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David Lynn Golemon was born and raised in Chino, California. He comes from a family that has a military history, beginning from the civil war through to Vietnam. He has got three great children, namely: Brandon, Shaune and Katie Ann. Since he has spent a lot of time in Colorado, he is currently making his home on Long Island, New York. His inspiration for writing came from the teachings he was taught by his father about loving books when he was still a child. His father fell in love with reading while driving a tank across Europe during world war two. And several years later, his father taught him that, the written word is the surest way of communication that enables one to use his own mind, to envisage a story and it is the greatest special effects machine in the world.

His role models include: Tom Clansy, Clive Cussler, Larry Bond, and the best character writer ever lived, Stephen King. That is why it is very hard to miss touches with the above mentioned authors in his books. The only thing that he cherishes in his life more than writing is research. Particularly historical based research.

David Lynn’s family military experiences and flashbacks always had one general and recurring element that is lacking in most war stories. His family military experiences seemed to be resonating with everyone wanting to be in a different place. According to David, it is not right to appear as if you are adoring aspects and results of war in your stories. That’s why his stories are based on the inevitable reasons for war. This is to humanize those individuals who never started the war but are always there to fight to the bitter end. His series the Event Group is written along those lines, never adore, but to recognize that when force is to be used, then it should be used as the last resort. David Lynn Golemon has never put soldiers of any country into a storyline to use just as a mere backdrop, but he has tried very much to make them important and feasible part of the story. Therefore, it is very true if you say military has influenced his writing style.

In reality, he had wanted to become an author when he was only nine years old. He had wanted to change outcome of most stories he read in some history books. As a kid, he would always change history and write them, and he always had happy ending to most of his stories.

He is the author of the bestselling the Event Group series which includes: Event, Ancients, Primeval, and Leviathan. The second book in the series called the Legend was nominated for a RITA award under paranormal fiction category. Most of his stories are so fascinating and he knows how to captivate the attention of his readers with some awesome thriller stories. If you are a fun of fiction stories, then this series is for you, especially those who like military fiction stories. If you are one of those readers who like nonstop action and a lot of flying bullets, you will never put down Golemon’s series.

He has not only written books, but also some of his books like the Event in the series has been made into a movie, and this caters for those who would prefer watching rather than reading. The action is enormously cinematic and the characters are very much compelling.

Since the series contain several books, only the first two books will be briefly discussed in this article to give you a hint of what to expect in case you are planning to buy the series. The first book in the series is called the Event. In this novel, the largest cover up in American history is about to be revealed.

The Event group is the most covert organization in the United States of America; the group is made up of the country’s brightest individuals in the branches of philosophy, science and the military. The group is under the leadership of the fearless Major Jack Collins, they are determined to unearth the concealed truths behind myths and legends that have been widely propagated throughout the world. Now that a new unspeakable threat has been exposed, humanity’s greatest hope of life is now in the hands of Collins and his crew. Will he save the world from this deadly threat?

This time round, the group is faced with an enemy with an extraordinary strength and power. For him to ensure that the ugly side of history never repeats itself, the team will be forced to collaborate with the unexpected ally to stop a deadly threat that is only referred to as the Destroyer of Worlds. Now the inevitable war between the Event Group and the Destroyer of Worlds is about to start in the middle of the desert wastelands of the American Southwest.

The suspense is killing you and can’t wait to discover what happened next, the quick solution to your anxiety is to run to the next bookshop and get a copy of this book.

The second book in the series is the award winning called the legend and the story is breath taking. This is where the race to unearth the world’s greatest mysteries starts. In fact the race begins officially. The Event Group is made up of country’s most shining men and women in the fields of philosophy, science and the military.

Under the command of Major Jack Collins, their job is to find the truth behind the world’s greatest unsolved myths. This time round, Jack and the group will dare to uncover the most horrifying secret. The secret is about the long vanished tribe of the Incas, which is buried deeply within the Amazon Basin. There is no anyone who has dared to go into the depths and the darkness of the Amazon and made it back. Even the last one was the professor and her group who dared but never came back alive.

Now the Event Group using the cutting edge technology solely designed by the US military will take the journey to the ends of the earth to try and disclose the truths behind the myth. The question is, will they succeed where others before them tried and failed? Or is it better to die trying?

To get answers to those questions, run to the nearest bookshop and get this book. It will save you the anxiety.

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  1. barbara bair: 11 months ago

    Is there another Event Group book in process after Season of The Witch? I have all your books and have been waiting for a new Event book. You are my favorite author and your books are my favorite read.

  2. Gib Butler: 2 years ago

    I want to thank you for your books! As a child my folks lived very close to a library. In the summers I would go there and bring 5 or 6 books home to read. I have read many Stephen King and Clive Cussler novels. You rank right up there with them!! I have read all your books and am waiting for the next edition!! Thank you for your amazing writing skills!

  3. miles bair: 3 years ago

    when is a new Event series book forthcoming?

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Last update I saw was back in February when he said he was back at work and was working on one


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