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Hollywood Hot Mess (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Total Trainwreck (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Let's Talk About Sext Books

Let's Talk About Sext (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Wanna Sext You Up (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sext With Me (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Elvie Claire is a romance author from Athens, Georgia best known for the “Lets Talk About Sext” and the “Hollywood Hot Mess” series of novels. Claire went to the University of Georgia and after graduating got a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative before becoming an author. She has asserted that she is a devoted wine connoisseur, equestrian, occasional runner, and coffee snob. She is also a lover of yoga and says that she is in a long term relationship with her yoga pants. When she is not writing or chasing her toddlers around, she can be found planning elaborate DIY projects, shopping online, and eavesdropping to the interesting conversations of college students to get inspiration for her writing. Among the things she is proud of is her ability to randomly belt out a whistle solo, make a cherry stem with her tongue and sleep all afternoon just for kicks. She is obsessive about Hollywood gossip and loves to trawl the gossip sites looking for something juicy that she can then use as inspiration for her romances.

Evie Clair had a very successful career in pharmaceutical sales but in 2010, she decided to become a published author and started looking for agents. She signed up with an agent in 2015 and wrote her debut novel “Hollywood Hot Mess” in 2016 followed by its sequel “Total Trainwreck” in the same year. She has never looked back since and went on to write “Let’s Talk About Sext” series in 2019. She is known for writing flirty and fun romances with zero damsels, hot heroes and a lot of love that will stick in the mod of the reader long after reading the last page. These are not your mama’s stories as they are sizzling hot romances that guarantee a happily ever after. She currently lives with her husband in Georgia and writes paranormal romance under the pseudonym, Rosemary Clair.

Evie Claire’s “Hollywood Hot Mess” series is the story of Carly and Devon that are gritty and dark narratives. They show the struggles of the characters in a realistic manner as they work through their lives. Carly Klein is a mean spirited and self-centered 19-year old that lashes out against everyone through her actions. She makes bad choices though she never grasps the consequences and this often lands her in a lot of trouble. Devon too has his own struggles as he is dealing with and a dark secret he has to keep under wraps. Through Devon, Claire asserts that even adults and Hollywood celebrities do not have everything figured out as we think they do. She writes cracking reads full of dramatic and intense lead characters that are supplemented by secondary characters that are just as good. While Devon and Carly do not start out as empathetic characters, Claire fleshes them out over the course of the novel to make them very relatable. The lead characters are broken beyond repair but are working to mend what has been broken though things are never easy. They have a lot of problems but they make sincere efforts at change, which makes them likable over the course of the series.

“Hollywood Hot Mess” by Evie Claire introduces one of her most popular characters. Similar to the life of many celebrities, Carly is living a nightmare from the one publicized in the tabloids. She had a terrible upbringing as she has grasping, pushy parents that made her childhood awful. Her parents were greedy and had been working her since she was just a year old to fuel their flashy lifestyle. But she is now an adult and finally managed to get rid of them and the drugs she had been addicted to and is looking to make something of her life. While she is an adult she is still a teenager at only 19 years of age. Still, she has experienced a lot and this affects her behavior and makes her seem twice her age. When she is cast along Devon she thinks of him as just another old guy until she starts interacting with him. Suddenly he turns from the old a guy into a handsome guy she wants to be with. Devon too has his own issues especially since he is one half of “HeaVon” an A-List Hollywood couple together with an actor named Heather. While it looks like he has it all together, the fake nature of his tabloid relationship is a very well-kept secret, a front that he needs to maintain for his own reasons. Nonetheless, despite the fact that they are both broken, when they are together they have a searing, palpable and addictive attraction. But will they ever be together given that Devon is so invested in HeaVon and Carly has so much to lose by even entertaining such an idea? Can they risk it all for the sake of being together?

“Total Trainwreck” starts from where the first novel of the series left off. Carly Klein had decided to turn her back on the career she was trying to rebuild and the man she loved. Devon Hayes had not been ready to commit and had been honest with her. While she had at first agreed to a clandestine relationship, she had gotten sick of it. She did not want to feel like shit and be sober and clean when she could be alive. She did not want to spend her life pining for a man she may never have. Carly was ready to become the big Hollywood star she wanted to be though Devon and drugs could just be her downfall. The entry of Heather who is Devon’s publicist arranged girlfriend only serves to complicate matters even further. Heather is not going to let anyone interfere with the A-List power couple image she enjoyed as one half of HeaVon. She is determined to go toe to toe with Klein though what she does not know is that Carly has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Carly’s brand of insanity goes a notch higher as she goes crazy throwing her best friend’s clothes in the toilet and making quite a spectacle of herself. Meanwhile, Devon is still the confused man as he cannot decide between Carly who he wants at his beck and call and professes to love, and his happy tabloid family. It may be up to Carly to make that decision for him.

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