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Bering Strait (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Okinawa (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Orbital (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kobani (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Golan (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pagasa (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
DMZ (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Chronological Order of Future War Books

FX Holden is the pseudonym of general fiction author Tim Slee. While he is an award winning author as the latter, he is a unagented, unsigned and undiscovered writer ready for the big time. “Bering Strait” was his debut novel under the pseudonym and the novel would spawn the very successful “Future War” series of novels. The series of novels has had its audio book and eBook rights reserved while the TV and film rights have been made available to production house interested in them.

As Tim Slee, FX Holden is the winner of the short fiction Allen and Unwin Publisher INK, the HarperCollins Banjo Prize in 2018 and the Weekly BookLife fiction Prize by the US Publishers Weekly. “Okinawa,” his 2020 published novel, was the winner of the US Readers’ Favorite Book Awards Best Political Thriller. Each novel in the series is a standalone but some characters make an appearance in several of the novels. In 2019, he published “Deep Core,” the first novel in the hard science fiction “Coruscant” series.

FX Holden’s” Bering Strait” the first novel of the “Future War” series kicks off with Russia conducting a blitz operation without warning. The operation has managed to capture a vital waterway just off the Alaskan coast. This is a huge threat to American sovereignty and a matter of death and life for Russia. Karen ‘Bunny’ O’Hare is about to have a very bad day though there is hardly anyone who can be as cool as her in such situations. Deep behind enemy lines out on the arctic ice, Alicia Rodriguez a US Navy Airboss finds herself commanding the wrong unit at the right time in the wrong place. In the Russian Far East in the remote reaches of Lavrentiya, Yevgeny Bondarev a Major General is in charge of a war in which his enemies fight with machines rather than human soldiers. Under the US Embassy in Mexico is a labyrinth of tunnels where Devlin McCarthy comes to the realization that she can either follow the orders of the Secretary of State or her conscience. In the meantime, Perri Tungyan, a Yu’pik teenager is stumbling through the wreckage of buildings ruined by cruise missile strikes and learns that his country can be brutal in fighting to protect its national interests.

FX Holden’s “Okinawa” is a novel set in 1942 where John Chen, a US Fighting Tigers squadron commander, has to face the Tadao Kato, a Japanese pilot that is his arch nemesis. In 2033 which is about a century later, their great grandchildren are part of an alliance between Japan and China who are conducting naval exercises to commemorate the signing of a new defense treaty. China wants to craft a new empire in the East and Japan is willing to stand down or help if it comes to that. In Shanghai, men of the Advanced Persistent Threat are about to start a global war. In Okinawa Japan, Bunny O’Hare, a drone pilot for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is making preparations for field testing of undersea stealth platforms. Meanwhile, Princess Mitsuko Naishinno is in the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo. She is preparing to take back her country from an administration she believes sold it to China. It is an action packed and fast paced look at a future in which an arms race may be in cyberspace and wars will be fought below and above the oceans. It is a time when new geopolitical realities may result in the realignment and formation of new alliances.

“Orbital Future” the second novel of the “Future Wars” series by FX Holden is set in 2034, where Saudi Arabia experiences a catastrophic meteorite shower rain. The cataclysm destroys the largest oil producing facility in the world and catapults the price of oil into the stratosphere. Could it have been an action of man or mere acts of God. Meanwhile, Colonel Alicia Rodriguez based at Cape Canaveral takes charge of the 615th Combat operations. It is a small fledgling force with three remotely piloted spacecraft that has to work to determine if an enemy state had planned the attack. The Moscow based Main Control, and Test Tower’s Yevgeny Bondarev is trying to balance between the demands of Anastasia Grahkovsky an emotionally disturbed, blind and scarred lead scientist and the goals and ambitions of his political overlords. In Switzerland, Roberta D’Antonia witnesses confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Russia during an OPEC meeting that could result in a larger conflagration. 1200 miles over the Earth is Flight Lieutenant Papastopolous flying the Skylon D4 spacecraft? He soon finds himself under fire when he flies too close to one of the most guarded and secretive locations in space.

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  1. Kelly Crunk: 2 years ago

    Will FX Holden’s DMZ be released in hardback? All I see is Kindle edition and I don’t use E readers.

    • FX Holden: 2 years ago

      Paperback version available on Amazon (I keep the cost at price of printing plus 10%) and audiobook versions of Kobani, Golan and Bering Strait are available too!

  2. Mike: 2 years ago

    Great books. What comes after Alyssa¿


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