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Publication Order of Fantasyland Books

Wildest Dreams (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Golden Dynasty (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fantastical (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Broken Dove (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Soul (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gossamer in the Darkness (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Are you looking for a captivating book series from one of the most prominent authors of this century? This article will introduce you to the series, “Fantasyland” by Kristen Ashley. To begin with, Kristen Ashley is an American author who has earned herself a great reputation for her entertaining and easily accessible brand of romance novels. Her light-hearted and easy going books have managed to appeal majority of her readers because of their humorous approach.

Kristen Ashley was born in the city of Gary, Indiana, USA in a middle-class family. She nearly killed herself and her mother while being born because she made her debut to the world with an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. At the time of her birth, Gary city was on fire because Dr. King had just been assassinated four days earlier. Despite the dramatic occurrences surrounding the time of her birth, she somehow managed to survive and here she is with the interesting Fantasyland series.

Since her childhood, all that Kristen wanted to do was to write. She took an initiative to hone her writing skills by schooling in the Romance and Humor genre. Furthermore, traveling to different places for instance West county of England, Denver and Colorado enabled her to gain a wide range of experience in writing. Her writing skills were also sharpened by meeting different people from different backgrounds and cultures. Kristen learnt how to incorporate all the diverse characters she came across into her writings. This has not only made her books interesting but also special. Additionally, growing up on their small farm in Brownsburg gave her plenty of time to work on her writing skills.

With a pleothra of nominations and awards to her famous name, Kristen Ashley continues to write a unique brand of light-hearted romance novels up to date. Her creative juices are still flowing endlessly with more books still to come. Even though she jumps genres, there is always a theme to her books.

Kristen Ashley loves music, movies, fashion and food. Her love for food has motivated her to share her recipes on offer for free on her website. Her extensive travels have given her friends and family all over the globe. She grew up with Glenn Miller, REO Speedwagon, Everly Brothers and Whitesnake. Growing up in a house filled with music, food, clothes and of course love not only molded her character but also her career.

The Fantasyland Series.

Kristen Ashley’s series”Fantasyland” is filled with engaging characters, humor and of course romance. This captivating series is going to contain five books, of which four are already published. The events in these books happen in our world as well as a parallel-universe in which fantasies are ideal. The first two books in this amazing-series include Wildest Dreams and The Golden Dynasty.

1. Wildest Dreams.

In this attention-grabbing book, Seoafin A.K.A “Finnie” was taught by her mother and father that life was supposed to be lived to the fullest. She was told that every breath on the surface of the earth was a great investment and that she was to seek for any happiness she could find. Seoafin comes to learn this important lesson the hard way when her parents die in a terrible plane crash when she was only fifteen. However, she never forgets their wise advise. When she learns that there is a parallel-world where everyone has a matching partner, she looks for a witch to take her there in order for her to see both her mother and father again. In addition, she wanted to have a lifetime of adventure together with them.

Nevertheless, upon arriving on this unique land (Winter-Wonderland of Lunwyn), she establishes that she had been cheated on by her matching partner of the parallel universe. She shortly realizes herself entering into the holy matrimony with the Drakkar. Despite the challenges, Finnie emerges victorious and finds her adventure. Soon after, the Drakkar discovers that his better half wasn’t Sjofn ( the princess whom he disliked most) but Seoafin. The Drakkar further discovers that just like him, Finnie was a free spirit with a great love for adventure. Therefore, the Drakkar commands Seoafin’s detention onto his frozen world forever without her knowledge so that he could always spend the rest of his life with her.

You can order this interesting book in either print, audio or eBook version at your favorite online book retailers.

2. The Golden Dynasty.

In this second book of the series “Fantasyland” by Kristen Ashley, Circe, the office-manager of her dad’s moving-company retires to bed at night but gets up in a corral full of women putting on virgin sacrificial attire. She is surprised to discover that she is also wearing the same attire as the women in the corral. She dislikes the idea, thinking that it is just a wild dream. However, she soon discovers that it is not a wild-dream. Instead, she had actually been relocated to a barren land inhabited by primitive people. She unwillingly accepts to live this frightening nightmare since there wasn’t any other viable option out. Then, before long, she is installed against her will onto a white-throne made pout of horns as the land’s queen.

Meanwhile, the king of this barren land ( Suh Tunak) was Dax. With a single glance at her, Dax believed beyond doubt that Circe was going to be his wife and combined, they would bring up the Golden-dynasty of legend. Unfortunately, Dax and Circe were separated by culture, language and the fact that she was from a parallel-universe and had no clue of how she found herself there or how she could get back home. Overcoming one challenge after another, Circe manages to become the queen of this primitive barren land as well as the wife to its legendary king, Dax Lahn. She goes further to make friends and soon, she begins to completely plunge in love this primitive land, its savage leader as well as its people.

This book is also available in both print, audio and eBook format at your favorite online book retailers. In addition, there is a free Korwahk English dictionary alongside the book to help you in the translation of what the book says. You can now easily refer to the dictionary to get a quicker-translation of the lovely nuggets whispered by Dax to his lovely Circe.

Final Purport.

Over the interesting journey of her writing career, Kristen Ashley has created an empire of ongoing franchises and series. Her unique writing style, excellent grasp of the romance/ humor genre and interesting characters have connected her with many amazing readers and audiences worldwide. In addition, attending conventions, book signings and other author events has maintained her levels of exposure high. What’s more? Kristen Ashley has kept a closer relationship with her fans by meeting and interacting with them regularly at a personal level both online and offline. The good news is, this is something that is meant to continue as her writing career grows.

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