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Publication Order of Farraday Country Books

Chris Keniston proudly brings the Farraday Country book series to life. A native of New York and currently resident of Texas, Keniston started writing short fiction stories as a means of satisfying the interests that she has and by thinking of ways how a happy ending can come about. She has written a few different romance novel series but it is her work on the Farraday Country series that has made her a popular figure that has been listed in the USA Today bestseller charts.

Her work has garnered support from many in the field of romance literature. Chris Keniston has won numerous writing contests and has been a finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart contest. Today she focuses on contemporary romance fiction and always enjoys writing stories that feature surprises and emotion. Of course, she always knows that there is a happy ending for anyone who believes in love and has hope for the future.

She currently lives in Dallas and is active in animal rescue efforts. Her work to provide animals with better lives is just another way of how she focuses on how everyone needs a happy ending in life.

About the Series

The Farraday Country series of books by Chris Keniston takes place along the cattle ranches of western Texas. The stories feature many great people around the countryside as they care for the horses and other animals at their ranches. The people in these stories are always laid back and enjoy the many things that come about in their lives.

Many of the stories in the series surround members of the Farraday family. The seven siblings in the family enjoy life on the ranch but they are often looking for ways to find great loves in their lives. The Farraday siblings in Keniston’s stories are like a modern retelling of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as it is about finding ways to fall in love and being with the soulmates each person truly deserves.

The stories involve men and women falling for each other in the Texas countryside. The people in the stories come from a diverse number of backgrounds and have their own special hopes and desires for what they want to do with their lives. The stories that Keniston has written show many desires and hopes while always looking into ways how people can feel satisfied with their lives and comfortable with what they want out of others.

Noteworthy Books in the Series


Adam is the first book in the Farraday County series. This focuses on Adam, the oldest of the siblings in the Farraday family. One day he comes across a woman in a disabled sports car who is looking for a missing dog. She is a very intriguing woman who is unlike anything Adam has ever met before.

Meg is the one that Adam finds on the road and is truly a distinct woman. She drove away from her wedding after learning the truth about her true love. As Meg travels down to the countryside, she is stranded and struggling to enjoy the charms of small town life as they are different from the city living she is used to. But while she is looking to find a way to be happy with herself, she knows that falling in love with Adam may not be the best option for her. The stories looking into what Adam and Meg alike can do to find love and really feel better about their futures in the county.


The next book in the series is Brooks. It follows Dr. Brooks Farraday as he comes across an attractive woman while traveling to his family’s ranch. It also entails Toni, a Boston woman who comes to the area to attend a friend’s wedding. Brooks appears to be the most intriguing man that Toni has come across. But she has been burned in love in the past and has struggled to find a man that she can call her own, thus leading her to wonder if Brooks really is the one.


Ethan Farraday is a more adventurous member of the family as this book reveals. A member of the Marines, he is an experienced helicopter pilot that is very enthusiastic for adventure. But soon an injury causes him to question his career choice and puts him at risk of further harm. He also learns that he has a baby daughter from another woman in his past, thus putting his life into even more of a tailspin.

The story also follows Allison, a woman who comes out to Texas to make amends with other family members. It is here that she meets Ethan as he is on break from his work in the Marines. The two have their own fears and worries about what they are doing but as they come together, they realize that love is truly important. But the real question is how far can their loves go.


Grace Farraday is the key sibling in this story. She left Dallas for western Texas for her brother’s wedding. She is not all that excited about life in the area and is looking to get back to Dallas soon. Meanwhile, a New York businessman named Chase comes to Texas to get away from the stresses of his work life. It is here that Chase is truly happy but Grace is hoping to get away from the things of the rural world that Chase admires so much. Even with that, the two start to fall for each other. They get along well but there is a worry in Grace’s mind as to what she is doing with her life and how far she can get with it.

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