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Eve Duncan is the name of the fictional character developed by the American author Iris Johansen in the Eve Duncan series of thriller and suspense novels. She features in all the novels of the series as the main protagonist and has the habit of helping the grief-stricken families find their lost children. Eve lost her daughter some years back, who was kidnapped and murdered and hence she has decided that she will not let other families bear the pain of losing their children and would do whatever it takes to help them.

Eve’s daughter, Bonnie was only seven years old when she was kidnapped and killed and this has tortured Eve for many years, but she has managed to survive somehow. After a few years of the tragedy in her life, she has become a well known forensic sculptor. The Eve Duncan series consists of sub-series in the form of trilogies featuring Eve Duncan, Quinn and Bonnie.

Some of the novels of the series have become New York Times bestsellers. One of the novels of the series, The Killing Game was made into a television movie in the year 2011. Actress Laura Prepon was chosen to play the character of Eve Duncan in the film, whereas the actress Naomi Duncan played the role of Eve’s mother, Sandra Duncan. The character sketch of Eve Duncan has been described by the author Iris Johansen as a survivor whose life has always been hard to survive, but she has been able to survive against all odds. Her dedication and determination has allowed her to succeed against even the most unthinkable odds. Even is depicted as a loving, real and intelligent woman.

She is made to bear the grief of the loss of her daughter named Bonnie who was kidnapped and murdered by some unknown enemies of Eve. As a child, Eve was raised in the slums around the regions of Atlanta and was illegitimate. Her mother, Sandra Duncan was a drug addict. The unhealthy lifestyle of her childhood made Eve to develop a burning desire to overcome all the difficulties and lead a prosperous life after growing up. However, she also gave birth to an illegitimate child at the age of 16 just like her mother.

Giving birth to a child at such a small age might have proved destructive to Eve, but she managed to fight back and provided all the love to her baby that helped also her to get transformed along with the others around her. Later on, Eve completed her college studies and was on her way to provide a secure life to her daughter, one that she never had. However, destiny had something else for her as her daughter was kidnapped and killed. Eve could neither find the dead body of her daughter nor her kidnappers, but still hopes of finding them someday as it has become an obsession for her. After getting over the tragedy in her life, Eve Duncan has become a foremost forensic sculptor and strives to help the parents in fining their lost children. Eve has transformed herself into a workaholic and is required to be looked after by the people around her who care for her well being. She lives along with her long time lover Joe Quinn beside a lake in Georgia. After the loss of Bonnie, Eve has adopted a street girl named Jane McGuire as her daughter. She rescued Jane a few years back and since then she has become an important part of Eve’s life and family.

The first novel of the Eve Duncan thriller series was published by the Coronet publishing house in the year 1998. The novel was titled ‘The Face of Deception’. The plot of the novel is set in The United States and revolves around the life of the main character Eve Duncan. The novel is described by the author as a trail of some of the most terrifying secrets after the discovery of an unidentified skeleton. The main protagonist Eve Duncan is depicted as a talented woman who has the ability of revealing the shocking truths related to the cases of missing children and the discovery of the dead bodies. Being a forensic sculptor, Eve works to help the local police identify the dead bodies by examining their skulls. She has taken up the job so as to overcome her personal grief of the loss of her daughter Bonnie, who was murdered by her kidnappers and her dead body was never found. Later on, Eve accepts an assignment from a billionaire named John Logan which does not seem to be an easy task as more terrors lie ahead in her path. Eve reconstructs a face from the skull given to her by John Logan, but he does not want anyone else to see it. Now Eve gets trapped in a web of deceit and murder. The criminals related to the murder of the man resembling the reconstructed try to cover up the truth related to the murder and are determined to bury the truth inside the grave even if it means to kill and bury Eve Duncan with it.

The second novel of the series was published under the title ‘The Killing Game’. It was published in the year 1999 by the Bantam publishing house. The plot of the second novel is also set in The United States and deals with a merciless killer, who is on the hunt to kill an innocent child and the protagonist Eve Duncan who is determined to stop him. In the opening plot of the novel, it is shown that the killer is very well familiar with Eve Duncan. He is also aware of the fact that she feels the pain of losing her daughter Bonnie. The killer knows that Eve will insist on identifying the 9 skeletons discovered near the Talladega Falls of Georgia, being the top forensic sculptor of the nation. The killer reveals that one of the skeletons discovered is of her daughter’s and knows very well that Eve will not resist the temptation to believe him. However, he plays a sadistic game with her and tries to play with the emotions of Eve Duncan. He is determined to face Eve one on one. He has also carved out a plan to play with Eve and, eventually kill her and claim her dead body as his prize.

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