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Publication Order of Falling for a Rose Books

Safe With Me (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enough (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Only If You Dare (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Lifetime With You (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fever (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mine (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
She Said Yes (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sweetest Surrender (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tempted By You (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Naughty List (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Naughty Suitor (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Promising Forever (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Yours For The Taking (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Falling For a Rose (Series by Stephanie Nicole Norris)
The “Falling For a Rose” series follows each of the members of the Rose family while they explore this thing called love. Although each book is still just as enjoyable if they are read as a stand alone as it is when read in the series order.

“Safe With Me” is the first novel in the “Falling For a Rose” series and was released in 2017. Samiyah Manhattan, a financial advisor and small business owner, is mourning her six year marriage ending as she vows never to trust another man again. While Samiyah is alone at a local bar, she tries to put her situation in better perspective when she gets drawn inexorably to a nearby patron’s presence.

Jonas Alexander Rose, a celebrity former boxer and heavyweight champion turned business mogul, never takes any woman too seriously. They just attach themselves to him due to his star-studded status. But once he meets the gorgeous Samiyah Manhattan mulling over her mimosa at his absolute favorite bar and grill, he is overwhelmed by his heart throbbing heated attraction, and now is on a mission to explore this little thing called love. However can Jonas break the barrier Samiyah’s put up? Is he even ready, for that matter?

Find out if Samiyah and Jonas are a match made in heaven or if they’ll end up missing out on their happily ever after.

Readers loved the instant chemistry that Jonas and Samiyah share, and it leads to an interesting romance. Their journey into love was a beautiful thing to behold, and their story has drama, love, heartache, and even a bit of suspense. They have electric chemistry and some smoking hot fire sex together.

“Enough” is the second novel in the “Falling For a Rose” series and was released in 2017. Claudia Stevens is attempting to sort through her tumultuous emotions regarding Jaden Alexander Rose (the groom’s brother and best man), while at the celebration of her best friend’s wedding.

What began as just a platonic relationship, has become a battle of wills whenever they find themselves together. Their heated exchanges have risen up to the surface, and desire spills over immediately on contact. But Claudia fears that she is not enough to be on the arm of such a prestigious benefactor such as Jaden. And Claudia is certain that is why he went and friend zoned her.

Jaden Alexander Rose, a multimillionaire investment banker, is here today and gone tomorrow. Business is his number one priority, which is why he has kept the passion which grows for Claudia at arm’s length. Yet this bachelor cannot quite seem to fight off the dynamic hold that Claudia’s got on him, ever since they met some six months ago at some charity event. Now at his brother’s wedding, he crosses this platonic line, and has every intention of showing her that she is all that he needs and more.

Readers loved the banter between the characters, and there are numerous laugh out loud moments in this one. Fans also loved the way Jaden pursues Claudia, as well as his loyalty, dedication, and intensity, along with his willingness to make things right, owns up to his mistakes.

“Only If You Dare” is the third novel in the “Falling For a Rose” series and was released in 2017. For Investigative Journalist Desiree Stevens, life at the Houston Report is no longer a fulfilling one. She is thinking about moving back to where her family lives, however she cannot deny going back to her hometown for the sake of her employment would be her one and only reason. Only a few weeks before, Desiree had the pleasure of meeting a philanthropist named Julian Alexander Rose, at the hospital, awkwardly enough. And since this odd encounter, getting the guy out of her mind has been her biggest failure.

Julian Alexander Rose, a male model, is in the peak of his career. Being the owner of A Few Good Men Male Modeling Agency, he’s got his hands full with all the day-to-day business activities. He is just in Chicago for a little while when he meets Desiree, and the unbridled hunger which overtakes Julian is soul-stirring. From the instant their worlds collide, Julian puts together the perfect plan which lands the two of them together, and his next move might bring him right to his knees.

Desiree and Julian’s story is a captivating tale, and Stephanie does a fantastic job of developing their characters and show how their love grows. Julian and Desiree are absolutely adorable together, and was nice to see Desiree grow to forgive and own up to her own short comings. Julian’s own patience was fantastic when it came to Desiree and all her barriers.

“Fever” is the fourth novel in the “Falling For a Rose” series and was released in 2017. Santana Summers is embarking on a new journey and wants nothing more than to just enjoy her new friends, new city, and new career. However when one of those friends is one of the most eligible bachelors in all of Chicago, she finds herself getting more than she bargained for.

Josiah Alexander Rose, the youngest of seven brothers, is the quintessential playboy. He’s uninterested in settling down until his dad makes a proposition that he can’t refuse. It is the chance of a lifetime, however to execute it, his dear old dad wants Josiah to settle on down, show a bit of responsibility, and gain himself a wife. Josiah believes this idea is bizarre until he and Santana devise a plan which just might land him this coveted position.

This is the perfect solution, and things start out going well, until what was just intended to be an arrangement becomes many nights unabashed passion. With every passing day, emotions mix and the lines of the pretense and reality become blurred. Is Santana going to be foolish to hand her heart over to Josiah? And will Josiah be willing to risk everything for her? Find out if their plan is going to backfire or become the best thing that ever happened to either one of them.

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