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Fallen Angels (Mary Jo Putney) Books In Order

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Publication Order of Fallen Angels Books

Thunder and Roses (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Petals in the Storm (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dancing on the Wind (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel Rogue (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shattered Rainbows (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
River of Fire (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Perfect Rose (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born in New York, Mary Jo Putney had a reading addiction, this is a condition that has no known cure. Mary Jo Putney studied at Syracuse University where she earned degrees in Industrial Design and in English Literature. She worked as a designer in England and California where she did different types of design work.

Putney’s ultimate fantasy was to Be a novelist, however, it did not occur to her that it was possible and quite easy to write until she bought a computer intending to use for other purposes. After realizing that the computer was an ultimate writing tool, Putney wrote her first book. After selling her first book, Putney gave up the freelancing job and became a full writer

M.J. Putney’s stories can be noted for the psychological depth and also unusual subject matters for instance domestic abuse, alcoholism and death. Though most of the books written by her are historical, her three contemporary romances breaks the monotony.

The fallen Angels Series comprise of seven books namely;Thunder and Roses, Petals in The Storm, Dancing on The Wind, Angel Rogue, Shattered Rainbows, River of Fire and One Perfect Rose. These are among the bestselling works of M.J. Putney.

Book #1. Thunder and Roses.

A minister’s daughter goes ahead to change her life when appealing for help to one Nicholas Davies, who is a half-Gypsy earl…

They called him Demon Earl. He was the Son of a Gypsy and a rogue, Nicholas was notorious until betrayal left him alone in the countrysides in Welsh.

Desperation drives Clare Morgan a quiet schoolteacher to ask Demon Earl for help to save her village. Demon Unwilling to get involved in other peoples problems sets quite an impossible price for his aid–He asks Claire to stay with him for 3 months and if she agrees then he will intervene.

Clare accepts this outrageous challenge furiously, and the two get swept into a dangerous world of desires. Nicholas and Clare fight as allies to save Clare’s community. And as adversaries, they both explore the hazardous way of sensuality and power. As lovers also, they surrender to the passion which threatens the foundation of their lives.

Book #2

Dangerous Deceivers…

Just as his nickname, Lucifer, suggests Lord Strathmore is famous for the diabolical cleverness and unearthly beauty. A tragic past made Lucien to use some of his formidable talents in order to save his country from its hidden enemies. This is a job which he does well, one day he meets an admirable mysterious woman with deception skills equal to his.
Her beauty also is baffling.

Kit Travers is forced by a perilous mission to shift identities and use needful lies. A simple mistake could cost her life, and soon Lucifer who can be a potential enemy or a vital ally gets through her lies.

Unwilling to trust, and yet unable to part, Lucien and Kit decide to join forces and search the underside of the London society. However the two deceivers are not able to escape the sensual web of passion.

Book #3

Rafael Whitbourne, a dashing rake, lost his true love several years before she ran away because of misunderstandings between them.

Margot Ashton, a secret spy working in France crosses Rafaele’s path again. The book is really enjoyable, has sizzling sexual tension that is between the 2 characters and is really an interesting story.

Book #4 in the Fallen Angels Series

The Rogue…
Lord Robert Andreville a master spy returns home after several years he had taken spying against Napoleon. Back in Yorkshire, nothing soothes him until he finds a determined young beauty.

…and the Runaway
Maxima Collins, is a stranger in America with determination to reach London to confirm the cause of her father’s death.

Book #5

Broken Dreams, Second Chances…

Lord Michael Kenyon who is haunted by danger and honed by the past sees it easy to put his life at risk for the sake of his country. However his immediate threat becomes evident when in the battle field where he falls in love with a nurse whom would never never be his.

Catherine Melbourne’s virtue of having selfless courage had earned her the name saint.She knew the weakness laying inside her. She craves for Michael Kenyon’s strength and kindness, yet because of honor she conceals the love that has grown for him and sends him away.

Catherine asks Michael to impersonate her husband while visiting a Cornish island. Michael reluctantly agrees and what initially started as a usual simple journey turns into a fiercely passionate love which can’t be denied anymore.

Book #6

A Desperate Lord…

Kenneth Wilding A rebel, a soldier, a hero, and a spy has never known defeat. However nothing is able to save his heritage after he returns from war to a ravaged estate and an empty title. It is not until a stranger offer him a devil’s bargain: he offers financial salvation to Kenneth and in return he wants the special subversive skills Kenneth posses. Reluctantly Kenneth goes into a greatest artist household in England with the aim of unmasking a terrible crime. In the process, he learns about something infinitely dangerous: that is a tantalizing way of life also an irresistible woman. All he has been yearning for but could never have.

A Scandalous Lady…

Rebecca Seaton buries herself in a studio in attic after a disastrous elopement that ruins her reputation. Kenneth Wilding then joins her life with a poet’s soul and a pirate’s face. Warily they fall into a duel which brings both risks and fulfillment to them. However, Kenneth’s secret mission tries to separate them by imposing dangers that threaten Rebecca’s life.

Book #7 One Perfect Rose

A few romance stories have touched readers deeply and as lastingly as Mary Jo Putney’s passionate, tender and Poignant, One Perfect Rose. This is a story of 2 mismatched lovers who get drawn into unforgettable, fragile union…

In One Perfect Rose, Stephen Kenyon, who is the new Ashburton’s Duke, knows what the society expects of him. A doctor’s grim diagnosis makes him long to explore life deeply as never before. He travels incognito, and gets entangled with a certain wandering theater family with their adopted daughter by the name Rosalind Jordan. Stephen then convinces Rosalind for marriage. The warm companionship they share is far more than what Stephen anticipated, and more than what his family and nature would allow. Each passing day together becomes a bittersweet reminder reminding them that love is one thing which he isn’t at the liberty to offer, also it is one thing that she can not admit…

In her inimitable superb style, Putney takes one pair of beautifully matched protagonists,and places them in dark, impossible situations, and tries to make it work.

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