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Publication Order of Evil Dead MC Books

Publication Order of Evil Dead MC - Second Generation Books

The “Evil Dead MC” series is a set of novels by bestselling romantic suspense author Nicole James.

The author was brought up in the Chicago suburbs and wrote “Charlie the Firefly,” which was her debut fiction work when she was just eight years old. Her mother has told her that she always knew that he would grow up to become an author.

In her childhood, she used to spend most of her summers and weekends at a cabin by the lake. During the winter seasons, she would usually be found skiing.
In her adult years, Nicole traveled all over the South and the West and has lived all across the United States from Alabama, Illinois, Georgia, and Arizona. Still, while she was brought up in Chicago, her favorite city will always be New Orleans.

When she is not writing her novels she can usually be found riding motorcycles, reading, and lounging on the beach. She is also quite a snacker and often eats while she is reading or engaging in photography, a hobby that she has recently taken up.

Nicole James has always loved reading and books in addition to anything book-related. In fact, she is quite the avid collector of hardcover editions and usually has several copies of certain series or books.

She is a huge fiction reader and loves to read romance, fantasy, and fairy tale retelling that have a little science fiction in them. Some of her favorite works include “Throne of Glass,” “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy,” “Twilight,” and of course “Harry Potter.”

As an author of romance novels, she has become addicted to romance whether they be dark romance, romantic comedies, or contemporary romances.

The “Evil Dead MC” series of novels is an intense biker series that portrays the lifestyle of a biker gang with a lot of realism. The series of novels are similar to “The Outlaw” series of novels all by Nicole James that have also been very popular.

As such, some of the characters in “The Evil Dead MC” series may also be found in the Outlaw series. Many of the characters in the series recur in subsequent titles and play a significant role, even if they are usually not the lead in those books.

The novels in the series vary in setting from the deep south to the west coast. We get to have an inside look into the dynamics that hold together the Evil Dead MC biker gang.

Nicole James pens some hardcore badass biker characters that are larger than life that could not be any more dynamic. They make their own rules and are a class on their own. These men are loved by equally sassy women that follow and live their life according to the rules of their MC club.

The novels come with passion, high octane suspense, and erotic romance. It is wonderful to watch as the men and women grow to become passionate adults consumed by love and romance over the course of each novel.

“Outlaw” the first novel of the “Evil Dead MC” series of novels tells the story of Cole Austin, an outlaw biker. He just stumbled upon the scene of a young woman being dragged across the yard of the Dead Souls MC clubhouse in handcuffs.

He is stunned that his world could become so dark that he could not stomach it. He intercedes and saves her from her abusers, only for a secret she has been keeping to make him wonder if he has made a big mistake.

He makes a deal that they both may come to regret. Very similar to Sons of Anarchy, Cole is a sufferer of the woe is my syndrome. He often believes that his character may be too dark for Angel which often complicates things.

They both are stubborn and have huge egos that they will not try to figure things out even when it is for their own good.

The second novel of the “Evil Dead MC” series of novels “Crash” is the story of Tyler Shaw, an outlaw biker nicknamed Crash. He is currently volunteering for the Vice President of the Evil Dead MC Cole Austin.

When he is asked to work as a bodyguard for a rich girl, he thinks maybe he should just have fun with it. He makes it his mission to teach the spoiled rich girl a lesson or two about how ordinary folks live.

She can clean and cook for him if she wants him to protect her, as he intends to show her that her money will not buy everything. To the outside world, she is a classy well put together woman but all he sees is a troublemaker.

But she reveals her shattered heart and her fears and weakness that she had for years hidden with sass, attitude, and arrogance. He now wants to tear down the walls she had put up, but could a man so wrong for her turn out to be just what she needs.

From the San Jose Charter in California to the brothels and casinos of Reno to the brother charters found in the south, it is an excellent story that takes one on a ride full of lows and highs and finally to redemption and love.

“Shades,” the third novel of the “Evil Dead MC” series of novels is the story of Shades and Skylar, who have not seen each other in years. He always saw her as the love of his life and now she is back, having ridden in on the back of one of the MC brothers’ bikes.

He had lost her years before and he had always felt empty inside which he filled with clubbing, whoring around, and alcohol. But over time, he had channeled his frustration into the club and had risen through the ranks to become one of the highest-ranking members.

But she takes him back years with just one look and as sure as hell he never imagined she could turn up on one of his brother’s bikes. Will she be the one that stops him from continuing to rise up the ranks?

He desperately wants to become vice president of the MC club and a relationship with her may jeopardize all that. Things get really complicated when a rival MC comes to their clubhouse looking for Skylar.

Maybe Skylar just came back with more baggage than he is willing to take on.

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