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Publication Order of Extinction Point Books

The Extinction Point series is a multiple-part series of books from Paul Antony Jones. The series was introduced in 2012. It takes place on Earth after it has been taken over by a mysterious force. It is about the people who lived on Earth prior to this force taking over the planet as people look to find what happened that caused the world as we know it to change.

The story entails an intriguing look at what may happen as a strange occurrence takes place. The stories have become very noteworthy and popular among fans of dystopian future stories.

About the Extinction Point Series

Extinction Point follows Emily Baxter, a human who is also the last of her kind on the eastern part of the United States. As a strange red rain came over the world, much of society was destroyed. Emily is one of the very few people in the world who are still on Earth but today she has come across many otherworldly creatures and various people out to conquer the planet and take over its resources.

As the series goes along, Emily and many others that are loyal to her plight go to try and find other humans and to potentially find clues as to what caused this red rain to develop over the planet. Emily also looks to see why this all happened and what will be next for the planet now that the world has been put in jeopardy.

Emily is accompanied alongside a few familiar faces. These include her dog Thor and even her stepdaughter. Emily also has a son named Adam that appears in the series. Adam is the first child to have been born to a human after the apocalypse. But even with this, there is a strange mystery surrounding him and if he is a normal child or if there is some kind of alien influence to him.

About the Writer

Paul Antony Jones is the writer of the Extinction Point books. He has been writing in many forms of more than twenty years. He currently lives in Nevada and has focused on many types of works in his career. His stories are fascinating for being about entertaining characters that are placed in some of the most unique situations in the world.

Jones has been writing original fiction novels since 2011. He started with the novel Towards Yesterday, a story about a society that has suddenly gone a few decades into the past. The work that Jones does particularly focuses on many fantastic stories about the world and what happens when people get into some situations that they might not be all that used to. Jones especially focuses on the dystopian nature of the future and what goes on when the world has been taken over by strange forces.

Extinction Point Books

The first book in the series was published in 2012 and is simply called Extinction Point. In this book, Emily lives in New York and is an everyday ordinary citizen until the red rain that took over the planet comes about. As this occurs, the planet is placed in extreme jeopardy and harm. This causes her to look and find what could have happened to cause the rain to get into the planet. In addition, she has to find a way to get out of New York before the city falls apart.

The 2013 book Exodus is another book in the series for fans to look forward to. In this book, those who died as the outside force took over the world have started to transform into strange creatures. It is hard to explain what they are like but they have started to move around the earth. Emily and many others who survived the destruction of the planet are out to find refuge in Alaska. But even with this, there is a civil war among survivors in terms of what should be done to keep the planet healthy and to bring people back into the world.

The story continues in the 2014 book Revelations. It brings about even more mysteries about what happened to Earth as many of the plants and growths that came onto the planet following its destruction have grown. These have started to transform and are turning society into a new place where there is a great sense of uncertainty and fear.

The Extinction Point books are stories that are interesting to fans of apocalyptic science fiction stories. It goes through a mysterious world that goes from being familiar to foreign in no time. The stories are especially unique for entailing many interesting stories and figures.

Other Series of Interest

People who live the Extinction Point series will be entertained by many other appealing books. The Breakers series from Edward W. Robertson is a popular series for fans to look for. This is about a young woman who is orphaned after a plague arrives and destroys much of Los Angeles while killing her family among many other people. The series entails this young woman as she goes around the country to find a way to survive and to eventually find whatever might have been the cause of this destruction.

The Contamination series from T.W. Piperbrook is another series to see. This is about a man who lives as the only resident of a small New Mexico town. He is eventually forced to flee after being attacked in the town. Soon after, he eventually returns only to find out that many people have taken over the town and have become infected with a strange condition. The town soon becomes infected as an unusual force has come about and has killed many and is leading people to attack each other.

The Extinction Point series from Paul Antony Jones is a great one for people to watch for. This is an entertaining series that is about more than just survival. It is about knowing what to do even in the time when there is a sense of uncertainty over what might happen over time.

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