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Publication Order of Fallen Angels Books

About The Fallen Angels Books:

To any adult fantasy reader, J. R. Ward is surely a well-known name. J. R. Ward is in fact Jessica Bird’s pseudonym for her paranormal romance books, and it helps her reach a wider audience with a more obscure and mysterious name. J. R. Ward has published several different paranormal fantasy novel series, and the Fallen Angels series is one of the hugely popular series that she has published. The series currently has four books and a fifth due in October 2013. The first book, titled Covet, was published in 2009 and the books have been continuously released one by one since then. Each of the books represents one of the seven deadly sins, so there are expected to be at least seven books in this series. Some readers speculate that there will be an eighth book that will tie up any loose ends that have been created during the first seven novels.

J. R. Ward publishes books for each of her series simultaneously so that fans of each series have a constant stream of new material rather than focusing on one series for years. This different type of writing which many other authors do not choose to engage in can help keep the material fresh, different and innovative. Writing for the same series continuously can burn out the author and greatly decrease the quality of the work, which is why Jessica Bird finds it more effective to switch up the next writing rather than continuing to write in one series.


Covet is the first book of the Fallen Angels series, and it introduces the readers to the world which Jessica Bird created for her Fallen Angels series. This one of her most intricate and complex worlds and plots in all of her series, so it requires a significant amount of introduction. Because of the complexity of the worlds, it can be difficult and intimidating to initially get involved in the series, but Covet does a perfect job of easing the reader into the vast world of Fallen Angels. Therefore, it is not nearly as hard as it seems to start reading and loving the Fallen Angels series. Jessica Bird has been highly praised for Covet because it does such a wonderful job of slowly helping the reader get into the magical, wondrously complex world that she has created for her new series. The fear of not understanding a new world is what pushes many young readers away from new books and makes them resort to more mainstream novels, so her ability to help younger readers start loving the foreign world helps them find beauty in things that may not be loved by others, and this very idea is one of the main motifs of the books.

The book itself is about Jim Heron, who is a vengeful person who really loves to get back at anyone who has ever done him wrong. He does not draw a line between good and evil, and sins and evil are all relative to the deed and person. However, suddenly, he realizes that he is in fact a fallen angel and his life is much different in reality than what he thought it was before. His new job is to save the souls of seven people who have succumbed to one of the seven deadly sins. He must learn how to use all of his new powers and abilities to do good for the world and do things he would never have imagined himself doing before. Meanwhile, the seven people whom he has to save are interesting and complicated characters of their own, each with their own good and bad character traits. It complicates the journey for Jim and makes the journey much, much more interesting for all of the readers of the Fallen Angel series.

For example, the soul that he must save in the first book is a rich man who is greedy, which is clear from the title, Covet. He toiled throughout his life in order to achieve what he did, and even though he is now in a position he would never have imagined before, he still needs more. As he slowly loses his soul, he falls in love with a beautiful woman who begins to help him recover from his unquenchable thirst for money and success. However, both of them share the same problem: they both yearn for more success. At this point, Jim enters the life of the rich couple in order to help them both and save their souls from the deadly sin of greed.

The Other Books

The rest of the books follow the different characters who Jim is responsible for saving. In the second book, Crave, Jim Herron sets out to help save the second person. The subject of the book is a black ops soldier who has worked hard throughout his life to forget his dark past. Then, Jim continues his journey through the third book in the series, Envy, and then the fourth, Rapture. Finally, Jessica Bird is currently finishing up the story of the next soul that he is due to save, which is titled Possession.

In all of these books, there are overtones of sensuality, societal expectations, hierarchies, romance, and the natural yearning for freedom. All of these overtones combine into truly gripping side plots which have been acclaimed as the perfect “side dishes” to the main plot of Jim Heron’s journey to save the seven souls. They are all designed to capture every reader possible and keep them reading for days. Many readers choose this book over Jessica Bird’s other novel series because there is less romance throughout the book. While it still contains some elements of love and physical and emotional attraction, it does not define the book and its plot. Therefore, Jessica Bird has aimed this series at an audience that does not love romance but is open to books about suspense, thrilling tension, and the line between good and evil.

The Future of the Fallen Angels series

There are no television or movie adaptations for the Fallen Angels books yet, although many expect there will be as the series becomes more established. There are expected to be two more installments in the series after the fifth in order to complete the story of Jim saving each of the seven souls. For now, the readers of the novel will stay anxious and excited to hear how Jim handles the next soul as a part of his intricately woven and masterfully designed cosmic quest.

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    Having read all of your novels I think one of your writing talents I MOST ENJOY IS YOUR SNEAKY SENSE OF HUMOR. IT SNEAKS UP ON ONE. This 88 year old lady has been there and done that a few times and so I treasure a good ” OH THAT WAS FUNNY” along with the bated breath and goose pimples you are good at generating for your readers! Thank you for adding a reading pleasure to my long and well lived life!


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