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Faithful and the Fallen Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Faithful and the Fallen Books

John Gwynn was born in Singapore since his father was stationed there during the early years of John’s life. Since he was a member of the RAF, John’s family had to travel from one city to another after every three years. Currently, John resides in East Sussex with his Claire and four children. While finding his way in life, John had to do a wide range of jobs so as to provide for his family. Apart from packing soap at a soap factory, John has also served as a waiter in a Canadian, French restaurant, played double bass in a band and lectured at Brighton University. Due to his daughter’s disability, John had to quit his job at the University. He was forced to work at home because he had to take care of his daughter. From being a lecturer at Brighton University, John Gwynn started to work with his wife who had specialized in rejuvenating furniture.

This meant that he not only had to fix but also lift, paint and do whatever his wife told him to do. It was during this period that John started writing. Initially, he started telling his children stories during bedtime. They pestered him to write some of it down, since most of them were really good. Despite the fact that writing was more of a hobby, John was still able to write down two of his first books; Malice and Banished lands during this period.


If you are a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire, then the Faithful and the Fallen series is definitely a read that you are going to enjoy. Malice is the first book in the Faithful and Fallen series where the reader is taken to the Banished Lands that has just witnessed war. The epic war was between giant-kind, humankind and extremely powerful supernatural entities. Due to the ferocious nature of the war, the principal creator of both the giant and humankind has turned his back on his very own creations. Humans are the main residents of the Banished Lands, hence they have to protect themselves against raids and attacks by the remaining Giants. Furthermore, there are also other forces which are there to ensure that the war between the Giants and humans goes on. In this book we meet with Corban. Apart from struggling with bullies, Corban is keenly sensitive, terrified of his own anger and is yet to be a man. Another notable character is Corbans sister, Cywen who happens to be an apprentice to a stable master named Veradis.

As an exquisite writer, John presents the reader with the chance to know all the characters inside out. Additionally, he lets you see their developments as the story unfolds. Apart from the long list of characters, Malice is filled with lots of actions that have all been well described. Due to the setting of the book, most of the battles involves axes, swords and spears and from time to time a little bit of magic. With that being said, Malice is a big story that has lots of kingdoms and a very huge cast.

As the second book in the series, Valor picks up where Malice left. The war that has reigned accross the banished lands continues as Asroth, seeks to destroy everything that Elyon has created. Throughout the book there is chaos. In this book, Corban has no longer the insecure boy that we met in the first instalment. The loss of his family and friends is what drives the story. While searching for peace, Corban flees his homeland. It does not take long before he discovers that there is no safe haven in the west since the agents of Rhin together with their bands of giants trail his every step. Throughout his journey, Corban tries to come into terms with the prophet about him

Apart from Corban, Veradis is also another character who makes a return. Additionally, Corban’s sister Cywen also makes a return. There are also other side characters who also make a comeback in the book. Most of these side characters are complex and have conflicting loyalties and appropriate flaws. With that being said, the level of character development in this series is quite good. However, some of the villains like Rhin and Jael are one dimensional. But there are a few who are capable of being defeated or manipulated or at the very least suffer some setbacks. In the long run, this gives a sense of conflict and not something that is one sided. The pace throughout the book was decent from the beginning to the very end. Most of the characters were well developed and according to many reviewers this instalment was an improvement to the first book.


As a reader, what will really strike you while reading this series is the fact that everything that happens in the series will have great potent long before the effects of the actions of events are felt. Apart from creating an exquisite plot, John is also able to bring forth exceptional characters. From the first page to the last, the series is filled with lots of actions all of which have been well described. The political intrigue amongst the various kingdoms is exceedingly intense. With that being said, the Faithful and the Fallen is definitely a great story with lots of kingdoms. Despite of everything that happens, Gwynne is still able to keep you the reader informed of everything that is happening so that you are never lost.

Another outstanding fact is that far more than how they are initially presented and their previously unknown skills are used when needed. The Faithful and the Fallen is definitely a classic read that will keep you intrigued from the first page to the last. As an accomplished writer, Kohn Gwynne is able to bring forth powerful characters, good action and plots within plots. According to a high percentage of readers, the Faithful and the Fallen was among some of the best books they have ever read. Definitely worth the price.

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