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The Faces of Evil series is a novel series comprising of 11 different novels written by the American author Debra Webb. All the novels of the series are based on the romance and suspense genres and have been published from 2011 to 2015. The ‘Faces of Evil’ series features 42 year old Deputy Chief, Jess Harris, who is a former FBI profiler. The series revolves around the suspenseful plot set in Alabama, where Jess works to solve criminal cases involving serial killers. She is helped by Chief of Police, Dan Burnett. Jess Harris returns to Birmingham, Alabama after a period of more than two decades and begins to work with Dan Burnett to find the serial killer known as ‘The Player’. Dan is the same person who had broken Jess’s heart a few years ago. In the first novel of the series, Jess and Dan are introduced as the central characters. Jess is depicted as determined special agent who strives hard to catch criminals, especially serial killers. Dan is described as the Chief of Police who assists Jess in her investigations and also plays her former love interest. Jess has studied the many faces of evil over the years and tries to leave no stones unturned in solving the criminal cases. The ‘Faces of Evil’ series is full of unique and strong character descriptions. A list of characters of the series, as described by the author, Debra Webb is as follows:

Jess is a forty-two year old former FBI profiler. She had spent her early years along with her sister Lily in Birmingham, Alabama. After her life takes eventful turns, Jess leaves Birmingham behind. She had planned her life with her first love, Dan Burnett. However, life does not go as planned by her and the two get separated for long. She meets him again after a couple of decades later when she returns to Birmingham to assist him in catching a criminal. Jess does not like to confront Dan as he had broken her heart but is forced to follow the orders of the Bureau, for which she works as a special agent.

Dan Burnett is a 43 year old Chief of Police. He grew up in Birmingham and has dedicated his whole life to serve for his lovely hometown. After leaving Jess behind few years ago, he kept telling everyone that he had made the right decision. However, he regrets his decisions after three failed marriages over twenty years. When Jess returns to Birmingham after twenty years, Dan realized that he had committed a big mistake by leaving her. In order to bring down the increasing level of crime in the city, Jess and Dan need to work together. In the meanwhile, Dan gets a chance to be with Jess and correct his mistake.

Eric Spears is described as a wealthy entrepreneur aged 45. He keeps changing places in order to commit crimes. Eric is the serial killer known to others as The Player. He belongs to the category of the torture-murderers, who commits heinous serial killings. Jess is determined to catch him, whereas he seems fascinated by her. Eric has never desired anyone else so badly and decides to have her at all costs.

Chet Harper is a hardworking sergeant aged 32, working for the Birmingham Police Department. He lives with his wife and a son and hope to give them a happy life. However, his efforts in doing so do not prove to be sufficient as his wife leaves him. Chet takes a long time to recover from his loss, but falls in love again with a fellow detective named Lori Wells. He is desperately required to win her heart as he needs someone to take care of his young son, and help him to get over his heart break.

Lori Wells is a 29 year old detective, She is motivated to work hard and lives independently. She had planned out the next five years of her life with no room for marriage and motherhood. She did not want to fall in love with Harper, but destiny had other plans for her. However, she still pretends to be independent. It is during a close encounter with a killer when she confesses her love to Harper. Now she makes another plan to work out their relationship.

Dr. Sylvia Baron is a 44 year old, expert in her work. She often gets to meet Jess at crime scenes, being the Associate Coroner of Jefferson County. She has a complicated history with Burnett and as a result, She and Jess have the possibility of becoming either very good friends or staunch enemies.

Buddy Corlew is the neighbor of Jess and her close friend. He attended the same school as Jess’s and had been the arch rival Dan Burnett in every aspect, especially in high school football. He was called as the Fonzie of Birmingham by Jess. He joined the Marines after passing out from school in order to stay away from his butt kicking and head busting habits. Later, Corlew became a detective at the Birmingham police department. He works as a private investigator and is famously called as the Tracker. Corlew had a flirty nature and would constantly keep stealing and breaking hearts. However, he was never able to conquer Jess.

George Louis is a retired and aged architect who lives in the Forrest Park neighborhood of Birmingham. He owns an old craftsman style home and offers an apartment to Jess when her apartment is destroyed. George likes to go out of the way to help Jess in every possible way. He likes gardening and cooking, and has the habits of keeping his things in a good condition. Jess gives him company whenever he feels lonely.

The first novel of the Face of Evil series was titled ‘Obsession’ and was published in the year 2011 by the Forever publishing house. The novel introduces Jess Harris as a special agent who returns to her hometown, Birmingham after a long time. She has witnessed a variety of criminal activities and is fully determined to stop serial killings in the city. Jess has a broken heart from her early years when the love of her life, Dan Burnett had left her for his career. Her destiny brings her back to Dan after two decades when she is appointed as a special agent to assist Dan in catching a serial killer. When 4 women go missing from the city, Dan sets out to catch the killer before he kills someone else. Even if it means to take the help of Jess, who had been avoiding him for years, Dan would not step back. Jess agrees to assist him to save the life of the innocent people of the city. However, the serial killer sets his eyes on Jess and she finds herself in a difficult situation. She must act quickly in order to stop the killer from committing further murders.

The second novel of the series was published in the year 2011 by the Forever publishing house, under the title ‘Impulse’. The novel is narrated by Carol Schneider. The plot of this novel introduces the serial killer named The Player, who is a master in committing murders by torture. He had never been close to getting captured by any officer, but faces a tough challenge from special agent Jess Harris, who is determined to catch him. Even though Jess had come close to nabbing him in a previous encounter, she was successful in catching him and this had cost her the job with the bureau. The Player, however, is determined to take his vengeance from Jess. He keeps killing people close to Jess, one after the other. Jess becomes certain that he is after her and decides to give herself to the killer as this is the only way to stop him. Dan Burnett tries to bring back her confidence and offers her a job to assist him in catching the killer. However, Jess fears for the safety of the people close to her, if she stays in Birmingham. There is so much at stake for Jess and Dan as they don’t have much time to catch the killer. A single impulse is what it takes to survive the final deadly game of the Player. The compelling characters and a suspenseful plot of the series has elevated the story and has made it a huge success. The readers were no

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