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Publication Order of The Trials of Tiah Books

Evelyn DeVere is a young adult fiction novelist best known for “The Trials of Tiah” series of novels. The author made her debut into fiction writing in 2014 with the publishing of “The Trials of Tiah … Riley” in 2014.

She has since published several more titles in the series which has been very popular in recent times. These are novels with humorous and soapy back and forth in the fantasy land of the rich, young, and restless, as the characters come to age and learn a lot about adult life.
Evelyn currently makes her home in New South Wales Australia, where she lives with her boxer dogs, When she is not writing her novels, she can be found walking around the local lake and collecting heritage seeds.

“The Trials of Tiah…Riley” by Evelyn DeVere introduces the lead in the story as Tiah. She is a woman who gets into many romantic adventures while navigating the many pitfalls of relationships.

From disgruntled divas to spoiled heiresses, Tiah is forced to deal with some very difficult people to get closer to the very remote and incredibly sexy Riley Lytton. After doing a lot of work to get into the good books of his sister, she realizes that maybe she was better off just sticking with her old friends.

She believes that would have kept the crazy but handsome Dante Rossi away from her. But then there is the morally bankrupt and sexually ambiguous billionaire Vaun Dubois who is always around.

Connor who is the older brother to Riley is hot enough that she has noticed him, even though she has also been thinking about Tyler Brighton the peripheral heartthrob who keeps her on her toes.

It is a glittery and juicy tale of the glitterati with a lot of fun dialogue, plenty of romance, power plays, and scandal. Through the narrator, we get a glimpse into the glam and fast lives of a rich young crowd with a lot of money, humiliations, backbiting, a scintillating network of gossip abuse of power, and all manner of drama.

It is the first novel of a romantic adventure that sees Tiah go from delight to despair, as she deals with truths in her life.

Evelyn DeVere’s novel “The Trials of Tiah…Simon” opens with Tiah still employed by the gorgeous but sleazy Tyler Brighton. Shame he is as insane and rich as his crazy clients are!

The only silver lining to her job is Simon, the gorgeous hunk of a man who is very interested in her. Will she fall for the man’s sexy and rugged charm or will Dante reappear and upend her life once more?

She is also involved in a massive struggle with Vaun Dubois the evil billionaire who has some wicked plans. On his side is his bigger-than-life aunt and an icy but aloof sister. Will Tiah ever manage to save her friends who are being influenced by the billionaire or will she need to flee to save her own life?

The dark battle with Vaun and constant fear continues in this outing and despite the chaos it causes. As for Tiah, she does not give up as she continues to hope that she will have a better life with Simon. She is portrayed as a strong woman who perseveres, even as she struggles through each challenge regardless of how vicious Vaun can be.

The looming danger of the Dubois family with their wicked intentions is always there making for a thrilling page-turner.

“The Trials of Tiah…Dante” by Evelyn DeVere is a fascinating work from the “Trials of Tiah” series of novels.

Tiah found herself tangled up in the spoiled but smoldering Dante Rossi, who is the stubborn son of the Rossi family and has no interest in taking over the running of one of the most prosperous restaurant chains in the country. His parents tried their best to build the business and Dante’s rebelliousness has them all vexed.

Tiah will not let him use her as a cover, even though she still loves him deeply. However, their relationship is all over the place except for where she wants it to go since Vaun Dubois the scary billionaire has been interfering.

Despite everything, Tiah does his best trying to protect her friends from the dangerous and unwelcome interest of the billionaire and finds herself in an even bigger mess. But she is not so sure that she will survive dealing with the devil as Vaun Dubois is proving to be one of the most treacherous villains in Ravenvale.

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