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Ezekiel Boone is the pseudonym of bestselling Canadian author Alexi Zentner. Zentner is best known for the writing of literary novels “The Lobster” and “Touch” while Boone is known for horror novels particularly “The Hatching” series. Ezekiel was born and grew up in Canada but moved to the United States as an adult. He currently lives with his wife and children in upstate New York. His bestselling series “The Hatching” has been translated into more than nine languages and sold in more than a dozen countries across the world. He always laughs when people think of New York City when he says he comes from New York. Boone resides in a small town about three hours north of the big apple and his house is five minutes out of town meaning that it can get really dark at night. However, he has two dogs to keep the family company. They also make for good writing partners for Boone as they curl up in front of the fire to chase away the loneliness of writing.

Boone had always known that he wanted to become a professional author. However, it was not until he became a stay at home father that he thought that he had the time to write. But given all the chores he had to do, it was not as easy as he thought it would be. It was not until they got a baby sitter that he finally found the time to start writing. Like most authors, he had always been a voracious reader and he distilled what he read in the various genres to write his novels. He always jokes that the only way he knows what he writes about is good is when he is told so by a smart reader. As Alexi Zentner, he published his first work as a short story version that would later become the first chapter of the novel “Touch.” When he wrote “Lobster Kings” he focused on the family dynamic before switching gears when he decided to get into horrors as Ezekiel Boone. “The Hatching” series is a set of three novels that are about a hungry and visceral force of nature. He would then write the single standing novel “The Mansion,” a novel set in a wooded and very remote area that often serves to put a lot of pressure on characters.

As a child growing up in Canada, Ezekiel Boone has always loved reading fantasy, thrillers, and science fiction. As an adult, he still feared spiders and one day asked himself why people feared spiders so much that it almost felt irrational. Could there be some evolutionary history deep in the human psyche that was something of an evolutionary survival instinct? He would run these questions through his mind for days but never did find an answer. But then he woke up one night swatting imaginary spiders, terrified and screaming at the top of his lungs from a nightmare. It was at that moment that he got an idea about “The Hatching” series. Even as the novels are inspired by his nightmares, he has also asserted that his children have also been a great influence. In writing the novels, he loves to write so that his readers can get lost in the novels the same way he sees his children lost in theirs. While he needs to make the novels fun, Boone says that the only way to ensure that his readers do not put them down is to make them as scary as possible. The novels are this something of thrill ride that is scary yet too fun to put down.

Ezekiel Boone’s first novel is “The Hatching” which is set deep in the jungles of Central America where a skittering black mass devours an American tourist whole. Thousands of miles in the United States, an FBI agent is busy trying to determine the cause of a fatal airplane crash in Minneapolis that results in a ghastly discovery. Meanwhile, scientists in an Indian earthquake lab in Kanpur have registered bizarre seismic patterns that leave them confounded. In the same week, a nuclear bomb is supposedly dropped by accident in a remote area of China by its own government. As the weird accidents are reported across the world, a mysterious package is sent to a Washington DC lab from Peru. There is something that urgently wants out of the package. An apocalyptic disaster is looming as people begin to realize that a long-dormant but very deadly species is reawakening.

In “Skitter” the second novel of The Hatching series, the original swarm of spiders had been eliminated but they had left viable eggs all over the place. The US military is now trying to deal with an emergent second wave. The president has to make some tough decisions and her advisors make the recommendation to use nuclear weapons. China had gone nuclear to destroy a significant portion of their egg sacs but others have used other more effective techniques such as killing the spiders with sound waves. But the problem is that more giant egg sacs are being discovered every day all over the globe. It seems the spiders are always adapting their behavior making it hard to predict what they will do next. Even though many of the spiders and their egg sacs have been destroyed, the problem does not seem to be going away any time soon and looks like it will get worse before it improves. Will the human race find a way to fight the spiders and survive the menace?

Ezekiel Boone’s “Zero Day” is the hair raising and nerve-wracking finale to “The Hatching” series. The United States is determined to find a solution to the giant spiders that seem like they will take over the world. The world is on the precipice as zero-day arrives and governments realize that the spiders work collaboratively, which is a more terrifying fact than that there are millions of the creatures. The government is divided as some think they should kill just the queens while others believe a more effective way is to kills all the spiders. Stephanie Pilgrim the president thinks enough has been done after nuking two dozen American cities with tactical nuclear weapons. She believes the only viable solution is to kills only the queens as she believes that will not do any more damage. But the military men in her government do not believe and target the proponents of the idea who are then forced to flee. The question is who is more dangerous, the men looking after their own interests or the spiders?

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