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Publication Order of Fargo Adventures Books

The Fargo Adventure series is a treasure hunting, Adventure and mystery series by Clive Cussler and Thomas Perry. The series is a collection of six books, although the last book in the series “the eye of heaven” was set to be released on 2nd September this year. The two authors of the series are award-winning novelists in their own right and the books they have written in this series have all been rated as New York Times best sellers. The two authors have written several books and series’ in their own right. All the books in the series have received numerous positive feedbacks from critics. The Fargo Adventures follows the character of a husband and wife treasure hunters who go by the name of Sam Fargo and Remi Fargo. They are professional treasure hunters and in each book their role changes but their character remains almost the same and this makes it easy for the readers to associate with the characters.


The Fargo adventure series comprises of six books written between 2009 and 2014 by the two award-winning authors Clive Cussler and Thomas Perry. The first two award-winning books in the series are “Spartan Gold” and “Lost Empire.” The last book in the series that was due to be released on 2nd September 2014 is “The Eye of Heaven.” The series is a marvelous collection of suspense and mystery and surprisingly all the books in the series in exception of “the eye of heaven”, which I have not had the chance to read or see its reviews have all been best sellers.

The Fargo Adventures series has become very popular that it has been translated into other languages such as Italian. The adventure revolves around the lives of Sam and Remi Fargo. This is a husband and wife team of professional treasure hunters, who travel to different locations in the world both modern and ancient trying to unravel ancient mysteries. In their quest, they end up un-earthling long lost and forgotten treasures. Unfortunately, at times, they find themselves in complicated or tricky situations and this makes their expeditions difficult and entertaining at the same time. The Fargo adventures series is more of a suspense adventurous-thriller, than a mystery series. The good thing about the series is that the main roles and characters of the main characters does not change and it becomes easy for readers to associate with the series. in addition, the authors change the story line with every new book and it does not only help to develop the plot and characters but it also improves the readers understanding of world history.


All the six books in the series are sure good reads for any lover of thrillers, suspense, or mystery books. Although I am yet to read the sixth book “the eye of heaven” or see critics reactions to the book a can guess from the way the other books have been successful that the book will also end up being a best seller. The previous five books of the series have been New York Times best sellers and this gives me the confidence to state that I expect this latest book in the series to be a best seller too.

The first book in the series “The Spartan Gold” introduces Sam and Remi Fargo as treasure hunters who are on their normal work exploring the great Pocomoke Swamp in Delaware. In their explorations, they are surprised to discover a second world war German U-boat. After perusing inside of it, they discover a bottle of rare wine that they understand to belong to Napoleon Bonaparte’s “lost cellar.” This makes them decide to look for the other bottles that were in the cellar. Please note that these bottles are believed to hold a map to the location of two gold pillars that the Persian king Xerxes the great hid after raiding the great treasury at Delphi.

Unknown to the two treasure hunters Sam and Remi Fargo there is someone who already has the other bottles and is looking for the last bottle that they happen to have. This person is Hadeon Bondaruk- a half Persian and half Russian millionaire, who claims to be a surviving descendant of the great king Xerxes himself and he will stop at nothing in order to get his treasure back. With such a story line, you can imagine what an explosive adventure this will be for Sam and Remi Fargo.

The second book in the series “The Lost Empire” is as entertaining as the first one. The second book is even more electrifying than the “Spartan Gold.” Well even treasure hunters like to cool off and take a break from their daily activities just like people in any other profession. This is what the Fargo’s do and the location is way off in the coast of Tanzania. While Scuba diving, as fate would have it the Fargo’s come across a discovery that many other people are willing to kill for.

As fate would have it the Fargo’s come across a long-lost confederate ship, but an unusual anomaly about this new relic drives them on into a journey where there is only one way out, that is a win and the ultimate price or penalty for failure is death. This is because unknown to them there is another group, much more powerful than they could imagine that is after the same relic. This is the Mexican ruling party “ultranationalist Mexico Tenochca.” They are looking for this relic because it contains some secrets that could destroy the party. Now imagine the journey from Tanzania, Zanzibar, Indonesia, and the legendary site of the 1883 Krakatoa explosion in search of the mystery and remember there is only one winner and the penalty for failure is death.


Any adventure and mystery lover must get hold of this wonderful series. I would advice any adventurous book readers to make sure that they get a hold of at least one copy from the series and I guarantee that ‘you’ the reader will absolutely fall in love with the entire collection. I hope that the authors will continue to release more books in the series. I hope next time we will be discussing how the latest book “the eye of heaven” was an instant success.

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