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The Expeditionary Force book series is a wonderful series of science fiction, military fiction, and space opera novels. It is written by a well-known American novelist named Craig Alanson. Every book features a different space mission conducted under the command of the United Nations. These operations are termed as special operations and the task force sent to carry out the missions are the members of an elite group of soldiers called the Expeditionary Force.

The books of this series are highly appreciated by readers from around the world. The tremendous success of this series has established Craig Alanson as a prominent author of the science fiction genre.

Mr. Alanson is a reputed novelist of the science fiction and fantasy genres. In addition to the Expeditionary Force novels, he is the author of a popular series known as the Ascendant series. Like many other science fiction writers before him, he has extended his writing into the mystery genre.

He has also written a stand-alone novel called Aces, a middle grade/YA space opera. Initially, he started writing the Expeditionary Force series for young adults.

Craig Alanson has said that he is very fond of putting his characters in difficult situations and getting them out of all the impossible situations by depicting them as clever and courageous. The first time he refined this technique was in his debut novel, Aces, and he went on to use it in his following novels.

Mr. Alanson considers himself blessed and lucky to have found the career path of writing. He is content with the level of success that he has achieved in his career so far and hopes to do more good work in the years to come.

The debut book of the Expeditionary Force series is entitled Columbus Day, released in 2016 as a Kindle edition. The book introduces the character of Joe Bishop, who is a US Army Specialist. When Joe is spending his autumn holiday in his hometown in Maine, he witnesses a spaceship crashing into a nearby potato field. As this news reaches the security agencies, Joe Bishop is called in by the United Nations Expeditionary Force to lead a team of soldiers fighting these invaders. This book’s story is told in the first person point of view of Bishop.

Another exciting novel of this series is Paradise, also published in Kindle format in 2016. The central characters featured in this novel include Joe Bishop, Skippy, and the Merry band of Pirates.

At the novel’s beginning, the starship Flying Dutchman returns to Earth orbit after saving the planet from alien attack. Bishop is summoned by his commanders for decisions he made during the mission, and a new mission is set up. Bishop is given the task of finding the troops of Expeditionary Force that are stranded on Paradise.

Meanwhile, the situation doesn’t look good for the troops on Paradise. Bishop is required to race against time and rescue the team before the aliens come back and attack the defenseless troops. This novel also provides an entertaining read, full of action and adventure.

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