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Joe Faraday and Paul Winter are characters in the crime novel series written by Graham Hurley. Graham Hurley is an English crime novel writer. Graham was born in November 1946 at Clacton on Sea, Essex. He was formerly based in Portsmouth but now he moved to the West country of United States. Graham’s on Clacton Sea, his childhood was punctuated by swimming, football, dodgems on the afternoons, run-ins with the police, multiple raids on the local library and total immersion in English post war movies. He won scholarship to a London boarding school and then later on to University of Cambridge where he received both BA and MA in English. Before becoming a full time novelist, Hurley worked as a scripts writer with Southern TV before becoming a director and a researcher.

Hurley directed and produced documentaries for ITV for two decades, winning a number of national and international awards. He launched a writing career on the back of a six part drama commission for ITV called Rules of Engagement. After that, Hurley becomes a full time writer in 1911. Up to no now, he has published 25 novels to his name, including Faraday and Winter, a crime novel series.

The Faraday and winter.

Faraday and Winter is a character series of crime fiction novel written by Graham Hurley. D.I. Joe Faraday works for the Portsmouth CID. Faraday is middle aged and has worked with the department for a long time. Faraday is a widower who has ended up having to raise his deaf son all by himself. He is collaborated with Paul Winter, the renegade cop D.C. Faraday must keep in check with Paul Winter. Faraday is trapped by bureaucratic paperwork, too many crimes with no enough resources and even unreasonable expectations. He struggles through two difficulties, damage control and justice.

The Faraday and Winter series began in 2000 by Hurley with the first novel Turnstone. He then concluded in 2012 with Happy Days novel, the twelfth novel in the series.


“ A city that refuses to die, a policeman who will not yield. A complex and captivating new hero has arrived on the crime scene”. Turnstone, originally tagged solely as DI Faraday, is the first of Graham Hurley’s novel in Portsmouth based on Faraday and Winter. Portsmouth is a dirty, poor but spirited city on the ropes, with a soaring crime rate. This spirited city is the home for Faraday. Emma Maloney’s dad has gone missing now and Faraday suspects he may have been murdered. Unfortunately, what Joe Faraday was suspecting is not evidence, a hunch is not enough. Faraday’s team of detectives have to battle with an ever growing full of a city invaded with violence, drug dealing, poverty and small crimes. There is no enough evidence to start an investigation on the murder case without much evidence. So who can sacrifice this time and resources for an investigation which is not even supported by solid evidence? Joe Faraday battles with his own demons, he find Stuart Maloney’s dead or alive the a battle starts between them, not just for justice but for rationality.

Faraday is an open minded person who feels the world even if he does not necessarily understand it. On the other side of the coin is DC Paul Winter. He is loud although he realized that he has to obey the rules and follow them. Winter also knows that sometimes he has to bent those rules a little. Faraday and Winter are good creations who develop and change in the most believable of ways.

Happy Days.

This was the twelfth and final Faraday and Winter novel which brings the series to a destructive and interesting close. Joe Faraday, DI is gone and the police are left there reeling. Faraday’s boss tries to limit any possible damage on PR, his onetime shadow on the force. Ex D/C Winter is more concerned that he may have made the biggest mistake of his life, making in his lot with the city’s drug baron called Bazza McKenzie. Bazza is becoming more desperate and violent as his empire begins to crumble under the weight of austere times. In the place of D/S Jimmy Suttle, there’s a new will in front of Portsmouth’s embattled police force to hit Bazza once and for all, Faraday was always desperate to bring justice to him.

Bazza crumble to dust in the recession with his business. He seeks real power by running for Parliament in the local elections. While all this becomes encompassing, he continue to lose his business grip. Paul Winter sees this as the chance needed to leave his employment. Unless you don’t leave people’s employment like Bazza through handing your notice politely. The price to be paid is pretty high.

The novel is about loss. The decision we all make in life, about the results our lives have on others. Graham Hurley has a federated trademark authenticity to an ever increasing sense of drama as he divide the lives of his clear characters and indicate incredible portrait of a city and a country at war itself. The war puts the police in the front line. Now Joe Faraday and Paul Winter are now off the scene and for Hurley fans , Jimmy is going to the West Country.

The Graham’s next book “ Western Approaches” is set to start off a fresh police series in the West Country. According Hurley, it will be a tighter focus and less emphasis on the work of the police and more a look at how these hard times affect peoples.

Graham Hurley books were adapted and featured on TV. Geteve and France Televisions started adapting the Faraday’s stories in 2011. It was adapted through 90 minutes Television films under the “Two cops on the Docks” and the French version is “ Deux Flics les Docks”. Jean Marc Barr and Bruno Solo made headlines in the series, portraying Joe Faraday and Paul Winter respectively. When it reached 2013, six films have been produced and broadcast, which adapted Angels Passing , Cut To Black, One Under, Blood and Honey, Deadlight and The Take. Grevete are screening these books for Television in France. The first two, “ Angel Passing and Cut to Black” have scored many interesting ratings when they were first transmitted in November 2011.

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