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Fallen World Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Fallen World Trilogy Books

The Way We Fall (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lives We Lost (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Worlds We Make (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Those Who Lived: Fallen World Stories (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Widely recognized for her technical prowess in creating science fiction stories, Megan Crewe is a formidable force when it comes to fantasies and paranormal novels. As a Canadian young adult writer, Megan Crewe has already established a fan base throughout the world for her exceptional work. One of her recent work, The Fallen World Trilogy is indeed a work of art and is nothing short of perfection. Her story telling abilities have done this book more justice especially with the remarkable twists and turns. Without being exceedingly graphic, Megan Crewe was able to bring to life a creation that is fit and ideal for the target audience.

The Way We Fall

As the first book of this series, Megan Crewe introduces a world that is on the verge of disintegrating, thanks to the introduction of a virus that had originated from an island that was not quarantined. Despite all the efforts that was geared to finding a cure for the virus, the only virus that seemed to work was found to have been developed from the same island from where the virus had initially originated. Now, the fate of the world lies on a group of teenagers who must ensure that the vaccine is delivered in time to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention so as to save what is left of the world.

One of the teenagers is, Kaelyn, who had never fathomed that the fate of the world would at one point rest on her shoulders, while on the other hand she had never imagined that she was going to see the people she loved fall ill, go crazy and then eventually die. After the sudden death of her father, Kaelyn is more than determined to ensure that the cure is to be delivered on time and at the right place where it can be mass produced then distributed, but what she does not know is that the journey is going to be one hell of a mountain.

Before the teenagers begin the journey only Kaelyn and her friend, Leo are the only individuals who are vaccinated in the group. Is the group going to survive the ordeal and return with the cure? Since Kaelyn and Leo are the only individuals who have been vaccinated in the group, are the others going to get infected? Will they ever make it back to the CDC or are they going to get stranded in the island? Only time will tell.

The Worlds We-Make

The Worlds We Make is captivating, very light in violence and undeniably a great sequel. For those who haven’t read its predecessors, then stop reading and order the first and the second book. Like any other trilogy, the Fallen World Trilogy is a book that you just can’t jump in the middle since they are a lot of events that have to be followed from the beginning so that one can be able to comprehend what is happening.

As a sequel, The Worlds We Made begins where the lives We Lost and The Way We Feel left off. With Kaelyn and her friends among the few survivors, they are still on a mission to find the cure to the deadly virus and restore hope to the world. While on the island Kaelyn discovers her father’s key to the laboratory where he used to work which also happens to be where he got infected and later died. Due to the fact that there is only one doctor present in the island who cannot be able to either duplicate or test the cure that Kaelyn’s father was working on, the group decide to look for a doctor who will be able to replicate the drug. Finding another doctor meant leaving the island. While embarking on their journey, Kaelyn and her friends encountered very many horrific things along the way which only got worse as time went by. During their journey, one can only cheer them on while hopping that they will be able to find someone who is going to assist them.

But What Kaelyn and her friends are unaware is that there is a group of greedy individuals who have been trailing them for some time now. The wardens who had been sent by their leader Michael are more than determined to lay their hands on the vaccine. The group that was created by Michael, is one that is not afraid of taking advantage of the situation and is looking to make a huge amount of profit from the vaccine. Both the Kaelyn and her friends are fully aware that this mission is not like any other mission; their lives are at stake. But all in all what keeps them going is the fact that they have lost more than enough and are now more than determined to ensure that they are able to put this disaster to a halt.


Unlike any other Apocalypse novel, The Fallen World Trilogy is definitely ideal for a younger audience who might have loved to read this book but are still undecided because of the graphic nature of many post-apocalyptic novels. The story in itself is very interesting and is undeniably going to capture the attention of any kind of reader regardless as to whether it is a younger or older student. In addition, by reading this book a reader can be able to deduce the fact that Crewe was able to make some very bold Choices in the story arc, that is; she was able to keep the book very realistic especially with the demise of very significant characters.

As the main character in the book, Kaelyn is definitely going to be everyone’s favorite character. Despite the fact that she is not very outgoing, Kaelyn is very selfless caring and very brave when it matters or when she becomes afraid. Unlike the way most female characters have been portrayed in many books; Wimpy and Whiny Kaelyn is the opposite of this and is totally a breath of fresh air to many. Despite the fact that she has been through a lot, Kaelyn never gives up especially on herself and her friends

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