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Publication Order of Evolve Books

Emerge (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Embrace (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Entangled (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Entice (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sawyer Beckett's Baby Mama Drama Guide for Dummies (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Naughty Night (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Endure (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sawyer Beckett's Guide for Tools Looking to Date My Daughter (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Crew Christmas (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Entwined (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Evolve” series is a set of bestselling novels by SE Hall, the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author.
Ever since she published her debut novel, she has become a prolific author as she has published dozens of books at standalone contemporary romances such as “Unstable and Pretty Remedy” and “Pretty Instinct.”
Most of her works have gone on to become bestsellers and have been published in multiple languages and countries across the world.
Hall has also worked with other authors to produce several series of novels over the years. Some of the authors she has worked with include Ashley Suzanne, Angela Graham. Hilary Storm and Erin Noelle.

Much of the “Evolve” series of novels are inspired by her own experiences. “Emerge the debut novel of the series came to be when she was mourning a great loss which she documented in a journal.
All her characters are usually inspired by the personalities of people she knows or loves including Laney who is inspired by her eldest daughter. She usually takes her plots from real-life points and from the many jots that she usually makes into her journal.
Her characters will often write themselves but this has not stopped her readers from enjoying these characters.
As for her literary inspirations, she has said that the authors in the genre that she likes are too many but she likes anything to do with the Athlete/College/New Adult genre.
SE Hall currently makes her home in Arkansas, where she lives with her husband, their four children, and three grandchildren.

The “Evolve” series of novels are thrilling contemporary romance novels that tell the stories of characters resisting their fate in love.
In the first novel of the series, Laney Walker is tired of her boyfriend Evan’s lies. She is leaving for college and is afraid of the scary but inevitable changes waiting around corners.
But by leaving the past in the past she opens new doors and lets in Dane Kendrick. The man awakens her wildest desires, delights, and dreams which she never imagined were inside her.
The second novel of the Evolve series tells the story of Evan who is all alone after Laney left him to go to college and start a new life. She follows Laney to Southern but when he learns she has moved on he is forced to adapt.
It is not long before he is noticed by the ladies and even though his life had not been that great, he embraces the changes for the better.
The third novel of the series is the story of Sawyer Beckett who is used to doing everything full throttle as he is always the life of the party and an irresistible chick magnet.
But lately, all he can think about is the mysterious goddess he had been with on one unforgettable night. She left the sexy playboy pining for her and this has changed his whole outlook on life.

“Emerge” the first novel of the “Evolve” series of novels is the story of Evan and Laney who have been friends ever since they were kids. As such, no one is surprised when they declare their love for each other as seniors in high school.
They spend the summer enjoying each other but finally have to go to their separate colleges.
Evan wanted them to stay together but Laney wants to go to the college she chose. Given that their colleges are hours apart, she prefers that they date non exclusively so that they will not hurt each other. Evan does not like the idea but reluctantly agrees.
When Laney reports to Southern University where she got in on a softball scholarship, she quickly makes friends with Bennet, her roommate. One night while on Hall Crawl, they meet Sawyer and Tate who are roommates, and Dane who is the brother to the former.
There is instant chemistry between Laney and Dane and he starts pursuing her in earnest. He makes it clear that he would like to make her his but Laney is consumed by guilt, given that she still loves Evan even as she has grown very fond of Dane.

“Embrace” the second novel of the “Evolve” series by SE Hall opens to Evan Allen having to face up to a new reality. His plan to get back Laney had backfired and his rash decision to go to Southern seems daft with hindsight.
Laney had dropped him and gone with Dane as she said she loved him more. This means that Evan now has to heal his broken heart and start over in a new school where he will have to see Laney almost every day.
Everyone at the new school has been cool with him and wants to see him back in the saddle and moving on with his life. But Evan is just going through the motions and has not yet allowed himself to be happy once again.
He is still hurting and confused about things until he unexpectedly meets Whitley Thompson. The beautiful and blonde girl with a petite figure and sparkling blue eyes has her eyes set on Dane.
Just like Evan, she is just trying to find her place and this makes them kindred spirits. Evan is drawn to her constant humming, kind words, and delicate smile and wants to make her his.

SE Hall’s “Entice” is the third novel of the “Evolve” series of novels. This is the story of Sawyer, a young man with a big heart, who is just as sexy and hot, protective and romantic, and always looking out for his friends.
Things heat up when Sawyer meets Emmett at a bachelor party he attended. He knows nothing about her and once the party is over he does not know how to find her. He does everything in his power including enlisting his friends to find her so that he can make her his.
But what he does not know is that Emmet has a dark secret even though she wants to put her dark past behind her and support herself. Letting Sawyer in is difficult even though she knows that he is just the man she needs in her life.
What will happen when he finally comes to know of her secret?

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