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Allison Brennan is a published author of fiction. She was born in 1969.

Brennan has had her share of best selling novels. Part of her success may be due to her belief that life goes by too quickly to spend it being bored. As a result of her philosophy, she has five children in addition to writing roughly three books every year.

Her novel Cold Snap was entered into the Thriller awards, where it was a finalist in the category of best thriller. Her 2007 book Fear No Evil and her 2015 book Compulsion each were able to win the Daphne du Maurier award.

While being an author in print, Allison has written over two dozen novels in the thriller genre as well as a lot of short stories. She has been praised for her mastery of suspense and her writing has been described as everything from mesmerizing to ’emotionally complex’. She has been nominated a few times for the category of best romantic suspense from the R.W.A.

She currently resides with her family in the northern California area. This consists of her husband, their children, and their pets.

Allison Brennan is the creator and the author of the Evil series. Also known as the No Evil trilogy, this exciting thriller fiction series came out in 2007 with the release of the debut novel. It is titled Speak No Evil. The series has a second and third book, making it a true thriller trilogy.

Speak No Evil is the thrilling first book in the Evil series. When it comes to crime stories, if you’re a big fan of the genre, then you will most likely love this debut from a talented author, so check it out!

Murder is never nice, but when Angie Vance is killed, it is unusually abhorrent. Angie was just 18 years old and now will never be older than eighteen again. She was murdered and glue sealed up her mouth with an obscenity on her skin and the method of death was equally horrific as she was suffocated using a garbage bag.

Was it a stranger, or did the person know her? That’s what Carina Kincaid wants to find out. This police detective is going to get to the bottom of this case. First suspect: Steve Thomas, the victims older ex.

Carina needs evidence to move forward. The brother of the suspect is also Nick Thomas, the Sheriff, and he’s running his own investigation. Even if he is freshly scarred from confronting a serial killer. Carina decides to team up with him and together, they’re racing to catch him before it’s too late. Can they do it? Read this book to find out!

See No Evil is the second book in the Evil series. Murders happen every day, but people don’t always get justice for these crimes. Sometimes people get killed and they suspect the wrong person.

When a man is murdered, all eyes turn on a young girl in her teenage years. The girl is troubled but has now been charged with the murder because of her status and the relation to the man– he is her stepfather.

It is not conspiracy or suspicion that lead the authorities to think that she did it. The girl’s name is Emily, and if you showed up to a fresh crime scene and saw someone there alone with blood on their hands, you might arrest them as the primary suspect too.

The death was grisly, and now a killer is out there somewhere on the loose. While the teen girl has problems, is it possible that she was capable of such a violent murder? The evidence is pointing to yes, and it doesn’t help that her email is suggesting that she would be tuned into that frequency as an email that she was able to write structures a plot of murder that matches up perfectly to the slaying.

Is it a coincidence that this email exists, or does it corroborate what the cops were originally thinking– that she’s the one who did it? If she had no one on her side, it might be different. But her aunt just happens to be Julia Chandler, and she works as a deputy district attorney. Fortunately for Emily, her aunt believes that she didn’t do it.

With her aunt on her side and believing that she’s innocent, Emily has new hope. The aunt also made a promise a long time ago that she intends to keep. She made the promise that she would do anything to protect her brother’s daughter after he died. That may include hiring a private eye as a result, something that she is now forced to do.

The only problem is that her only option truly is Connor Kincaid. That’s going to be an issue since he definitely still blames Julia for forcing him to resign from the department. Trading in his cop badge for the life of a private investigator, Connor begrudgingly agrees that he will help Julia, despite his personal feelings about his resignation and her part in it.

Despite their past, Connor and Julia team up together to try and get to the bottom of what’s happening. The freedom of her niece is at stake. They hit pay dirt when they find a chain of violent crimes that still remain unsolved. They all seem to have one thing in common– a therapist that pursues unorthodox practices.

Apparently, the therapist sees their patients online. The patients remain anonymous but through the practice they supposedly purge their rage through the posting and sharing of their violent fantasies. Even though it’s supposed to be therapeutic for these individuals, someone might just be taking things too far.

It becomes clear to the two of them that one person online has gone rogue. What started off as a practice may have just turned into the real deal. Virtual fantasy deaths have now jumped from the web into the real world and a vendetta is being realized.

As the investigator and Julia gets closer to the truth, will they find that if you play with fire, you’re going to get burned? Pick up this book and see what happens in the end!

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