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Publication Order of EvieWoods Standalone Novels

The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris (As: Evie Gaughan) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Story Collector (As: Evie Gaughan) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Bookshop (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Evie Woods is the pseudonym of bestselling author Evie Gaughan, who is best known for her general fiction novels.

As Woods, she is best known for the 2023 published novel “The Lost Bookshop,” which went on to become an Amazon Kindle, Sunday Times, and Wall Street Journal bestseller that has sold at least five hundred thousand copies.
As Evie Gaughan, she is best known for the novel “The Heirloom,” which is a fusion of contemporary and historical fiction set in Ireland. She has made her home on the Irish West Coast and since it is a place known for its very inclement weather, she lives to write her stories from a converted attic while dreaming about underfloor heating.

Evie Woods has come to be known for her novels that straddle the intriguing line between the otherworldly and the every day, as they reveal the magic which is present in our everyday lives.

As for her name Evie Woods, she has said that when she did her art and writing, she always used an abbreviation and hence Evie has become something of a symbol for her. As such, when she needed a last name, she thought about the kind of stories she loved to create and her writing style.

She had been significantly influenced by “Women Who Run With The Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Este and how the author makes use of allegory, myth, and folktales to showcase ancient female wisdom. Another thing was her favorite quote about going out to the woods and the fact that if one does not get out, nothing will ever happen.

It was from this that she came to take on the name Evie Woods and this drives her intention every time she sits down to write. Just like any other story, nothing ever happens if characters do not head out to the wild to find their destiny.
As a writer, Evie Woods believes that it is critical for her as an author to get lost in the woods and to live in unmapped spaces and by doing so, rely on an inner compass to find the way. Since the power of stories lies far beyond the pages, the palace where readers and writers meet is in our imagination.

After achieving much success self-publishing her novel, Evie Woods inked a publishing deal with One More Chapter. “The Lost Bookshop” which had done so well in digital format would also go on to become a bestselling title in physical format.

Charlotte Ledger the publisher got all language rights across the world for the title and also for several she published as Gaughan. Her debut novel “The Lost Bookshop” made the shortlist for the British Book Awards Pageturner Book of the Year Award.
It would also become number one on Kindle in the United States and Britain, and has sold more than 100,000 copies in the United Kingdom through BooksScan.

Her second novel “The Story Collector” brings the same escapism and magic just like her debut work. Ledger the publisher praised Evie Woods for how expert she is at weaving warmth and magic into her characters and words that it is not surprising that her novels have enthralled thousands of readers.

He also said that he could not be more excited and proud to be publishing her novels and build on her success since better things are coming.

In her fiction works, Evie Woods is all about delving into ideas of magical feminism. This is a magical realism subgenre that seeks to bring back agency to female characters using plot devices and otherworldly symbols, which are easier to achieve when writing fiction than in real life.

Since Evie is a woman who writes about women and their experiences. This happens to be a central theme of her novel as she makes use of aspects of feminism and magical realism to address the oppression and inequalities that exist and challenge societal norms, even as she puts woman back at the center of their narratives.

Woods was frustrated by the fact that women are often written out of stories as they are oppressed and marginalized, and as such her debut is a deeper look into that legacy of loss of identity and intergenerational trauma suffered as a result.
Some of the authors that have been a huge inspiration in that tradition include the likes of Joanne Harris, Alice Hoffman, and Angela Carter.

“The Lost Bookshop” by Evie Woods is a story for book lovers at its heart. Evie wanted to pen a novel capturing the romanticism of bookshops, as she explored the nostalgia and magic most readers feel about these cathedrals to literature.
She also looks into how books often come with all manner of promises and invite us into other lives and worlds.

“The Lost Bookshop” is a work set in the Golden Age of antiquarian book dealing in the 1920s. It tells the story of a hidden manuscript, a lost bookshop, a female book dealer, and two people who find themselves drawn together to resolve a mystery more than a century later.
It results in an unconventional pursuit and we see the dangerous consequences for a woman who dares to live beyond what society believes is unacceptable. Penned with dual timelines, it has been said to come with the promise of a long-lost manuscript.

It is an intriguing work as the author connects two stories in the hunt for a valuable book and a mysterious bookshop.

“The Story Collector” is a charming and evocative dual-timeline novel full of mystery and secrets. The first story is set in 1910 in Thornwood Village, where a young farm girl named Anna volunteers to help Harodl Griffin-Krauss, an intriguing American visitor who is translating fairy stories from Irish to English.

However, not everything is as it seems and it is not long before she finds herself entangled in a mystery threatening her very way of life and the future of her community.

Fast forward to 2010 New York, the land of superstition, folklore, and myth where Sarah Harper has just boarded a plane and is headed to the Irish West Coast.

She finds herself walking a century later in the footsteps of Anna and Harold. Once she gets there, she unearths some very dark secrets that straddle the boundary between the unseen and seen, the otherworldy and the everyday.

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