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Publication Order of Fallen Blade Books

The Fallen Blade series is a popular book series written by a noteworthy American writer named Kelly McCullough. This series consists of epic fantasy, mystery, high fantasy, and science fiction stories. Author Kelly has written a total of 6 books in this series, which were released between the years 2011 and 2015. Each and every novel of this epic fantasy series features the lead character in the role of Aral Kingslayer. He is depicted as a former Blade of Namara and now works as an assassin for hire. The books are set in a fictional world and comprise of many interesting characters. As the series begins, author Kelly McCullough has introduced Aral Kingslayer as Namara’s former fabled Blade. There was a time when he used to fight for his goddess and justice alongside a familiar living shadow named Triss. But, after the goddess of Aral Kinglayer and Triss was killed and her temple was destroyed, there was nothing left that they could fight for. Both of them were left as the last remaining beings of the kind of their tribe. Later, they are forced to survive on the society’s fringes and live at the mercy of other people. During the course of living such a miserable life, Aral Kingslayer becomes a broken and drunken man. In order to earn his livelihood, he starts taking up whatever job came his way, good or bad. Soon, he becomes a wanted man. Aral begins to indulge in shadowy deals. He receives one such shadowy deal when a mysterious lady hires him to send a secret message. However, Aral Kingslayer does not seem to have any idea that the secret message that he is about to deliver has the power of both dooming or redeeming him. He can only wait and find out what is it that comes up after he finishes this particular job. The series appears to be quite an intriguing one as it depicts many twists and turns along its course. The main characters are all very interesting. They seem intriguing enough to attract a large number of readers from all over the world. Author Kelly seems to have done a great job with the settings of the stories and plot development. Currently, he is working towards the development of a new book in the series, which he is expected to release at time soon. The readers can just wait and have a little patience with their eagerness to get their hands on the series’ new publication. Author Kelly hopes for a similar love and appreciation from the readers and the critics for all his future books.

An initial book of the Fallen Blade series written by author Kelly McCullough is entitled ‘Bared Blade’. It was released by the Ace publication in the year 2012. The central characters mentioned in this book include Triss and Aral Kingslayer. At the start of the story of the book, it is shown that a price has been put on the head of Aral Kingslayer, the former assassin of the goddess’ temple. In addition to that, he also has a mark on his inner soul. Following the brutal killing of his goddess, Aral Kingslayer had taken refuge in the business of shadow jack. As per the rules of this business and his job profile, he was involved in fixing the problems for the ones who were on the fringes of the underworld of Tien. Aral Kingslayer appears to have taken a long step by agreeing to work for this business module. He had never thought that he would end up doing anything like this after signing up to work for the Justice Goddess. But, he knows that life can show unexpected events to anyone anytime. Aral & Triss get a reason for getting up every morning and getting involved in something in life by doing such jobs. Aral always has Triss by side as his living shadow and a secret partner. After a short while, a couple of women arrive at the tavern that Aral Kingslayer uses as his office. After hearing their story, he decides to take Triss’ help in helping them out in their problem. However, they later find themselves at the center of a 3 way battle that involves finding an artifact that is supposed to be an important key to stopping a war. Apart from Aral and his secret companion, there are many other factions on the artifact’s trail. Everyone looks to be trying very hard to get their hands on the artifact before the others. And because of their involvement in this trail, Aral Kingslayer & Triss are getting attracted to a lot of attention from people, who could prove unhealthy to them. They know that they have taken a tough decision to go forward with looking for the precious artifact and cannot look back now. So, they make up their mind to face whatever situation lies ahead.

Another very interesting novel of this series is called ‘Crossed Blades’. This book was also published by the Ace publishers in 2012. The primary characters described by Kelly McCullough in this novel include Triss, Jax Seldansbane, and Aral Kingslayer. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Aral Kingslayer has spent 6 years of his life as shadow trades’ jack. He was involved in taking up odd jobs that were not on the law’s right side. As Aral prepares himself to forget his past and think that his life is going to be the same for as long as he lives, he realizes that one’s past never dies. His difficult past gets comes in front of him in the form of the dangerous and beautiful Jax Seldansbane. Jax was Aral’s fiancee at one time and his fellow Blade. After encountering Aral after a long gap, Jax Seldansbane informs him that the forces that brought about the destruction of everything that Aral held dear to him once have arrived again. She also tells him that she requires his help in preventing them from causing further destruction. But, Aral Kingslayer tells her that he is not what he used to be once. Now, he has given a new beginning to his life and a fresh identity with new responsibilities. While Aral is not keen on allowing his past come back into his life, he discovers that he had already gotten involved in a deadly war. And as he moves ahead with fear, Aral does not know who he should trust. No matter how much he tries to run away, his past doesn’t give him any chance to back out. Now, he must join Jax Seldansbane and find a solution to the problem once and for all.

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