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Publication Order of Fabian Risk Books

Victim Without A Face (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ninth Grave (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eighteen Below (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Motive X (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
X Ways to Die (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Final Nail (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ninth Grave is a prequel to the series.

Fabian Risk is the main character in a series of thriller novels by bestselling Swedish author Stefan Ahnhem. Stefan made his debut in the publishing world in 2014 when he published his trilogy Fabian Risk featuring Fabian Risk, the main character.

Victim without a Face

The name of Stefan Ahnhem is one famous name in movie world since many scripts bear his signature. However, in the publishing realm, Stefan made for himself a great impression when he made his literary debut in 2014, with the first book (Victim without a Face) of a trilogy titled “Fabian Risk,” based on the name of our central hero.

Of course, history has proven that scriptwriters either give extraordinary examples of literary writing, or are so influenced by their primary subject of work, that their texts may ultimately end up being unnecessary and having a narrative flow that does not fit the book, but to a purely visualized production. However, actually, this is not the case with Stefan Ahnhem books as she did it exemplary with her debut trilogy.

What you are earning, first of all, in this novel is the cover art, which predisposes you to a very gore content, and hard violence. The first novel in the series promises some strong emotions, creepy moments and a fascinating, compelling story. Indeed, Victim without a Face offers them all generously, confirming that there are times when phenomena do not deceive. Essentially, we are dealing with a story that seems to be calling on today to pay back wildly the injustice of the past. A group of old classmates are brutally murdered one after another, and Fabian Risk, a police inspector and a potential victim – or perhaps a victim – is called upon to take part in the investigation, try to discover the offender. However, he is also returning to the city that grew up, to encounter memories of a past with several dark aspects.

Ahnhem is a child of the Scandinavian police school; however, although we observe, in the way he narrates, he takes on a unique approach. He takes the ingredients that he seems to love as a reader and has married in his own way, ultimately offering readers a dynamic and complete result that has character and personal style.

This is extremely unique approach since there are few writers who are drawn by their obsession with some of their compliments, overcoming the fine dividing line between inspiration and copying. Moreover, Ahnhem has the motivation, and it is excellent, giving us a story with very intense moments, original and subversive, with a lot of surprises and, above all, tension.

One of the smartest elements of the book is the emotional and moral dilemma the writer confronts with. Clearly, you make enough scenarios with your mind as history progresses and evolve, but the idea of justice and the moral satisfaction of what has been wronged does not stop in your mind. As evidence comes into the light, with references to past events, the human nature is shaken, which, even if you forget it sometimes, has two sides, those of good and evil. However, how easy is it to determine what is good and what is bad, what is right and wrong, and under what bases and conditions? Surely there is an objective view of what vindication is, but there is also the subjective one that can come to terms with social ethics, but that does not negate its existence.

Combining noir and grotesque elements, Ahnhem creates a police adventure with strong social implications that trouble, at the same time giving the reader really harsh and blood-stained thriller moments, with violence, anger, spreading to their entire splendor, to all extent. This may disturb some more “sensitive” readers, but if we want to be realistic and objective, the manifestation of any violence must be imprinted in a way, not shocking to cause a supposedly impressive, realistic, because even if it is not nice, that is the truth. Moreover, truth always gets points, always offers something more, what is missing from those who do not dare. It is what makes some standout. Furthermore, Ahnhem, if nothing else, belongs to this category.

The Ninth Grave

The Justice Minister leaves the parliament after a tough debate. He uses the rear exit to avoid the waiting press, but never reaches the car waiting for him outside.
It is half a year after the events of the Victim without a Face, and the weeks before Christmas, the snow and cold hold both Stockholm and Copenhagen in an iron trap when Fabian Risk is called in to investigate the disappearance of the Minister of Justice secretly. Officially, the case is still SePo responsibility, but they, just like Fabian and his high-grade colleague Malin Rehnberg, are blindfolded. It soon turns out that nothing is as it seems to be and that powerful interests seem to make the truth not come true.

At the same time, the wife of a Danish Television star who has also vanished into thin air is found brutally murdered at home in Copenhagen. Dunja Hougaard investigates as for her across to Sweden. His investigations lead him to a connection with several murders in Sweden. Apparently, all the murder victims are missing organs such as eyes, and their murders appear to be the work of notorious criminals. However the truth is much dark, and as the investigations are closed down, Dunja and Fabian delve deeper. Fabian is greatly worried about the lack of truth from Edelman and begins to suspect that the entire police department is being monitored. As connections finally emerge with the missing Diego Arcas and Adam Fischer, the answers go back in the past and the ninth grave. However, finding the truth may never be an easy take as determined efforts, and political intrigue are focused on ensuring that the truth never emerges.

The ninth grave is an intricately designed thriller where Stefan Ahnhem tells what drives Fabian Risk to leave Stockholm and move back to Helsingborg. Fabian and Dunja cross as strangers each other’s tracks in a winter-cold Scandinavia and are drawn deeper into the conspiracy that turns out to be worse than they could ever imagine.

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