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Publication Order of Experiment In Terror Books

Experiment in Terror series by Karina Halle
Author Karina Halle writes the “Experiment in Terror” series of paranormal romance novels and were published by Metal Blonde Books.

The series is a romance series with a spooky creepy twist, which revolves around two ghost hunters. Aspiring ghost hunters, anyway. After they film this creepy experience in her uncle’s rundown lighthouse, Perry Palomino becomes an internet and YouTube star overnight. With her, is Dex Foray, a webcast cameraman producer of a show called Experiment in Terror.

“Darkhouse” is the first novel in the “Experiment in Terror” series. There has always been something just a bit off about Perry Palomino. Even though she has been dealing with post-college syndrome and a quarter-life crisis like any other twenty-something, she is still not what anyone might call “ordinary”. For starters, there is her past which she prefers pretending never even happened. Then there is the not so simple fact that she sees ghosts.

This all comes in handy, luckily for her, when she stumbles upon Dex Foray, this eccentric producer for some upcoming webcast on ghost hunters. Even though the show’s budget is absolutely non-existent and Dex is a maddening mystery. Perry is immediately drawn into a world that seduces her with a sense of importance and threatens her life.

Her uncle’s haunted lighthouse provides a perfect backdrop and catalyst for a terrifying mystery that unravels the threads of Perry’s rather fragile sanity and it causes her to fall for a man. One that, like the most dangerous of ghosts, might not be all that he appears.

Perry is a funny, flawed, intriguing, and a real feeling character and Dex is a character that grew on readers, as he is sexy and mysterious while being a smartass to Perry one instant and loyal to her in the next. That said, the two have some undeniable chemistry with one another. Karina does a great job of balancing the humorous parts with the scary moments. One minute you are laughing out loud over Perry and Dex’s banter, the next you are quivering from something frightening.

“Red Fox” is the second novel in the “Experiment in Terror” series. Perry and Dex leave the stormy Oregon coast for the unforgiving deserts in New Mexico.

In the long forgotten town of Red Fox, New Mexico, one Navajo couple is getting tortured by motives not known and by things not seen. Stones pound their roof on a nightly basis. Wild animals are slinking through their house in the dark. To top things off, they are finding mutilated sheep corpses on their property.

Armed with just enough to go on and a camera, they go to the desolate locale, hoping they can film the supernatural occurrences and add some credibility to their flailing webcast. However their program has much more working against them than just some growing pains. Tested by a ghost from Dex’s past, some dubious ranch hands, and shapeshifting deception, these amateur ghost hunters have to learn to trust one another so that they can fight the most ancient of myths. Or die trying to.

“Dead Sky Morning” is the third novel in the “Experiment in Terror” series. With the Experiment in Terror show starting to find some success, Perry and Dex, amateur ghost hunters, go off on their most horrifying investigation to date. A small, fog-shrouded island located in the rough strait between Washington State and British Columbia has held a darker secret for decades now. It was once a leper colony where more than forty souls were left to rot, die, and then bury one another.

Now it is a functioning campground. Dex and Perry spend one isolated weekend here to investigate some potential hauntings however while this duo soon find out, there is much more to fear on D’Arcy Island than mere ghosts. The island soon pits one partner against the other, spiraling this pair into madness that serves only to destroy their relationship, their sanity, and their own lives.

“Lying Season” is the fourth novel in the “Experiment in Terror” series. Perry’s fought off the skinwalkers, battled ghosts, and skirted the very fine line between life and death. However will she be able to survive bunking down in Seattle for one week with her partner Dex (a man she secretly loves) and Jennifer (his perfect girlfriend)?

Will she be able to do so while getting tormented by some malicious spirit from Dex’s increasingly sketchy past? With life and love both hanging in the balance, she has to learn the truth among all the lies or risk everything that she has ever cared about.

“On Demon Wings” is the fifth novel in the “Experiment in Terror” series. When the life that you wanted crumbles under your fingers, there is not much you can do but pick up the pieces and then soldier on. It’s what you’ve done in the past.

However what happens once you no longer feel like you used to anymore? When fires start up around you spontaneously, when you no longer recognize your own face in the mirror, and you hear growling coming from under your bed. Then what?

Perry does not have too much time to find out. Now, the evil that she used to hunt is much closer to home. It is now in her, taking over her life bit-by-horrifying bit, and there is just one person able to help her. If part of her does not succeed in killing him first.

“Into the Hollow” is the sixth novel in the “Experiment in Terror” series. Perry has fought off her own demons, and emerged triumphant, but the battle’s not even close to being over. She is now broken and all on her own, leaving behind her family and her life in Portland to focus on giving Dex (and the Experiment in Terror show) another chance. However their past mistakes still test and tease their relationship, as does the desolate and wild terrain of the Canadian Rockies.

The ravenous forests and snow-covered peaks are hiding an urban legend that is too unbelievably frightening to be true and the only way this duo can survive is if Perry can allow the same man in that sent her to hell and back.

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