book while in prison it brought me joy in a time when I really needed it by far best series I have ever read and can’t wait until 2022

  4. Janet: 3 years ago

    I am looking forward to the 3rd book as well. Any idea on when it will be available

  5. Marie White: 3 years ago

    Hello Evan, I just finished reading the 2’d book. I look forward to reading the 3’d book in the series. Would you know when the next one will be out?

    Thank you for such an interesting read!!



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