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Evans Family Saga Books In Order

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Publication Order of Evans Family Saga Books

The Evans Family Saga series is a set of western fiction novels by popular western fiction author C.J. Petit. The author was 66 years old when he began writing “Rock Creek” his debut novel in 2016.

Back then, he never thought he was writing for the masses and in fact, he was only doing it to prevent his brain from turning into mush. Petit soon discovered that he loved to create her characters and then let them follow the plot.

He embarked on his writing career publishing on Amazon after he was pressured by his daughter who knew about Amazon Kindle. At that time, he never believed anyone would spend a dollar for any of his stories but wrote anyway since it was something he loved to do.

However, while he knew there were thousands of indie authors on the platform he decided to revive the dying genre of Westerns. He found a lot of success even though he never promoted or advertised his books and he just kept writing as he found it satisfying and enjoyable.

He published “Dylan’s Journey,” the debut novel of the Evans Family Saga in 2019. C.J. Petit now has more than half a dozen titles in the series and is not slowing down any time soon.

“The Evans Family Saga” series of novels tells the story of a family that moved from Wales to the United States to work the mines. At present, the family comprises five brothers most of whom started to work in the mines even before they turned 10.

It is dangerous to earn a living in the mines as they are unsafe and constantly cave in. Moreover, the air is always full of micro coal dust that usually clogs up the lungs of men leaving them with Black Lung Disease.

The owners of the mine never cared for the health of their employees as they are always replaceable. Many Polish, Welsh, and Irish immigrants that worked the mines either died when the shafts collapsed in on themselves or from lung disease.

In addition to following the life and times of the Evans family, the “Evans Family Saga” series also offers insight into the old customs. Men immigrated from the old world bringing along children and wives who were expected to live under difficult and very challenging circumstances.

Boys would have to carry the expectation of getting married and ensuring the longevity of the family name. On the other hand, young girls had husbands chosen for the or were offered to the nunnery.

These were hard times when alcoholism, domestic violence, and unhappiness are the order of the day.

“Dylan’s Journey” is the first novel of the “Evans Family Saga” series of novels. The lead is a young man named Dylan, who had joined his father and his two brothers to work in the mines. However, all he wanted was to specialize in coal stoking.

He works under the engineer responsible for maintaining the steam pumps and over time he rises through the ranks to become the chief engineer. He is in charge of ensuring the pumps are in good working condition so that production in the coal mines never stops.

He continued to advance his engineering skills, even though he ultimately wants to become a deputy sheriff. It is not long before he becomes very accurate and efficient with weapons too.

He makes use of his skills with weapons to repel Indian attacks on a steamboat that usually travels the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. His exploits make him famous and well-respected among the Crow Indians and in the small towns along the rivers.

It is while he is working as a sheriff deputy that he meets his future wife whom he befriends. She soon learns that she has been sold to her father under a contract he had signed.

They are both in their teenage years but are wise beyond their years. Will they manage to defy the times and get married?

The second novel of the “Evans Family Saga” by C.J. Petit is “Bryn’s War.” Just like his brothers, Bryn worked in the mines and was exposed to many dangers and hazards.

He had been forced to leave town when his brothers and father died in a mine shaft collapse. Together with his young nephew, his widowed mother, and his former boss from the mines they traveled by steam engine.

He was going to live with his brother who was the only person related to him that was left in the world. While living with his brother he hates the mistreatment of slaves and when the Civil War broke out he joins the Union Army.

He was good at being a soldier and is soon promoted up the ranks. However, there is an incident of friendly fire and he ends up severely wounded and he has to return home where he decides to become a deputy sheriff.

He is fortunate enough to meet a young woman and together they start a family and have many adventures with their young children.

“Huw’s Legacy” is the third novel of the “Evans Family Saga” that tells the story of Kyle. At the opening of the novel, he learns about his father just as his mother dies. He sets out on an 800-mile journey on foot with only his baseball bat and his wit for survival.

C.J. Petit takes his readers along the journey as he faces all manner of emotional and physical hurdles. He hopes to reach Omaha and find Bryn and Dylan his cousins and thankfully has help along the way.

He finally meets Dyland and together they set out to find Bryn. The three boys then travel to Denver where they are welcomed by their grandmother. But just because he arrived at a place called home does not mean that he is safe.

They soon have to confront outlaws intent on killing Bryn and his family but using his bat, Kyle manages to fight them off. Things get interesting when he falls in love with Katie and then later on moves to Colorado to study law.

It is another brilliant western that tells an intriguing story about life in the wild west.

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