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Family Reunions Books In Order

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Publication Order of Family Reunions Books

Hide and Seek (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Her Stolen Past (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Family Reunions is a Christian romance story by Lunette Eason. The series focuses on love, family, and the heartaches people go through when their loved ones are kidnapped. There is also a lot of talk about faith, even in situations that seem hopeless. While there is a Christian element to the series, it is not preachy. The stories focus on the kidnapped individuals and the mysteries behind their disappearances while also shedding light on their families’ anguish and desire to find them. Eason’s writing is outstanding, and she expertly weaves multiple storylines in each book into a masterpiece. The author has done a great job of keeping the romance clean, making the series ideal for readers 13 years old and up.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is the first book in the Family Reunions series. The book stars Erica James, a woman searching for her daughter. Erica’s daughter, Molly, went missing when on a school trip years ago. At the time, Molly was only three when she was kidnapped, and while everyone believes that the young girl died long ago, her mother still hopes to reunite with her daughter. Erica goes on to become a private investigator to be in a better position to find Molly. When her daughters’ fingerprint and shirt are discovered in an abandoned house, Erica feels that she is closer to unraveling the mystery behind her daughter’s disappearance.

Erica links the evidence to Lydia, a well-known drug addict. Using her detective skills, Erica traces Lydia only to find her being attacked by someone who seems keen to eliminate her. It is at this point that Erica meets Lydia’s stepbrother Max. Max is also a private investigator, and while he knows that her sister is in trouble, he is sure that she couldn’t have kidnapped Molly. Max and Erica team up to find Molly and try to get Lydia out of trouble. Will the two detectives succeed in finding the young girl? Is Max right about his sister, or was she involved in taking a young girl from her mother?

This is a suspenseful story filled with action, dramatic suspense, and intriguing characters. It is a story of positive thinking and perseverance. It is incredible how Erica keeps her hope alive and is still looking forward to reuniting with her daughter three years after being kidnapped. Max doesn’t lose faith in his sister, as well. Sure, she may have a drug problem, but Max trusts that she still holds to the teachings he taught her. He is also determined to help Lydia rectify her ways. All things considered, this book ends on a happy note. A romance is born out of this challenging situation, and Max takes care of Erica and stays throughout the heartbreaks.

Hide and Seek tells the story of a missing child and the trouble her mother goes through in an effort to find her. Though disturbing, the story is well written, making this an enjoyable read. It is impressive that the protagonists find each other at their weakest point, and a beautiful love grows out of their beautiful experience. If you are in the mood for a cozy mystery story with some element of romance, this book is perfect. It is also ideal if you want a one-sitting read. The plot is complex, but the author manages to weave the different storylines and tie them together in the end.

Christmas Cover-Up

Christmas Cover-Up is the second story in the Family Reunions series. This book introduces Katie Randall, a detective whose sister was kidnapped fourteen years ago. Katie wants nothing but to solve this case that has remained unresolved many years later. However, as much as Katie hates to admit it, she is going to need some help. Jordan Grey, a former FBI agent, is the one person Kate is sure can help, but she doesn’t know how to approach him. How does she even start telling Jordan about her long-lost sister while she is to blame for the death of his small brother? There is no way Jordan will understand there is nothing Katie would have done to save his brother.

How wrong Katie is as Jordan doesn’t blame her for what happened to his brother. However, he knows that his parents still mourn for their son, and getting involved with Katie would only cause them pain. It doesn’t help that Jordan still has feelings for Katie. However, Jordan feels that he can focus on finding Katie’s sister and be there for the woman he loves. The two detectives embark on a journey that will ruffle some feathers and expose them to danger that will escalate the closer they get to the truth. However, in the end, both families get the closure they wanted. How will the kidnappers act now that they know Katie and Jordan are onto them? Will Lucy be found alive?

This is an exciting, fast-paced story that will capture your attention from the first page. There is a lot of intrigue and action, and something is definitely going on between the protagonists. The romance is clean storyline is unique. Katie is a fun character, and even though she is not guilty of Jordan’s brother’s death, she cares a lot about his feelings. Jordan is a great friend. He believes Katies and stands with her despite his family’s disapproval.

Christmas Cover-Up is a cozy mystery story that will pull at your heartstrings. The two main characters are lovable, and it is enjoyable following them as they work through issues that brought conflict in their families and personal lives. As the two solve Lucy’s case, they also fix their relationship issues and emerge stronger at the end of the day. This is a story characterized by love, mystery, and faith. It is easy to see God’s work through the protagonists and celebrate the wins they enjoy in the end. Just like its predecessor, this is a short book. There is some violence, but the story is perfect for cozy mystery stories lovers.

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