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Slow Days, Fast Company (1977)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Fiorucci, The Book (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
Two By Two (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Used to Be Charming (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Eve Babitz

Changing how people viewed memoirs, Eve Babitz is an American writer who would incorporate fact with fiction, making something quite different. Known for her trademark wit and style, she was also known and highly regarded for work as an artist and writing essays too. Extremely creative, she was very articulate, continually expressing herself in new and inventive ways, always innovating through her work. Garnering huge amounts of acclaim, Babitz is often compared to the writer Joan Didion, writing about similar themes and ideas during a similar period of American history.

She’s also well known for writing a number of straightforward works of fiction too, producing articles and short-stories for a number of different publications. Creating works that would go on to stand the test of time, she would also become an iconic and influential figure in her own right. Working with famous artists such as Marcel Duchamp, she would also work within the music industry, making album covers and art. Recognized by many around the world, she’s created a legacy quite unlike any other, as more and more discover her work every day.

There’s also many non-fiction books from her too, with stories and memoirs on her own life often writing about her time in Hollywood. Seen by many as an ‘It Girl’ during the sixties, she was a key figure on the cultural scene, with her name becoming highly prestigious at the time. Documenting the era whilst writing about her own thoughts and ideas, she was a writer entirely singular to herself. Still well regarded by many, she’s popular with both critics and the general public alike, with her becoming a household name for a wide audience.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Hollywood, California, on the 13th of May in 1943, Eve Babitz was raised in Los Angeles, growing up with a creative family. Her mother Mae was an artist, whilst her father, Sol Babitz, worked with 20th Century Fox and was a classical violinist. Attending Hollywood High School, she would continue to develop her artistic voice over the years, becoming a creative and gifted artist in her own right.

Soon she would start building a public profile and image, finding notoriety when she was photographed nude at age twenty playing Chess with Marcel Duchamp in a now iconic image. Writing for numerous outlets, she would fast become a highly respected writer with a lot to say and write about. Currently remaining reclusive since a severe accident in 1997 where she was badly burnt, her work continues to inspire countless readers from all over.

Writing Career

In 1974 Eve Babitz would release her first debut novel, which was a memoir titled ‘Eve’s Hollywood’ based largely on her own life. Writing for prestigious publications such as Vogue, The Village Voice, and Rolling Stone to name a few, she would also release numerous short-stories and essays. Known for having a straightforward and blunt honesty running throughout much of her work, she would also have a strong sense-of-humor to it too.

Well respected by many of her contemporaries, well known authors such as Bret Easton Ellis and Joseph Heller have sung her praises. Capturing the cultural and social scene of Los Angeles and Hollywood during a certain period of time, she would bring it to life on the page. With an extensive backlog of work, she continues to reach readers from all over, as her work resonates with readers to this very day.

Eve’s Hollywood

Originally brought out in 1974 on the 1st of January through the Delacorte Press publishing imprint, this would be the first book from Eve Babitz. Setting up her literary career, it would introduce her as an author with her semi-fictionalized memoir of her life up to that point. Self-contained it’s a stand-alone novel, although she would produce other similar memoirs later on as well, with it accounting much of her twenties.

By the age of thirty Eve Babitz had more than enough experiences to draw from as inspiration, having lived a colorful life up to that point. Looking at Hollywood’s bohemian society through a series of snapshots here, this book looks at those experiences, along with the world surrounding them. Told through Eve’s own wry and witty voice, she paints a vivid portrait of a period in LA’s history, along with the characters that populated it. Journeying through this rich and vibrant city, she gives it a personality that hasn’t been seen before, whilst telling her own story as she looks at Eve’s Hollywood.

This is an interesting and highly informative book that makes for a real page turner, showcasing a set period in time. With plenty of witty and insightful observations, it shows people as they really are, getting behind the image of Hollywood. The stories themselves are also highly engaging and entertaining, keeping the reader constantly glued throughout her journey.

I Used to Be Charming

First published through the NYRB Classics outlet, this book would initially come out in 2019 on the 1st of October. Another stand-alone title, it would feature a non-fiction collection of essays and pieces from Eve Babitz, showcasing her talents as an author. There’s a lot here for fans of the author to enjoy, as it clearly showcases her development as a writer throughout the years.

Eve Babitz was also a well known journalist and this book seeks to celebrate that collating some of her much loved pieces and writings. Charting her writing between 1975 and 1997, this brings together nearly fifty pieces in total, showing a clear development in her writing. There’s also a feature length investigation included, whereby she looks into the lifestyle brand Fiorucci, giving it a full analysis. It also takes a look at the accident that very nearly killed her in 1996, which is what the title essay takes a closer look at in depth.

While dealing with some deeper issues and themes, Babitz has a lightness and sense of levity to her work that’s extremely appealing. Making it easy to read and highly accessible, she’s very gifted in communicating her ideas clearly and articulately. It’s a well written book that always manages to get the point across, clearly showing why she’s one of the foremost authors of her generation.

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