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Publication Order of Fast Track Books

The Fast Track series by Erin McCarthy consists of several books which majorly feature race car drivers; these books are erotic in nature meaning that they were written targeting the adult audience. Erin, the USA bestselling author, has written over 50 romance related novels and fiction. The most amazing about the writer and what makes most of the romance novels readers fall in love with her writing is that, to her writing is more of inborn. That is true; in her first grade she was awarded the Young Novelist Award for fiction writing about a witch who used to enchant her classmates, since then, writing has been the order of the day for the young talented author, Erin McCarthy.

Fast Track series by Erin McCarthy consist of 6 novels; the first book in the series is Flat-Out Sexy published in 2008. The second book Hard and Fast was released a year later. Slow Ride and Jacked Up are the second last and the last respective books of the series.

Descriptions of early books Flat Out Sexy
McCarthy strays from her romance vampire series and bulges herself to the world of racing for some steamy romance. The novel starts when the lead character, Tamara Briggs is attending a party; she bumps herself into Elec Monroe. After a series of events, they catch a cab and both head to a friend’s trailer where Tamara had planned to spend the night. Elec ends up spending the night with Tamara however the two do not do much sleeping. Now, after two years since the death of her husband in a tragic car accident in Talladega; the 32-year-old Tamara Riggs decides to go back to the dating world and have a test of the juice she is missing for two years in a row. Things change after meeting with Elec, but she wants to keep their relationship casual for she does not want to get involved with another race car driver. She is convinced that keeping things straightforward and casual between them is the only way to go about it; unfortunately, she is wrong when she later finds out that Elec is younger than her a situation which seems weird to her.

Will Tamara dump her new catch that is younger than her but quite nice to her kids and providing her with some dynamite sex? Moreover, will her discovery that Elec Monroe is the son of her deceased husband fathers declared enemy make her end the relationship?

Elec is just a fantastic character; he is into Tamara right from the beginning despite him being younger than the woman he has fallen in love. Elec’s loving character not only towards Tamara but also to her children makes the female readers just fall in love with him. Apart from the primary characters, the secondary characters are well drawn from Tamara’s best friend, Suzanne to Eve and Evan- Elec’s Siblings.

This fast-paced narrative is quite fascinating and red hot; such that fans of graphic romances novels will find the series quite quenching for their reading thirsty.

Hard and Fast
Hard and Fast is the second book in Fast Track series by Erin McCarthy and it is an absolute hit and this time McCarthy sends the readers to the world of NASCAR racing to introduce the readers to a famous ladies man known as Ty McCordle and Imogen Wilson. It is revealed that Imogen is just a few months to graduating with a degree in sociology and the only business she has left in the college is undertaking her research study and submitting her thesis to the professor. Imogen attends a car race with two of her best and finesses friends, during which she gets to sit next to one of the latest Ty McCordle blond girlfriend. She even wonders why she has to sit next to the bimbo until the bimbo pulls out a novel (an instruction manual on how to sway and marry racecar drivers) out of her bag that she realizes that the book is a goldmine of information for her research paper. All she has to do is to complete each step one by one and her thesis will be complete.

On the other hand, Ty McCordle wants to settle and clearly understand that his fast-tracking life will lead him to nowhere. He has had enough of dating countless women whom he considers ‘brainless’ and all he want is a family and a wife he can come home to at night. Now having Imogen at a friend’s house, he begins having feelings for her such that he cannot openly admit to her. Ty is in love, and to him, Imogen is everything that he has never had, he goes ahead and convinces her to give him a chance, and he does his best to show a good impression. When a simple conflict almost threatens to separate them for eternity, Ty grabs his opportune moment, a moment that might lead to the love that he has always craved.

Hard and Fast is a great book to read, the two characters, Ty and Imogen are just an amazing pair just by the way they treat each other. The readers also get to meet characters such as Evan, Elec, Ryder and Suzanne from Flat-Out Sexy, an aspect that makes Erin McCarthy stand out from the rest of the authors, in which most characters just disappear as the series progresses.

Hot Finish
Suzanne Jefferson is doing fine even though she divorced her handsome racecar driver, Ryder Jefferson. She is working a wedding planner when her ex-husband informs her that their divorce never went through and they are still married. They both question what precisely went wrong with their marriage and whether they should complete the divorce process or give their marriage a second chance. As Suzanne coordinate wedding for one of her friend Jonas, questions regarding marriage or divorce regularly arise in the brain. The romance writer, Erin McCarthy, Hot Finish novel is filled with witty dialogue and hilarious situations; the secondary characters are well drawn, for instance, the spoiled bride who thinks that she is the center of Universe who consistently gives Suzanne frequent headaches with her frequent changes of the wedding plans.

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