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Falling Into You (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falling Into Us (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falling Under (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falling Away (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falling for Colton (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Falling book series is a wonderful series of young adult, romance, women’s fiction, chick-lit, contemporary romance, and new adult stories. It is written by a NY Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling novelist named Jasinda Wilder. This series began in 2013 and comprised of 5 books up to 2016. The central characters mentioned in the books of this series by Jasinda Wilder include Nell Hawthorne, Kyle Calloway, Colton Calloway, Jason Dorsey, Becca De Rosa, Oz Hyde, Cheyenne Leveaux, and a few others. Jasinda Wilder has basically described this series as revolving around the lives of Colton Calloway, Nell Hawthorne, and Kyle Calloway. She has shown that Nell Hawthorne loves her childhood best friend Kyle Calloway. Their love is full of life and promises of a better future. But, Kyle suddenly loses his life in a tragic accident. This comes as a huge shock to Nell Hawthorne and forces her to change forever.

At Kyle’s funeral, Nell meets Colton, the older brother of Kyle, for the first time. Both of them find it very difficult to move on with their lives despite trying their best. Several years later, Colton and Nell meet each other again in New York City and Colton feels that Nell has not gotten over the untimely death of Kyle. He realizes that Nell is carrying a lot of pain in her heart and is filled with regret and guilt. Colton knows that he should not get involved, but then also he ends up confronting her. Both Nell and Colton know that they cannot trust each other easily as they both carry their demons inside them. By having one another by their side, they look forward to learning pain’s purpose, the meaning of healing, and what it means to forgive someone. Each book of this series is widely popular and is greatly appreciated by the fans of contemporary romance stories. They have helped Jasinda Wilder to become much more popular and add more fame to her already successful career.

An exciting novel of the Falling series written by author Jasinda Wilder is entitled ‘Falling Into Us’. It was self-published by the author in 2013. The book features the lead characters in the roles of Becca de Rosa, Colton Calloway, Jason Dorsey, Nell Hawthorne, and Kyle Calloway. Initially, it is depicted Kyle Calloway’s death left a hole in the lives and hearts of his parents, his elder brother Colton, and his lover Nell Hawthorne. The most affected by his death was Nell, whose will to live was broken and left her devastated. Nell has a best friend in the form of Becca de Rosa. But, even she could not reach her after she was left grieving due to the death of Kyle.

Becca tries her best to help Nell, but she doesn’t succeed. Her own life gets thrown into turmoil and everything she held dear to her changes. A week after her 16th birthday, Nell is asked out by Jason Dorsey. But, Nell never attended that date. Instead, Becca ended up going out on that date with Jason. He did not realize it at that time that the date would change his life forever. Also, Jason had no idea about the triumphs and tragedies that he was going to experience by getting close to Becca. But, he seemed quite happy to know that he has found the love of his life.

Another mind-blowing book written in the series is known as ‘Falling Away’. It was released by Seth Clarke in 2015. The essential characters depicted in this book include Benjamin Dorsey and Cheyenne Leveaux. Initially, it is shown that Benjamin Dorsey goes through heartbreak and regrets it deeply. He regrets waiting too long and losing the girl he loved very much. And when he is unable to get over the fact that he has to see her in the arms of another man every day, Benjamin decides to leave everything and run away. He goes on to live on a different continent and play in a minor football league. Football is the second thing that he loves the most in his life. But, that also gets taken away from him due to an injury that ends his career.

Benjamin Dorsey’s life becomes so miserable after the career-ending injury that he begins to hate himself and his life. Just then, he comes across Cheyenne Leveaux, his physical therapist. Cheyenne becomes his friend, the only one he has now, and appears to be a bright light in his messed up life’s darkness. Benjamin is well aware that nothing is as simple as it appears. When another tragedy strikes, he fears that the old heartbreak, doubt, secrets, and guilt might threaten his only chance at having true happiness, which is also his only shot at his own happily ever after.

Jasinda Wilder is a famous American writer of romance, paranormal, and suspense stories. She has penned several successful book series in her career, including the Alpha series, Big Girls Do It series, Ever Trilogy series, Falling series, Badd Brother series, etc. Very often, Wilder’s books have featured in the bestseller lists of USA Today, NY Times, International, and other literary journals. As she hails from Michigan, she has developed the habit of writing stories about sexy and strong men and women. In her spare time, Wilder likes to indulge herself in farming activities at her Northern Michigan farm. Her husband, Jack Wilder, often supports her in her writing prospects. He has also collaborated with her in writing a few novels. Today, Wilder lives in Northern Michigan with her better half, their five children, and several pets.

Wilder’s birth happened in Detroit. She was drawn towards paranormal stories when she was small and the interest has grown deeper over the years. Wilder had also started writing romance stories at a young age. However, the earlier days of her career were filled with struggle. With the support of family and friends, she was able to get over the struggle and achieved success soon. After that, success kept coming her way with most of her future novels. Jasinda Wilder eventually succeeded in establishing herself as a noteworthy and prominent author.

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