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Publication Order of Existence Books

About The Existence Trilogy Series Of Books:

In the Existence Trilogy, Abbi Glines writes fiction stories evolving around Pagan Moore. The three book Existence, Predestined and Ceaseless tells the story of Pagan Moore and her tribulations as she falls in love with death. The other book, Leif, talks about another character in the series called Leif. Abbi finds the need to tell the readers more about Leif Montgomery who is a soulless high school quarterback who disappears. The author finds it necessary to expound on the character Leif because he represents a different kind of soul.

The trilogy is a different form of love story. The author talks about a young girl who falls in love with Death. The ability of the girl (Pagan Moore) to see souls puts her in the position to fall in love with death. Abbi tries to tell the story of love by presenting a different kind of challenge. The challenges are the form of existence of the characters, their predestination, and the pull of affection. As the characters are developed and the reader gets into the context of the books, the concepts become clearer. The book is full of imagination and representation of unconventional feelings. The reader is pulled to read by the suspense that is developed in the plot.

Who is Pagan Moore?

Pagan Moore is the seventeen-year-old girl who has the same feeling every seventeen year old has which is falling in love, but her circumstances are different. She sees things other people cannot see such as Souls. Pagan Moore has a gift or a curse that allows her to see death and interact with them. Her soul has been marked since birth as restitution for a dark spirit. In the trilogy, even death cannot walk close to her soul because of the dark spirit. Pagan falls in love with Death who breaks all her rules.

In the Trilogy, Pagan Moore evolves from an unconcerned high school girl who sees souls to falling in love and caring. She falls in love with a wickedly beautiful soulless soul. She becomes the girl who’s boyfriend is death itself as things get weird for her. Her boyfriend Death finds the need to save Pagan Moore. He vows to even defy heaven to keep his love even if Hell wants him too. Then the complexes of Leif and Dank emerge. Dank knows Pagan Moore soul is destined to be his. Her heart belonged to him. Not until death emerged and he doubts whom Pagan Moore will end up with.

Pagan Moore: Her story

Pagan Moore presents a bridge between the dead, the soulless and human beings. As a young girl of seventeen years, she has the ability to interact with the dead. She can see souls that others cannot see. She is the testament of the existence of the world of the dead. In the story, she is used to tell the possible connection between death and human. The fact that a tussle between her boyfriend death, heaven, and hell over her fate tells a lot about the power of love that goes beyond the ordinary life to the life of the soulless. When going through the character of Pagan Moore, the question many people would ask themselves is how would death love? In the trilogy, a picture of death and life of the dead is told through Pagan Moore who has a unique spirit.


Leif is among the most interesting characters in the Trilogy. She has a strong history with Pagan Moore in existence only for him to disappear. His connection with Pagan Moore is evident in his persistence appearance in her dreams. Moreover, he stands out to be the boy of every girls dream being a highs school quarterback and his story is told in Predestined. He conceded the fact that he was soulless. His disappearance leaves the story hanging until you read the book title Leif.

The series

The trilogy series tells a story of love between unlike kinds. The story is about a human girl stealing the heart of death itself and other soulless creatures. The three books begin with a girl with rules who is aware of the effects of falling for the souls that she sees until she meets death. The story progresses as the two fall in love and finds real affection that would take anything to keep them together. The imagination of romance between these kinds is the main focus in the books.

Book 1: Existence

This is the first book of the trilogy. The book introduces Pagan Moore as a girl who sees what others cannot see. She has been seeing souls her entire life. Some of the souls walk through walls and do unimaginable things. She ignores the souls until she sees an incredibly sexy girl in the first day in school. The guy looks at her and does not go away even as she ignores him. The guy speaks unlike the other souls she sees. She is actually falling in love with death as her time to die is drawing near. The book is about Pagan Moore breaking her rules. It tells more about her abilities and her uniqueness as a person. Is this what death looks like? Abbi is probably addressing this question in Existence through Pagan Moore.

Book 2: Predestines

Predestined is the second book. Like the title, the story is more about Death accepting his fate as long as he is with Pagan Moore. The story takes a unique turn in the book. After Pagan Moore saves her boyfriend from eternity in hell, things gets weird. Pagan Moore meets Leif whom she gets attached to. In the book, Leif goes missing. The town falls in a frenzy of worry. Nevertheless, Leif appears regularly in Pagan Moore dreams. Apparently, Leif is soulless. Dank, another character knows a lot. He knew Leif was soulless. He did not know saving Pagan Moore would be difficult because her spirit is unique.

The books bring out a different view of the world. Are these the happening in the underworld? A unique interaction between death, soulless creatures, and humans is elaborated in the two series. The most distinct factor in the books is Pagan Moore being more acquainted with the world she ignored.

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