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Fairy Blossoms Books In Order

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Publication Order of Fairy Blossoms Books

Daisy and the Magic Lesson (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poppy and the Vanishing Fairy (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rose and the Delicious Secret (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marigold and the Missing Firefly (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Daisy and the First Wish (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Violet and the Garden Hideaway (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Suzanne William is an award-winning author, who has penned more than 60 children’s books, including easy readers, children books, as well as middle-grade fiction. Before she became an author, Suzanne Williams served as an elementary school librarian. Currently, Suzanne Williams lives in Maine. Library Lil, one of Suzanne Williams’s picture book, emerged the winner during the New Mexico children’s choice awards in the year 2000. The book, Library Lil was also on several other state award lists. One of Suzanne Williams’s best performing series is Goddess Girls book series, which she co-authored with author Joan Holub. Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, Suzanne Williams attended the University of Oregon. At Oregon University, Suzanne Williams graduated with a sociology degree and a master’s degree in library science.

After serving as a librarian for quite some time, Suzanne Williams began writing children’s books. Suzanne Williams is married to Mark, who is the principal trombonist for the Northwest Pacific Ballet. Williams and Mark, have two children.

Fairy Blossoms
Daisy and the Magic-Lesson
Daisy was extremely excited mainly because she had just been accepted at the Fairy School, which was owned by Mistress Lily. As Daisy was heading for the Cloverleaf Cottage, an outstanding A-Frame cottage, which had been placed at the center of a huge oak tree, she heard another fairy shouting at her. Suddenly, Daisy found herself in a stream, face first. If Daisy’s older sister would have seen the move, then she would have told Daisy that she was acting un-fairy like. After landing in the stream, Daisy was extremely embarrassed. Daisy soon came to learn that she had just found a new friend Poppy, who just like Daisy was extremely excited because she was going to join Fairy School and be a fairy helper. Apart from Poppy, Daisy was also able to make new friends such as Marigold, Violet, Rose, Hyacinth, Holly, and Heather. When mistress Lily began speaking all the nine-year-old fairies were more than anxious to learn.

Some of the skills that the faeries would learn about include how they were going to approach human beings, how to be helpful and also how to disguise themselves. Just like all the other flower fairies, Daisy was also anxious to learn. However, Daisy was a little bit disappointed mainly because there were some faeries who had special skills like turning invisible and shape-shifting as well. According to Daisy and Miss Lily, Daisy did not have any special abilities. However, when the entire class went on a trip to Blessings, Daisy came to the realization that she had one of the most valuable talents in the entire school. With that said, the extremely delightful menagerie of flower faeries is going to thrill the young and imaginative readers.

Daisy is undeniably, a flower fairy that any young reader may want to meet. Readers are going to love the imagery of Daisy washing her face in a dew-drop, drinking using a silver cup and even brushing her teeth as well. A majority of the flower faeries in Daisy’s school are normal girls that one would find in any school. The only difference is that the faeries are small and have magical powers. Apart from the fairy girls, the readers also get to meet with Bink, a boy who apart from being a brownie, is also in charge of the horses at Lily’s School. Daisy and the-Magic Lesson is quite an exceptional introduction to an outstanding book series.

Poppy and the-Vanishing Fairy
In Poppy and the Vanishing Fairy author Suzanne Williams introduces the readers to Poppy, who happens to be a student at the Fairy School. Just like Daisy, Poppy has also joined the school so that he come become a fairy helper. Miss Lily, their teacher, is an extremely beautiful fairy, who has golden hair and is loved by all the flower faeries. One day, when the flower faeries got to class, they are surprised to learn that they have a substitute teacher. Unlike Miss Lily, Mistress Petrunia looked much more of a witch that a fairy. The lesson for the day revolved around designing of ball gowns. Marigold who enjoyed decorating her wings to match her outfits was extremely thrilled with the day’s lesson. When the lesson eventually began, none of the girls including the triplets appeared to be having any fun.

Instead of making ball gowns, the triplets opted for sleeper pajamas. Poppy whose main ability was shapeshifting has never enjoyed dress-up games, and thus, she decides to ask Mistress Petrunia, when their teacher was going to come back. Despite the fact that the fairies were more than determined to find answers, none of them had been successful so far. As expected, each of the girls had their theories about Miss Lily’s disappearance. Heather thought that Miss Lily had met with an extremely handsome man, who swept her off her feet. However, the fairies are aware that Miss Lily will never go without saying goodbye. Poppy decides to do some sleuthing considering the fact that she can shape-shift. With that said, Miss Lily’s disappearance will keep the young readers at the edge of their seats.

As expected, no one has ever loved substitute teachers, and thus it makes sense why all the fairies wanted their teacher back. Despite the fact that Miss Petrunia has some witch tendencies. In Poppy and the-Vanishing Fairy, the readers get to see a little bit more action than the first book. Overall, Poppy and the Vanishing Fairy is an excellent book that will undeniably make one’s day.

Rose and the Delicious Secret
Rise and the Delicious Secret is the third installment in the Rose and the Delicious Secret book series. In Rose and the Delicious Secret, the school goes into a frenzy, when magically delicious treats begin to appear all over the school compound. However, the cook is not happy considering the fact that most of the students began to forego his meals. Thus, Fairy Rose and her friends decide to look into the issue with the hopes of uncovering the mystery. If Fairy Rose and her teams fail to uncover the mystery, then harmony would not be restored at the Cloverleaf Cottage.

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