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Fallen Empire by Lindsay Buroker is a series of novels by one of the most eclectic American authors. In her former life, Buroker was a network administrator, fast food flinger and soldier in the US Army. After a slew of formal jobs, she decided to go freelance and was an affiliate marketer and blogger for seven years between 2004 and 2011. Nonetheless, while it seemed like a dream job, she did not love it as much. She had always wanted to write stories rather than recommend how to use a lawnmower or which brand was the best. In 2009, she decided to get serious and finish up a few manuscripts. Her favorite manuscript was the “Emperor’s Edge”, which has some of her most memorable characters. However, she did not think it was good enough to present to agents and hence pitched “Encrypted” instead. However, encrypted was rejected since not even the author herself knew whether it was High fantasy, Steampunk or Cross-Genre. She decided to go the Kindle Way when she stumbled on a self-publishing blog by JA Konrath. By 2011 she had published her fourth novel and is still going strong. She currently is a full-time author.

Fallen Empire is a series set in an interesting post-war galaxy with interesting characters. The lead in the series is Alisa, a captain of the ship nicknamed “Nomad”. She had led what had been a successful insurgency that had overthrown a tyrannical though very prosperous empire. She has been likened to Amaranthe of the Empire’s Edge series, though she seems more capable and assured. As pilot and captain of the Nomad, she showcases a combination of practicality, and humanity liberally sprinkled with a never-ending stream of sarcasm. She does make for a scrappy and great underdog that is outgunned and needs to win by forging difficult alliances through intelligence and courage. She is paired up with a mysterious cyborg known as Leonidas, that may still be antagonistic to the Alliance that Mica and Alisha once fought for. Leonidas is the only passenger on the Nomad who has his own quest and a bounty on his head. He is unstoppably deadly, laconic to the point of being curt, and emotionally cut off. However, his most standout attribute is his adherence to a set of moral principles he lives by. Other passengers under Alisa’s charge on the Nomad include Mica, Beck, Alejandro, and Yumi. Each has their own job on the ship such as doctor, security guy, and mechanic, among others. All of them have their own little quirks that round them out as characters.

“Star Nomad”, the first novel of the Fallen Empire series is an all-action novel full of adventure. Alisa just led a successful rebellion but is now stranded on a planet far away from home, where she was recovering from her injuries. She had won the war and toppled the tyrannical government, but this has left a power void that has now been filled with former imperial soldiers, pirates, and crime families. She teams up with Mica her fellow war veteran and together they steal a ship that they soon learn used to be her childhood home. It had been thrown into the junkyard but will now make a good craft to take her back home, where she intends to get her daughter back. She is living with her aunt since her father had been killed at the tail end of the revolutionary war. But there is one problem with the transport – an imperial cyborg has claimed it as his own. It is not until Alisa manages to talk him into a truce and agree to take him to his destination, could they get back control of the ship. She also gets a crew that includes a wannabe chef on the run from mafia who becomes the security officer, and a science officer that was once a new age hippy who becomes the ship’s doctor. But things are never so easy as their journey is peppered with pirates, dangerous creatures, imprisonment, rescue, and escape.

“Honor’s Flight” the second novel of the Fallen Empire series opens to Alisa Marchenko and her crew who have just arrived at her home planet. She is looking to get back her daughter though she has to deal with numerous obstacles. There is danger everywhere on the remaining imperial planet and the fact that she does not want to raise a ruckus will make her quest far more difficult. She finally gets to where her daughter is but then realizes that her husband had a huge secret which further complicates matters. It seems that the quest to take back her child is going to take more than she thought it would. The fact that she has on her crew wanted men is not helping, matters. She has Beck the security man who is wanted by the mafia and Leonidas the mysterious cyborg passenger. Nobody is hunting Alejandro but he has a mysterious orb in his possession which is increasingly drawing attention. The only passenger that is not making any trouble for Alisa is Yumi though she also has her quirks. The novel has the same combination of interesting characters, trouble, and action.

“Starseers” the third novel of the series sees life on the Nomad spaceship becoming more complicated. Alisa Marchenko has had to deal with a lot of dangerous groups that are looking to capture Alejandro’s orb. Leonidas the Empire cyborg is also having to hide in the ship since he is a wanted man. The powerful and mysterious Starseers are holding Alisa Marchenko’s daughter and she is determined to do anything in her power to get her back. She is even prepared to confront them by traveling to their highly fortified position. Unfortunately, Leonidas the cyborg and her strongest ally to date cannot join the quest given that the Starseers and cyborgs have hated each other for millennia. It does not help that Dr. Dominguez and Leonidas have their own quests that could clash with what Alisa is fighting for. Actions taken by her passengers increase the tension in the ship as trust is destroyed. It is a gripping story with battles set in different planets and in space. However, despite all the complications, Captain Alisa is determined and manages to protect her passengers just as she has always done and promised to do.

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