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Publication Order of Everlife Books

Everlife series by Gena Showalter
Author Gena Showalter pens the “Everlife”series of young adult fantasy novels. The series began publication in the year 2016, when “Firstlife” was released. The series ended in the year 2018, when the third book, “Everlife” was released.

The series stars Tenley Lockwood, just an average girl who is seventeen years old. It is set in a world where your first life is just a dress rehearsal, and when you die, you start your real life in a place called Everlife.

One of the two realms is Troika. This is the real;m that revers freedom of choice, justice, and equality. This is the light realm, not just because the sun always shines, but things like forgiveness and love are much more valuable than gold. It is ruled by the Prince of Doves, and is untouched by gloom, and hard work is a way of life, not just an expectation. Fear is not tolerated as a necessity, but is considered to be a hated foe. Equality is not just an ideal, but actually a standard of living.

The other realm is Myriad. Indulgence, autonomy, and bliss are revered in this realm. This is the dark realm, since it is bathed in shadows, and because vengeance and anger are encouraged. Its citizens are unable to tolerate the light of day, and is ruled by the Prince of Ravens. Working hard is good and all, but people are expected to party even harder. Magical forests and secrets can be found in this realm in each corner. The good time does not stop and self-indulgence is something revered.

“Firstlife” is the first novel in the “Everlife” series, which was released in the year 2016. The first step, you must die. One choice, with two realms and no second chance. Tenley “Ten” Lockwood is just an ordinary seventeen year old girl, who has been locked up inside the Prynne Asylum. Why? It is not her obsession with numbers, rather her refusal to allow her parents to decide where she will live, after she has died.

There is a truth that most of the world has yet to accept: Firstlife is just a dress rehearsal and real life starts after death.

Two realms have the power in Everlife, Myriad and Troika. They are lethal rivals and longtime enemies. Both are willing to do anything to recruit Ten, including sending their Best Labrorers to get her on their side.

Fans found this one to be complex, extremely unique, and beautifully written. Readers found themselves feeling so much while they read, and cried a ton. The heroine is a likable character that will intrigue you right from the start, and is a special character. The book has a ton of surprises, and a bunch of twists that you will not see coming. Gena creates some fantastic worlds, too.

“Lifeblood” is the second novel in the “Everlife” series, which was released in the year 2017. “My Firstlife has ended, but my Everlife has just begun”. With her final living breath, Ten made up her mind and chose her realm in the Everlife. While the war between Myriad and Troika rages onward, she has to face the consequences.

Since Ten has a rare supernatural ability to share and absorb the light, the Powers That Be have some of the highest expectations for her future. The enemy just wants her neutralized. Battling to save her Secondlife, she has to learn about the realm she has picked from the ground up as she launches her very first mission. Convincing a certain group of humans to join her side before they have died. No pressure for her, right?

Ten’s competition is a boy she can’t forget, named Killian, who gave up everything for her happiness. He’s got a single shot at redemption, beating Ten at a game that she has never played before. While their throw downs start heating up, so do their undeniable feelings for each other, and pretty soon Ten is going to have to make another decision. Love or victory.

This story hooks you in right from the start and never lets you go, and there is never a dull moment to be found. The book is very unique and delivers a powerful and beautiful message. Ten grows a lot as a character and she goes through a good evolution in this book. The romance that Ten and Killian has is well written and beautiful, so much so that some readers found themselves loving these two soul mates with their whole heart.

“Everlife” is the third novel in the “Everlife” series, which was released in the year 2018. Fall alone or stand together. Everlife’s fate hangs in the balance. Ten, who is seventeen years old, was made to make the ultimate choice, where to live after she died. Loyalty to the realm she chose has not wavered, until now. She has run out of time. Sacrifices have to be made, and a terrible price has to be paid. Could she be too late?

While the Everlife continues descending into darkness, a single truth becomes clear, Troika and Myriad have to unite or perish. Ten, in order to bring these sworn enemies together, will have to enter some forbidden territory, and destroy the very Power Prince of Ravens. There is just a single way to get inside, bonding with Killian Flynn, who is a lethal rival who is able to set her blood boiling.

Nothing goes as planned and betrayal leads them to edge of total defeat, Killian and Ten has to rebuild trust from the ashes of their own hearts. Victory seems far out of reach, with the odds stacked against them. At the end of the day, how far are they willing to go for the sake of the Everlife and their realms?

This is a book sure to take readers on the ride of a lifetime, through love and hate, hope and despair, life and death, joy and sadness. Readers enjoyed seeing these characters grow over the entire series. Especially Ten, who grew into a loyal, strong, and capable young woman, and a far cry from the insecure and skeptical girl she starts the series out as.

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