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C.J. Cherryh is a published American author of fiction. She has received four Hugo Awards and is a critically acclaimed writing of fantasy and science fiction.

Cherryh resides in Spokane in Washington. This author has composed over forty books. In addition to writing, she likes to pursue photography, travel, learn about reef culture, follow baseball, and has even taken up figure skating.

C.J. has many other hobbies and interests in addition to these. She likes to sketch and is a good cook. Even though she likes to whip up new dishes constantly, she does not like to take on work in the home. She adores animals as well as dinosaurs.

She is interested in geology as a hobby and considers her academic special fields constitutional law in the Roman age as well as Greek ethnography from the Bronze Age. For a long time she was a teacher and worked in high school teaching students about Ancient as well as Latin history. Then she retired and turned to writing on a full time basis.

Even though she is a writer and has all of these hobbies, C.J. still finds that she does not have the time to pursue her interests like she would want. She is interested in weather, systems of weather, planetary geology, catastrophes that happen both naturally and when they are generated by humans, the history of various civilizations, as well as the study of cosmology.

She is interested in quite a few things and when it comes to different topics or things, she says that there are few things that do not interest her. She currently has a loom that is sitting there needing re-threading and is ultimately collecting a bit too much of dust. She also has a model of a wooden ship that is waiting to be built as well as the needs of the cats, who want their time from her.

She is always working and is always going online to do her research for her writing. Even though she writes a lot, it seems that she always has ideas for books stacking up in her mind that want to be written by her.

C.J. Cherryh is the creator and the author of the Faded Sun series. This series of fictional novels kicked off in 1978 with the release of Kesrith, the first book in the series. It was quickly followed by the sequel, which is titled Shon’jir. Kutath came out in 1980 and made this series a trilogy. If you love fantasy books such as the Dark is Rising series, then definitely check this series out!

Kesrith is the first novel in the interesting Faded Sun series. This novel follows three people and the story that they share. Sten Duncan is among them, functioning as a soldier to all of humanity Then there is Niun, who is a warrior. The warrior that Niun is means that they belong to the mri, the sworn enemies of humanity.

There is also the character of Melein She is a priestess queen and serves the mri, of their last fallen stronghold. This book covers two species that are both fairly strong but are also going up against each other to try and win the fate and control of a galaxy.

The mri were a clan that were secretive and tall. They valued honor above all else and served their society by obeying and clinging to the dictates that were rigid in their demands. The race had golden eyes and skin and for ages they have given the universe the gift of their soldiers. The soldiers may have been mercenaries, but they had abilities that were so developed and so great that they were nearly impossible to conceive of.

The mri now have to deal with an enemy that may prove that they are not like any other foe that they have come up against before. This enemy is different because the way that they conduct war is to go on a mission to spread as much destruction as possible and make it as widespread as they can. The people here are fighters that are able to follow orders and now the mri are finding that they have lost countless numbers of their own.

The mri went through a war and in the process they were nearly extinguished in totality. The mri face the very real threat of dying out and they will have to do everything that they can in order to bounce back. They are doing whatever they can to save their race in the face of what has been tremendous devastation.

As it turns out, three individuals may just be the ones that are going to save this race or what remains left behind of it. An entire people have been hurt pretty badly by the war, but can these three be the ones that re going to be able to turn it all around?

The mri may just have heroes in the form of a warrior that is the last of his kind, as well as a priestess that has long served them well. They are joined by a human, a man that has said that he will do anything that he can to help his kind’s enemy.

The three of them are doing their best to go through the galaxy and track a race that is as nomadic as it is fragile. Can they go back and find the race’s origin through the millennia and end up claiming back the world that was the originator of all life long ago? Read this book to find out!

Shon’jir is the second book in the Faded Sun series. When two species compete for the control of a galaxy and don’t care what happens in the process, it’s bound to be a bumpy ride.

Sten has save the warrior and priestess’s lives, even though they’re mri. The mri are the enemies of mankind. Sten understood the way that they lived by now They were going to escape. When ordered to help get them, he ran off with them.

He though he would help track down their home world. Can he do it? Read this book to find out!

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