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Fallen (Thomas E. Sniegoski) Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Fallen Books

Fallen series depicts an epic story by Thomas E. Sniegoski with Aaron Corbet as the main character. Aaron Corbet learns on his eighteenth birthday that he is Nephilim. That means that he is half-human and half-angel as a result of human and angels pairing. He also learns that he is being pursued by a group of angels known as the dark powers and is thus running away from them. The dark powers hold the belief that Nephilims are an abomination and an affront to God and that a Nephilim who will redeem the fallen angels and then return them to heaven, will be born. They therefore want to stop any hope for such reconciliation, despite the fact that it means putting an end to such a Nephilim. The Fallen series first aired in 2006 and 2007. It was then released for re-sale in 2010. The movie was based on the novels of the series of Fallen. However, it did not follow the same sequence of characters and events as outlined in the novels. Inspite of that, the movie was still very captivating to watch.

Biography of Thomas E. Sniegoski

Thomas E. Sniegoski was born and raised in Massachusetts. He lives in Massachusetts. His wife is called LeeAnne. is a novelist, journalist and a comic book writer. His works range from children, teens and adult books. His children books include a fantasy quartet called Outcast, which he co-authored with Christopher Golden. The same has been developed as a film at universal. The two authors have also co-authored a fantasy series called, ‘Menagerie’, and ‘The sisterhood’ which is also being prepped for film by Intermedia. Thomas’ works for teenagers include Fallen series which was successfully adopted into a trilogy of TV movies by ABC Family Channel. Other good reads for teenagers include,Force Majeure and Sleeper ajenda, in addition to “The Brimstone” which is an upcoming series. Concerning books for adults, Thomas first adult novel was called, “A kiss before the Apocalypse.” One cannot forget to mention ‘legacy’ which is one of the exciting adult novels written by Thomas.As a comic writer, Thomas has written a widely acclaimed prequel miniseries, ” Stupid, stupid rat tails’ to ‘Bone’, which is an international hit. Thomas has thus collaborated with Jeff Smith, who is the creator of ‘Bone’ in effect being the first writer ever that Smith has ever asked to work on those characters.


The first book of ‘Fallen’ Series opens up with the introduction of a character, Aaron Corbet. He is not a bad kid but is just a little bit different from the other kids. On his eighteenth birthday, he discovers that he he has some supernatural powers. He has a strange dream where he sees himself in a battlefield dressed as a warrior and with armor. The details of the bloody battlefield is so sereal and almost nerve-tickling. When he looks up at the sky, he notices that hundreds of warriors who are dresses for battle are descending the bloody conflict arena from the heavens. He later discovers something about his destiny when two men visit him. That is, he is tasked with uniting the angels and the mortals, and the powers of both good and the evil, even though it is evident that this may lead to his end. As the story calculatingly unravels, consequenlty, Aaron is running away from the dark angels that killed his father and mother and went away with Stephen, his younger brother. He is on the move with Gabriel, his dog and a former Powers commander called Camael. They finally settle in Maine which is a small town. Aaron finds that he has a hard task of letting the occupants there trust him as he has made the place in danger and susceptible to visits from other powers. Sadly, both Gabriel and Camael are lost and his landlady attacks him. With the occurrence of such events, Aaron finally learns about the ongoing heaven-war and other powers seeking to dominate humankind. This book is definitely the best read for an introductory piece for an epic series.

The second book, Aerie and Reckoning depicts a continuing saga from the first book of the series. It shows Aaron who is half-human and half-angel, charged with re-uniting Fallen with heaven. However, the leader of the Dark powers, Verchiel, is as well prepared to end him as well as any hope of reconcilling fallen with heaven. Due to the help of one fallen angel, he manages to get to an angelic refuge called Aerie. Here he intends to catch his breathe before the fight. However, he soon realizes the fact that the other occupants in the refuge are concerned about him. The story transports you with Aaron for he tries to harness the immense force within him and picks on a high note as he trains for battle. On the other hand, the Dark powers is also growing in strength and numbers and their is a likelihood that the two sides might clash sooner than anticipated and the anticipation is real! Now everyone that Aaron ever cared about is in grave danger and he must protect the woman of his life and rescue the the only family he has ever known. Aaron has been trying to understand and use the force within him. He seems ready for the ultimate battle until Verchiel introduces him to the father he thought he had long lost.Now the real question is, if he cannot save them from the dark powers then how can he even hope to save the fallen?

If you therefore want an exciting, interesting and captivating book to fill up your day, the Fallen series is a recommended read for you. It depicts an epic saga that is interesting and extremely builds up your curiosity. The main character, Aaron Corbet can as will be said to be brave. He learns about his destiny to re-unit the fallen with heaven and picks on his destiny by training with his power, even though the Dark powers has taken from him everything.

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