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Publication Order of Evidence Books

Concrete Evidence (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Body of Evidence (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Withholding Evidence (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Incriminating Evidence (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Covert Evidence (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cold Evidence (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poison Evidence (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silent Evidence (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winter Hawk (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tainted Evidence (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Owl (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Broken Falcon (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Evidence Series
Evidence is a book series authored by Rachel Grant (November 1970—). In college, she initially majored in English—then majored in anthropology—and minored in history. She has an archeology degree.

Grant has also worked as an archeologist in the Netherlands and the U.S., particularly as a consultant for the Burke Museum. Her literary influences are English author Agatha Christie and American Egyptologist-and-author Barbara Mertz. Rachel wrote her first book when she was a sixth grader; most of her books have archeological settings, based on her exotic experiences and those of her husband archaeologist David. Rachel’s niche is mystery and thrillers. Her literary agent is Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein of McIntosh & Otis, Inc.

Books in the Evidence Series
Rachel has been publishing books since May 2013, when her first novel Grave Danger was released. However, she is renowned for writing the Evidence Series whose earliest book is Concrete Evidence that was initially released in April 2013.

Concrete Evidence’s protagonists are Lee Scott and Erica Kesling; they are employees of an archeology-related company called Drake & Talon whose owner is Lee’s half-brother JT Talon. Detective-and-hacker Lee Scott implicates archeologist Erica Kesling in an artifact heist. The seemingly interning Lee suspects the secretive, remorseful Erica—she is still reeling from a reputational damage—as the mastermind in the organized crime emanating from Iraq, prompting him to get closer to her through seduction. They end up truly loving each other.

Body of Evidence (August 2013) is the second book in the Evidence Series. Body of Evidence’s main characters are Mara Garrett and Curt Dominick. External conflict: archeologist Mara’s sojourn in North Korea to exhume American infantry soldiers killed in action culminates in her persecution and death penalty for alleged espionage. Internal conflict: to negotiate her release, the U.S. dispatches state attorney Curt as their special envoy, who since been pulled from an ongoing prosecution case for abuse of office involving Mara’s uncle ex-deputy president Dr. Garett; There are deaths and damages following the involvement of assassin-and-antagonist Rapture, Mara and Curt’s romantic relationship, and a legal twist due to the prosecutor’s vested interest.

The third book in the Evidence Series is Withholding Evidence (February 2014) whose main characters are ex-military man Keith Hatcher and historian Trina Sorensen. External conflict: Trina is mandated to make Keith disclose an U.S. military’s black operation in Somalia; the secretive Keith hesitates to expose his one-time colleagues’ identities despite the state-sanctioned directive. Internal conflict: Keith and Trina’s romantic affair (future couple) nearly costs their lives when her home is bombed, prompting him to become her protector.

Night Owl (September 2020) is book 3.5 in the Evidence series. Night Owl is set in Alaska, where three characters—bartender Jenna O’Donnell, agent Brad Fraser, and his teammate Ted Godfrey—tell about their different desires; however, their involvement with each other influences their desires, including Brad and Jenna’s romantic affair that prevents him from relocating from Alaska.

Incriminating Evidence (March 2015) is book four in the Evidence series. External conflict: Incriminating Evidence’s protagonist is Isabel Dawson, an off-grid archeologist who rescues ex-military man and aspiring Maryland senator Alex Ravissant. Internal conflict: Isabel soon starts investigating her paramilitary trainee brother Vin’s suspicious death while in Alex’s land, where Alex had also been wounded and left for dead; however, the amnesic Alex is against her investigation, prompting the thankless man to arrest her upon his recovery before teaming up with her in the risky investigation.

The fifth book in the Evidence series; Covert Evidence (May 2015) has an Eastern Turkish setting, where archaeologist-turned-terrorism courier Cressida Porter is being tracked by the manipulative CIA agent Ian Boyd, following a twelve-year-long surveillance of high-ranking Kurdish terrorists. The hitherto professional Ian’s romantic affair with Cressida, which blows his cover, proves crucial as they flee from pursuing terrorists.

Evidence series’ sixth book, Cold Evidence (February 2016), is set in the Salish Sea; the main characters are archaeologist Undine Gray and ex-Navy diver Luke Sevick. Undine and Luke are investigating the fictitious, historic submarine USS Wrasse’s mysterious disaster, wherein attacks from other interested divers prompt them to get over their personal differences.

In the Evidence series’ seventh book, Prison Evidence, the main characters include divorcee Ivy MacLeod, her disgraced former husband Patrick Hill, and her mysterious protector-and-lover Jack Keaton. Archeologist mapper Ivy invents a high-tech mapping system that Patrick’s associates are attempting to rob, and she is unaware that the man (Jack) seemingly safeguarding her invention is actually a Russian agent named Dimitri Veselov.

Silent Evidence (December 2018) is the eighth book in the Evidence series. Silent Evidence’s main characters are forensic scene investigator Hazel MacLeod and ex-Navy Sean Logan. External conflict: Sean is protecting Hazel who is investigating a mass graveyard resulting from a politically-instigated genocide. Internal conflict: the two are directed to act as a couple, and yet the unenthusiastic Logan once rebuffed her romantic feelings for him.

In Evidence series’ ninth book, Winter Hawk, the main characters are ex-soldier Nate Sifuentes and disgraced military engineer Leah Ellis. Nate’s brother, Josh, requests him to chauffer Leah. Although initially her driver; Nate ends up protecting the homeless, stranded Leah who is in a hit list. The ill-prepared duo go off-grid, where their mutual quest for surviving a wintry weather prompts a romance affair.

The tenth book in the Evidence series; Tainted Evidence’s main characters are curator Maddie Foster and security contractor Josh Werner who cares for imprisoned Nate’s teenage daughter Ava. Following a government directive to close an illegal private museum, Maddie is contracted to curate artifacts therein before their removal. However, an armed man named Toby, whose grandfather Otto Kocher set up the museum, tries to harass Maddie; through historian Trina Sorensen’s assistance, Maddie gets Josh’s protection that segues into romance.

Recognition of Evidence series
Rachel has been a Golden Heart Awards nominee four times, (examples) wherein the manuscripts for Body of Evidence and Concrete Evidence have been finalists. Concrete Evidence was once a Golden Pen finalist.

Movie Adaptation of Evidence series
Body of Evidence has an ongoing film adaptation, wherein the film rights are owned by Nancy Cart of Spotted Cow Entertainment; film producers Monica Gil-Rodriguez and Peter Kjenaas are working on it.

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